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Pedestrian Walkway

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All the members of Not MH would like to thank everyone who came to see our performances... we hope they were as fun to view/hear as they were to put on (i see view/hear because our last gig was more of a visual masterpiece, thanks to MEEC falling off the amplifier during ice ice baby) -- make sure to keep visiting this page though because the new bulletin board can serve as a sicp alumni meeting place if used correctly... except it will have to continue working for that to be at all possible

Well in sort of news, two members of NotNOOO ChineseNOOOO M-NOOra He--DONT--es teamed up with two members of FUSI to play an Operation P&&& fundraiser -- It was P, J, D and A playing some of both groups' staples, such as Summertime and the Reggae Jam -- as well as some newly created, never again to be played jams... We missed EWS on account of it but that's ok, as long as Balbo8's day was spoiled that's all that matters...

Our second show with FUSI was a roaring success... thanks go out to all our devoted fans, all of whom I could list right here very quickly if i were to so choose...

JUNE 6 was MC Dirty's graduation party. Not That Person who is Perfect performed (many works for the first time) for the family and friends of matt. Frank was extremely pleased with Matt's contributions to Ice Ice Baby.


The Luau (May 1) was a great night enjoyed by all... thanx to all who went to support the Walkway and we look to your continued support in the future... Special thanx to the SICP electricity geniuses who rigged things just right in order to ensure that our power faded in and out every five minutes -- I know it enhanced my own musical abilities in the field of silent improvisation...

APRIL 21 - WOLFAPALOOZA The Pedestrian Walkway appeared at Wolfapalooza, also known as the Grand Old Hot Dog Giveaway... our music sounded good but was overshadowed by the goodness of the hot dogs' taste...

You can now find Quartet on the Ultimate Band List -- - Look us up under the name J.W Quartet because someone else had the name Quartet - go figure

We are officially now on R.Azizi's new label, Fashun Records...

A big thank you to J.Dulns for cutting his Club Asia meeting to do our photo layout... he is truly the man... now we can dis those cheesy bio pictures of famous jazz guys and baby Fk...

The Vanilla Ice Story on VH-1 has been deemed a must watch for all Quartet fansBUT NO BC THAT WOULD BE ASININE TO WATCH... it is available on video tape from the band, as well as a copy of our Modern Bookstore perfomance, and the movie Swingers... if you haven't seen Swingers then you must leave this website now...BUT ALSO YOU SHOULD DO THAT EITHER WAY

Our first show (March 5) was by all accounts a success as we opened for FUSI at The Modern Bookstore (3118 S. Halsted)... Thanks to everyone who showed up and hopefully you will continue to support us... special thanks to the swing dancers who totally helped us out big time by bustin' their moves... hopefully next time you guys will get there in time to hear Bucopyrightuzz and Baby Drives Me Copyright... Special thanks to MC Dirty for risking life and limb once again to sing the praise of the Iceman... One last special thanks to M.L. whose filming capabilities saved us big time on Friday

To get a copy of our tape, e-mail us at either address down below...

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