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Writing is life, the words being breath and heartbeat. Dedication and effort are the soul. Feedback gives to both life and soul. HelpME live and keep my soul! :)

DISCLAIMER: The X-Files belongs to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions. These stories are written solely for entertainment and no money is being made.

Updated: March 24, 2000


Forbidden Fruit
This story was written because I was on drugs. Tylenol. :D However, it was written because of Stevie Nicks's "Kind of Woman". It's Mulder and Scully, but not really romance. Rated R. (8K)

Blood and Thorns

A Cancerfic challenge was issued, simply put as "Scully gets a nosebleed. Describe the scene that follows." I wanted to try something where Mulder wasn't there, comforting Scully after her nose bled. This is from the point of view of someone who we never saw react to a nosebleed: Margaret Scully. In this challenge I tied for second place. (7K)

The Past Rushing Back

This is a sequel to Nothing Else Mattered, which should be read before this. This is the second story belonging the whole Melissa Scully/Mulder-as-teens angle, inspired by Stevie Nicks' "Blue Denim", and Steph again. More could be coming. (6K)


A new little piece o' angst that I wrote after being inspired by the Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper". I must warn people: this here is a character death fic! (7K)

Nothing Else Mattered

Yet another pre-XF piece with a twist... This was inspired by Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen" and Stephanie, to whom this is dedicated! (7K)


A pre-XF tale of Scully sibling rivalry and love, featuring Melissa as the main character. (21K)

Die For You

Mulder tells Scully how he feels in this short piece, written several years ago. NoRomos might not like it! (8K)

Never Regret

A letter story written from Scully's point of view, about her cancer. (4K)

My End

Another tale about Melissa, from her POV. It's about what happens in "The Blessing Way". (5K)

Lost Souls

Scully's therapy through art, but the story is told through Mulder's eyes. (8K)

Little Snow Angels

A crime affects Scully and she realizes there is more evil in the world than she ever thought. (9K)


Another Scully-cancer story about a person she meets, a woman that changes her outlook on life. (34K)



Guess who's part of the Syndicate? This story is from several years ago. (12K)

Good Girl

A girl reports she was abducted by something evil, and that claim isn't far from the truth. (11K)


Scully's out of the hospital after her "One Breath" ordeal, and her own body surprises her. (16K)

Harm Intended

Satanists have kidnapped a young girl and Mulder and Scully must find her before she becomes a sacrifice. (39K)

Fight or Flight

Making Bill look like a bad guy was fun, but it was only a response to a challenge. (21K)



A short post-"Triangle" fic that was buzzing around in my head after the episode's first airing. It's a stream of consciousness story (those are the best kind!). (3K)

A Little Insight

Giving into the fic cliché, this is a little piece about a night chat between our favourite agents. An attempt at humour. (5K)

A Little More Insight

A sequel to "A Little Insight". More Mulder and Scully chatting. It's just later that same night. There still might be a third part but I don't have the same inspiration now that I've recovered from my fall. (4K)

Merry Christmas, Mulder

Another attempt at post-ep writing, this one being "The Ghosts That Stole Christmas". As for Charles Scully's family, they were created for my novel length fic, Calm Before the Storm and I will continue to use them. (13K)

Birthday Girl

This was an improv written for Scullyfic. A silly and scary story, all at the same time! (9K)

Birthday Girl 2: The Kareoke Incident

Another horrifying story that's meant to be funny. Don't take it seriously! This one is a Youthfic improv, and there could be a third part! (6K)

Anything For You

This is my only real MSR, written with Sara (aka G-Woman). She made me like MSR, sort of. She tried to get me off the Fence, but I'm not a rabid Shipper. :) This is also a pre-XF yarn. (62K)

Something to Talk About

Here is a tiny MSR-ish fic I wrote for the Cancerfic challenge. It earned me this! (4K)

Oh no! He's biting her! Am-am!

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