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Hello, my name is Troy. This is my card trading page. I collect Marvel Comic cards for the purpose of completing sets that I have. Also to help others complete sets they may be working on. Please feel free to look around ant my Card List If you see something of interest to you or me EMAIL ME, and we can work out the details. Also, if you don't see anything on my Card List that you could trade me, EMAIL ME anyway I may be able to help you out. Thanks for look at my page.

Below you will find my feature cards that I really would like to get a hold of.
Feature Cards
1993 Marvel Masterpiece
X-MEN 2099 DYNA-ETCH CARDS #'s S5 & S6.
If you have any of these and would like to trade them, please email me with an offer.

Non Sports Trader Webring
This Greg's Webring site owned by Troy Barrell.
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