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The Clans of Daedal Macbre

        A Clan is a collection of players, united to follow and further a common cause. Each clan has rules and regulations; to find out more about clans and their 'beliefs' type "help ". Only Clan members can kill or steal from other players. To join a Clan you must be level 5 or above and level 25 or below. Speak to the Clan Leader about joining. If you go Loner before level 25 you may join a Clan later.
        Joining a Clan is a dangerous step. Many adventurers live to kill and torture others and chances are that your paths will cross. Remember, attacking or killing fellow clan members *IS* illegal except to mutiny your Clan leader.         Existing Clans may buy special rooms and mobiles by acquiring diamonds as payment. To see room prices, type "help prices". New Clans may be formed by petitioning the immortals. Please remember that their word is final on all matters not covered by this help.         The current clans are (see their specific clan help files for more information, these are brief descriptions based on a note from Yuki):

Warlock: A mage clan. Nobody trusts them because magic is assumed to be inherently evil. They hate big stupid warriors for being big and stupid. Back to the top

Barbarian: The aforementioned big stupid warriors. This clan will hold all the powerhouse brutes. You won't see any elves in this hall. They may have a very very few select magic users or clerics who will hold the rank Shaman. Back to the top

Apostle: Worshipping our way is wonderful. If you don't like it, I'll chop your head off. These people are fanatical about the annihilation of evil and non-believers. The most powerful figures in the clan will be priests. Purity and goodness, and a being hell-bent toward slashing evil people to bits are the requirements for getting in. Back to the top

Rogue: Steal and backstab. It's the key to living a happy life. Thieves and all classes of Kender are allowed to inhabit that clan's hall. Back to the top

Chivalry: Fighters with the sole intent of preserving the law. They are smug and think quite highly of themselves and their high ethical standards. Not too much fun at parties, though. Back to the top

Horde: They're plain assholes. They aren't interested in material possessions, and probably don't carry around much good loot. They just like to see people die. They are evil and mean, and not guys you want your daughter dating unless you hate your daughter. Back to the top

Rose: Clan rose was formed 1,000 years ago by the Rose Knight, whose name has been lost to the ages. The clan was a militia formed to keep peace in a dark world, and aid Landoria in the destructions of Albach Ra's forces during the Shadow War. They eventually became the arch-nemesis of Nocturne, a cult which was formed by Albach Ra's personal servants. When Rose defeated Nocturne and Landoria crushed Albach Ra, Rose was disbanded for lack of need. It is unknown whether of not they shall return again if in need. Back to the top

Nocturne: Nocturne was a secret organization created by Albach Ra 1000 years ago to combat a militia known as Clan Rose. After their initial creation, Nocturne began to gain its own goals under the leadership of a mighty warrior known as Pesmerga. Nocturne flourished in power, as their cathedral was the center of power in Nebbenazzer. When Clan Rose attacked Nebbenazzer at the height of the Shadow War, their original leader, the Rose Knight, cast you a mighty earthquake that sank the cathedral and most of Nebbenazzer into the earth. Nocturne was defeated, and their forces scattered... Back to the top

The last three are for the more individualistic type.

(Loner) They prefer the thought of roughing it out on their own instead of submitting themselves to the political folly of clan life. Back to the top

(Dragon) Dragon's form of a loner flag. Because dragons are so big and strong, they won't be a member of any clan. If I was that studly, I wouldn't take any shit from an elf. So, they will be on their own. They will associate with clans of their similar alignment and disposition, but won't enter their halls. Back to the top

(Outcast): It's gonna suck. If you outcast from a clan, you're not going to like the way you're treated by guards, Hassan, etc. after a certain number of hours outcasts will regain their loner status. Back to the top

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