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A New Friend

Title: A New Friend
Author: Darcie Hambleton
Rating: G

Naomi Wildman, was yet again roaming the halls of Voyager, when she ran into somone she hadn’t seen on the ship before,

“Excuse me” the person said, Naomi figured it was a very young female, maybe even her own age!

Naomi stepped aside to let her pass, but then followed her.

“What’s you name?” Naomi asked politly, and noticed her smile, but then Naomi also noticed that most of her face was covered by the cloth mask on her face.

“I am not certain,” she said, wich confused Naomi somewhat “Your ship, Voyager, discovered my shuttle, and found me- but I can’t seem to remember anything from before I got here... your Doctor calls it ‘amnesia’” the stranger explained. Naomi had heard of amnesia, from the Doctors constant blabberings.

“My name is Naomi, I can give you a name if you’d like.” the stranger was still smiling.

“I would like that very much Naomi- what name would you choose?” she asked. Naomi was begining to notice how tall this stranger really was, and hopes of her being Naomi’s age faded.

Though, after a brief moment of thought, Naomi came up with the answer to the name problem-

“You look like an ‘Amanda’ how would you like that?” Naomi asked,

“I would like that a lot Naomi” she said, and Amanda was her name for the next few days that Naomi saw her and spoke to her. Naomi learned that she was fifteen years old by human standards, and was fascinated by Starfleet’.

Naomi had a lot of fun with her new friend throughout the days she was on-baord.. That is, until somthing happened.

Naomi was playing by herself in her quarters when the ship began to shake, she left her room to see what was happening, and after a while of wandering, asking passing by crewmembers passing by what was happing, and getting no response, she sited somone lying in an abandoned corridor, Naomi quickly ran up to it and realized it was Amanda. after calling out to her several times, getting no response, Naomi ran to sickbay as fast as she could- luckily for her it was on the same deck so she didn’t have to endure the slow turbo lift ride.

Finally, after running for quite a while, Naomi ran into sickbay and activated the Doctor, and briefed him on the current situation. Naomi brought the Doctor to where Amanda lay, and he scaned her briefly with a tricorder.

After getting to sickbay, the Doctor was able to scan her fully, it turned out that Naomi new friend had taken a fall, not being accustomed to the shaking, and slipped into a coma after hitting her head hard. Naomi stayed by the bio-bed for what seemed like and hour, and then it finnally clicked in her three year old brain that the ship was under attack, and she had to find her mother, ensign Smantha Wildman.

After a day, Voyager had come to terms with the May’La- the ship that attcked them- and the had gone on there way. But Amanda still wasn’t awakening. Now, Naomi stood by the bio-bed, Amanda not stirring, there was a creepy eeriness of this whole situation- as if Amanda really wasn’t who anyone thought she was.. as if Amanda... was a dream.

After several days of being away from sickbay, Naomi learned that Tuvok had performed a mind meld with Amanda, and had learned some of her dreams. And then, the trader named K’Rok who had recently come aboard, had requested the Tuvok link him to the girl, (this could be performed by Tuvok puting one hand on each forehead and linking them in a meld) and K’Rok existed in her dreams for a short amount of time.

Naomi also learned, that after K’Rok, the Captain herself linked with Amanda, and was still linked.

Imediatly after hearing this, Naomi Wildman dashed off to sickbay.

When Naomi entered sickbay, nobody inside noticed her presance, everyone had turned there atention to the girl lying on the bio-bed. Naomi aproached, and stood, with Naomi and the Captain and Tuvok in her sight. After a few moents. Tuvok removed his hands from each persons temple. Kathryn Janeway opend her eyes, and then looked over at Amanda, who began to stir. Naomi smiled exitedly, as Amanda sat up drowsily. The hood from Amanda's robe was pulled down, so Naomi could now see that she had a long braid of flowing red hair streaming down her back. Curiously, the now-awake Amanda gave Captain Janeway a hug, and then turned to K’Rok and hugged him to.

And then she saw Naomi and smiled widley, but neither said anything.

And so, for several more days, they were friends again, until, Amanda brought Naomi to an empty cargo bay and said she had somthing very important to tell her.

Naomi was curious, as she wondered what this ‘important’ thing may be- until Amanda finally spoke, her voice a soft whisper.

“Naomi.. I have to tell you somthing.” she began “I.... I... Naomi, I am not supposed to be here. “ Naomi did not understand, but said nothing as AManda continued “In fact, Naomi, I am not supposed to exist. I was created as a dream, by a child some years ago, but was brought into the real world years ago when Voyager encountered an anomoly, and it was affected by Voyagers engines; I was not supposed to be born. And soon, Voyager shall encounter the anomoly again, and I will be gone and Voyager will fulfill what is really supposed to happen, and, you will not remember me” though she was opnly three, Naomi Wildman understood completly, grasping every word Amanda said.

Naomi said nothing, but Amanda still had somthing to say.

“My real name is Janees, I am a doctor on -board the U.S.S Enterprise, wich is cloaked and following Voayger, but when your ship encounters the anomoly again, my ship will be gone. “ she said. Naomi nodded.

“When will Voyager encounter the anomoly?” asked the three year old k’tarian,

“When the time is right,” ‘Janees’ said, and turned around and left the cargo bay, leaving Naomi Wildman to ponder her words.

On the bridge several days later, Naomi was there just to sit because she didn’t have anything else to do. Janees was there to, they were both staring at the veeiw screen.

Sudenly and unexpectedly, a bright yellow image apeared on the veiwscreen, Janees jolted up into a standing position as she recegnized it, and to Naomis hororr, she eventually realized it to.

Captain Janeway was yelling orders but Naomi didn’t here. she only heard Janeeses quiet words as she said

“My time has come- goodbye everyone.... you will forget me” Janees took a few steps towards the veiwscreen. Sudenly, a bright flash carressed the ship- and all was as it was.

Naomi Wildman roamed the corridors of the U.S.S Voyager, with no memory of her encounter with Janees, her new and lost friend.