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As in every College and university, we need to submit our projects at the end of every semester. This is a big problem of getting know what to make for our project. We know how to do, but we don't know what to do. We waste our meaningful time on thing just what to do.

For this purpose, I have decided to build such a web site which will help students like us to build their projects. Their are also some written reports given on this web site to help them out completely.

Don't get mad! This web is to provide you ideas and help you for your project needs. These codes are not here to provide you a prepared project for you, don't just copy and give, You have to do it by yourself. This is to help you in not wasting your important time. This web site will provide you every thing you need for your projects and others practicing needs.

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This web site is a complete source of information and data which will here to help you in your programming needs. The basic idea of this web site is to create an information center which provides every thing which a student needs to build their semester project, which is the important and main exam of colleges and universities at the end of the semesters.

Now web site contains our project's executable files with their source code also.But we will appritiate your email letting us know your need and name. All the projects and their source codes are absolutely FREE, so no one can ask you for any sort of charges, if so, please contact me on my email address.
This web site provides a complete center for students of Computer Science. There are every Compiler given here which a student needs to complete his/her projects. There are also some download able books given, which I found through out the web.

All this is not a professional, but Our approach is a professional. This is a student level thing, so it is not perfect. Now you can also CHAT LIVE!


One of my very good friend, Asif Suri has done a great job, he has developed a new


From this you can cut any clip of any size from any VCD or Audio CD.

You can download it FREE from



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