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There are some links of the sites from where you can download books and useful Tutorials.These are the sites I found on the web through which you can download books and Tutorials into your hard drive.

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Java Development Kit Documentation

Java Development Kit Documentation contains release notes, the API specifications, a guide to new features, tool documentation, and demos for
Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK). This documentation is intended for any of the JDK releases, 1.2 or earlier.

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Advanced MFC Programming (AMP)

Advanced MFC Programming (AMP) is a tutorial containing 159 tep-by-step samples on MFC programming. The tutorial covers many advanced topics on building user-interfaces for the Windows environment. The tutorial is divided into 16 chapters. Each chapter contains detailed samples (one sample each section), all of which are ready to compile. The supporting document (more than 500
pages) gives detail on how to build each sample from the very beginning. In the unregistered version the first chapter is in Microsoft Word format and the rest are in plain text.

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Beginning Visual Basic

Beginning Visual Basic introduces you to the world of computer programming by providing an interactive, self-paced tutorial to the Visual Basic programming language and environment. The course is written for the absolute beginner--no
previous programming experience is required or expected. The approach to creating a Visual Basic application is explained step by step, in simple, easy-to-follow terms. Ten plain-English lessons explain the toolbox, event procedures, and many elements of the BASIC computer language. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the application-building process. The tutorial also includes several computer projects for you to build and try. These projects illustrate practical applications of Visual Basic, including loan
calculators, graphics programs, and even a simple video game. This version contains the first five lessons.

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HTML Reference Library

The HTML Reference Library is a Windows help file that shows, with sample code and numerous screen shots, how all currently usable HTML elements can be employed to create Web pages. Currently it supports HTML extensions for
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and NCSA Mosaic. The latest version includes several updates, including details of CSS (cascading style
sheet) properties and values, and an extensive section covering the Dynamic HTML–scripting object models.

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Learn Visual Basic 6

Learn Visual Basic 6 is a ten-week, self-paced overview of the new Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programming language and environment. This course aims to teach an understanding of the benefits of using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as an
application development tool, as well as how to understand the Visual Basic event-driven programming concepts, terminology, and available tools. You also learn the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and distributing a wide variety of Visual Basic applications. Learn Visual Basic 6 is presented using a combination of course notes (written in Microsoft Word format) and more than 60 Visual Basic examples and applications.

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Turbo C Tutor

The Turbo C Tutor is a complete no-frills tutorial for anyone who wants to learn Turbo C. The tutorial runs in Turbo Vision, which provides an
environment similar to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Turbo C.

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The Turbo Pascal for DOS Tutorial

The Turbo Pascal for DOS Tutorial is intended for people who are new to programming in Pascal. The tutorial includes 21 chapters, which span the basics of Pascal as well as some advanced programming topics. Throughout the tutorial, you can test your understanding by writing sample programs.

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Turbo Pascal Reference

The Turbo Pascal Reference is a freeware reference book in ten chapters. It provides detailed information on Turbo Pascal 6.0, Turbo Pascal 7.0, Borland Pascal, and Turbo Vision. The self-extracting archive that contains the book is
accompanied by two additional archives containing illustrations and source code.

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Trier Exams

Trier Exams is an excellent resource for preparing for the Microsoft Certified
Systems Engineer or Certified Trainer exams. It offers 13 review tests, including Microsoft NT Server, SQL Server, TCP/IP for NT, Exchange Server,
and Internet Server. Tests are offered in multiple-choice or challenge tests. The
challenge tests simply ask a question without any of the multiple-choice answers available. A review tab sits behind the question with the correct answer and reference data. You get at least 25 questions per test in this demo and more than 150 questions per test in the full version. The program analyzes your answers and provides scores, times, and much more. Answers can be sorted, viewed, or printed in a variety of ways..

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HTML in Review 1.0
HTML In Review is a simple tutorial program for those that want to learn HTML. The next version will cover more complex issues such as complex tables and DHTML.

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Really Basic BASIC 1.1
Step-by-step instructions for programming in BASIC. Suited to beginners of all ages. Great for hobbyists or those exploring career options. Supports multiple users. Includes on-screen editing and run-time support. Programs produced are compatible w/QBasis, PowerBASIC, etc. Interactive, individualized instruction at its very best!