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There are some main Compilers and Tools use commonly, are given below. These are the links of these compiler and Tools to download from their respective web sites. You can download it to your hard drive and use it.

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Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit lets you write Java applets that conform to the latest applet API for the Java programming language. Version 1.2 adds new functionality to Java, including accessibility, drag-and-drop, application services, Java extensions framework, collections, input methods, version
identification, reference objects, Java interface definition language (IDL), Java Virtual Machine Debugger Interface (JVMDI), Java servlets, and Javadoc doclets. Major enhancements have also been added to JavaBeans
components, Java Security, Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI), object serialization, Java Sound, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), reflection, Java Archive (JAR), and Java Native Interface (JNI).

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Symantac Visual Cafe'

A great visual tool for learning and building Java applications.

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Symantac Visual Page

A great visual tool for building Java enable web pages rapidly.

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The SDK contains everything you need to start developing plug-ins - tools, documentation, samples, and header files - and to LiveConnect-enable them.
Download the SDK for your platform now.

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Arrowsoft Assembler
The Arrowsoft Assembler takes as its input 8086, 8088, 80186, and 80286 assembly language source files and produces relocatable object modules which may be linked and run under the MS-DOS and PC-DOS operating systems. The syntax of the input files is a superset of that accepted by the Microsoft Macro Assembler (versions 3.0 and later). In fact, most programs written for the Microsoft product should assemble without modification with the Arrowsoft Assembler.

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C++/MFC Code Generator

C++/MFC Code Generator generates code to create user interface ponents, enables Windows applications to display image backgrounds, customizes edit controls to handle user input, and writes function headers into source code. Version 1.10 fixes a few bugs and includes several functionality enhancements.

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PL/SQL Developer
PL/SQL Developer is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing, testing, debugging, and optimizing Oracle PL/SQL stored program units, such as packages, triggers, and so on. The package features text-sensitive help and database object descriptions. Also included is a full-featured integrated debugger, a multisession/multithreaded environment, a code assistant, a template library, a macro library, and a command window. New features in version 2.1 include integration with Oracle htmlL manuals, Synonyms, Users, Roles and Object Privileges added to the Object
Browser, and user-defined shortcut keys for all functions.

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VBScript and JScript
Visual Basic Scripting Edition (better known as VBScript and JScript) is a subset of the Microsoft Visual Basic language. It is implemented as a fast, portable, lightweight interpreter for use in Web browsers and other applications that use ActiveX controls, OLE automation servers, and Java applets.

Click Here To Download Source Wizard

Source Wizard is a code generating tool for the Windows C developer. Programmers will can use Standard RC (resource) files as input for generating dialog code, SDI or MDI windows, and have an option to use the dialog as the main window, where you don't need to edit the source to compile and run the application.

Click Here To Download Isual Translate

The Isual Translate is a tool that can help to translate software developed with Microsoft Visual C++. It extracts the texts to translate and puts them in a dictionary. The result of the translation is displayed without compiling the resources files in Visual Translate's environnemnt

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FormShaper 1.0
A tool that helps you create forms with a variety of shapes.

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Quick VBScript 2

Quick VBScript 2 is the ultimate freeware for creating VBScripts.
It includes many commonly used events, methods, properties, object and functions as well as a VBScript Wizard!

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TRAC 1.0
TRAC is a DOS program that simulates a pseudo computer. It is
intended to give persons a taste of machine language coding. Also included is TRAP (TRaining computer Assembly Program). TRAP provides a means to assemble mnemonic coding into a TRAC program.

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Code Print
Prints C, C++, and Java code output to a printer in syntax highlighting. Example, bold for language keywords and symbols, and italic for comments. Comes with program source code.

Click Here To Download RemoteDB Gateway
RemoteDB Gateway is a SHAREWARE program that lets Java and native Windows(TM) applications access ODBC data sources configured on a remote computer. The package consists of a JDBC driver and 16-bit and 32-bit ODBC drivers that communicate with a 32-bit server process running under Windows NT or 95. The server process provides access to the full array of ODBC data sources that have been configured on the server machine.
The RemoteDB Gateway JDBC driver is written using "pure" Java allowing it to run on virtually any platform. Java applications or applets that utilize JDBC for database access can now exploit the capabilities of RemoteDB Gateway to access remote ODBC data sources. In addition, Windows applications that been designed to work with a particular data source can now access that same data source from a remote computer. It is as simple as configuring a data source on the remote computer to use either the REMOTE16 or REMOTE32 ODBC driver. Only three onfiguration options are required: 1) a local data source name, 2) the remote host name or IP address of the machine where the
RemoteDB Gateway server process is running, and 3) the remote data source name.

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Ovation Studio Pro 2.1
Ovation Studio Pro is a high performance multimedia tool for creating professional multimedia applications such as screen savers, games, storybooks,
tutorials, Computer Based Training (CBT), CD-ROM front-ends, interactive catalogs, corporate presentations, interactive magazines, and much, much more.