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1. John McCain

Ex-POW, Vietnam, Has apparently turned his back On his fellow POW/MIAs. Fights any legislation geared to bring them home past, present, and future. Helped to pass legislation Normalizing relations with Vietnam. "HUGGED" a man who supposedly tortured him during his captivity......Real loser here!   McCain filed his papers to enter himself in the race for President on 12/30/98.  Now the battle to stop him must begin!

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John McCain

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2. "Taco" Bill Clinton

Draft Dodger, Aided in the Normalization of relations with Vietnam without getting a full accounting of our servicemen, , servicewomen, and civilians that are POW/MIA.

3. "Hanoi" Jane Fonda, Tom"CommieTommy"Hayden, Ramsey Clark

These 3 I'm counting as one as they are so closely related. They all 3 were in North Vietnam at the same time for the same reason! All 3 definetly belong here. Click on Traitor Janes award and go to the page that is especially for them.Under Heavy Construction!

Traitor Jane

4. "Officer" Mullens

I don't have a picture of Mullens so I will substitute a symbol that illustrates
his actions against "The Last Firebase" Members.

5. Donna Shalala

The brightest, the best, and the bravest went Ms. Donna, the cowards, the draft dodgers, and some future politicians stayed home. Your excuse was what Ms. Donna? I'm a woman? You do not have the right to make such a statement Ms. Donna. You aren't good enough to judge the caliber of men that served the United States in Vietnam. They were the ones that allow you to keep breathing free air woman! Shall we take that away from you and let you live the life of captivity you seem to desire? I would love to see a thing such as you live 10 minutes like the POW/Mias are forced to live YOU ARE NOT WORHTY TO MALIGN SUCH HEROIC MEN!!!! You are actually No. 1 on my list at this time, but you aren't worth the effort to change the list!

6. Jan Scruggs

No Pic at present.

On July 13,1993 this man actually compared himself to Jesus Christ can you BELIEVE that!! Hates all POW/MIA Activists, says many bad things about us, he believes the Wall is his possesion, in some circles called "The Godfather of the Wall", Friend with John "the Loser" McCain and John Kerry(strike one and two). Too much to say about this man, and I use the term man Loosely. Here is a URL that goes into great depth. This a story written in the U.S. Veteran's Dispatch. Visit that URL and Laugh your behind off at this man!

7. Maya Ying Lin

Designed the Wall so now it's hers, not the People who's names it bears or the AMERICAN people, it's "HERS"! Became very upset when the Veterans Groups wanted to fly the American and POW/MIA Flags at the Memorial. She stated that the flags(American and POW/MIA)would make the site look like a "golf green". WHAT!!??. I think not! The American Flag should be there! The Flag honors all War Memorials except for the Vietnam Memorial. Another slap in the face for the Vietnam-era Veterans, POW/MIAs, and the Casualties of that war. Just to satisfy an immature, selfish BRAT! Too much to say about her too. Go to the same URL as with Jan Scruggs. More about her there!

From the preamble of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial:


8. AmbASSador to Vietnam, Douglas "Pete" Peterson

I am ashamed that this "man" was originally from my home state of Iowa. I have him listed on my  Iowa POW/MIA Tribute Page even though he doesn't deserve to be among the Heros. This man states that the Vietnamese that tortured, maimed, and murdered American Soldiers while they were held hostage,were "JUST DOING THEIR JOBS"!!!!
Peterson you are SQUIRREL BAIT!!! In case that was too deep for you Peterson, I just called you a NUT!!!!
How he could say such a thing with a straight face is beyond me!! I guess now though he is at home where he belongs, Vietnam that is!
I only wish he had taken Hanoi Jane, McCain, Mullens and the rest with him! Yes you too Ms. Donna.

9. Kent Cooper(Architect)

No Pic yet

He says our American and POW/MIA Flags are "PATRIOTIC CLAPTRAP"!!! The flags would ruin the beauty of the WALL. I think he is the CLAPTRAP, and slightly "Unpatriotic. Why don't you go to Vietnam with Peterson, Mr Cooper. No you wouldn't want to do that now would you. Lose all the freedom that Those men died to give you. The Flag graced their coffins Cooper! Was that patriotic claptrap too? Watch how you answer Cooper. Someone might kick your butt, no maybe they won't since that is where your brains appear to be! Wouldn't want you anymore brain damaged than you are!

10. Walter Cronkite

I can honestly say this is one person I would not of thought would end up on this page. Someone has requested that "Uncle Walter" be added to this page. At first I thought NO WAY!! But after researching the facts given, I have come to the conclusion that he does indeed belong here.

When Walter Cronkite advised his television audience in 1968 that the war in Vietnam could not be won, President Lyndon B. Johnson said: "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost middle America." And LBJ was right. The words spoken by Walter Cronkite that night had a far greater impact on the American people because everyone trusted his views.

Even the North Vietnamese. After learning of the words spoken by Walter, The North Vietnamese celebrated! They knew that they had now won and we had lost. Public opinion of the war became decidedly anti-war. Walter Cronkite, for all practial purposes, did help lose the war by underminding the confidence of the American people in our military and by bolstering the failing morale of the North Vietnamese.

So Walter here you are! One of my Poopy People. You rank right up there with Hanoi Jane and Ms. Donna. I used to admire you Walter, now I think you are Poopy!

11. John Forbes Kerry

John Kerry

Senator Kerry has so much that needs to be said about him that you need to click on the Pic above to go the page that I made for him.

12. Joe Schlatter, Colonel, U. S. Army, Retired

This one is a real winner folks. He is one of the people who lied to us about the POW/MIAs in the first place. He expects us to believe the bull s**t that the government told him to say. Now he is retired so he brings it to the web..covering up seems to be a habit with him. He apparently thinks that we are actually going to say,"OH MY! If he says its so then by golly it must be! I mean look at his credentials!!", WRONG!! I wouldn't believe him because of his credentials...Come on Schlatter, you can quit covering up now you are retired....OOPS!! Forgot, you draw a pension from them don't you...well enough of this. I'll let you read what he has to say from his own site. Be's really a very funny site. A laugh a minute. Or you could call it a well written Fairy Tale.


Feb 86 - Dec 88: Chief, Analysis Branch, Defense Intelligence Agency Special Office for POW-MIA Affairs
Dec 88 - Jul 90: Chief, Defense Intelligence Agency Special Office for POW-MIA Affairs
July 1993 - March 1995: Deputy Director, Defense POW-MIA Office

Schlatter was asked to remove all links, graphics, etc. that he had placed on his site that had to do with the POW/MIA Ring. Schlatter, I want you to personally Know that I caused that to happen. You stated We are afraid of facts. Not true! We do not intend to let you use a Ring that honors the POW/MIA of this country to regurgitate the disinformation that our government has fed you. Let's go one step further with that. I would even go so far as to say that you helped to develope this disinformation, these lies that you would have TRUE AMERICANS believe. Won't work Schlatter, the American people are much more intelligent than you give them credit for. Such as the Vietnamese are KNOWN to keep POWs to use as barginning chips. Take for instance the French POWs or did you forget them too. One last item for you your email you called me a pig.....well maggot, this pig has teeth and a brain. Unlike you, who pukes lies and slithers around on your belly!

MIA Facts Page

Click on the Link and Vist his site.

Playing With the Facts

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