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Do-It-Yourself Adopt A POW/MIA Page

Bookmark this page as you will need it later. (Control+D)

Instructions (Read  ALL  the instructions before starting).

Click on the links below to view the instructions for each step.

After you have read all the instructions and gotten a web page set up, return to this page and click on the Scope Systems Banner or the text link below it to adopt your POW/MIA.

Scope Systems POW/MIA Search

The POW Network originated the Database, Scope Systems put it onto the web so here is a link to them. 

P.O.W. Network.  I would like to thank both the P.O.W. Network and Scope Systems for making this Database available to us so we may Honor our Missing.

Please write your Senators,  Representatives, The President, , Vice-President, etc.  Tell them you want a full accounting of our Missing!  To help you do this the link below will give you all the needed contact information.
White House Email


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