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-(3-17-00)-My Images are Back up! Enjoy!

-(3-17-00)- Umm. . . sorry. With my pages changed to ProHost,
all my images are down. I will get them back up soon,
so don't worry. Just come back later today. Also, I updated my menues
on my pages, so they should be working.

-(3-16-00)- Ahhhh! No Pop-ups! I transfered almost all my pages to
ProHost, but don't use the individual
menues on my different pages, just the one on my main page. Even more I changed my guestbook ,
I just couldn't read the other. So if you signed it earlier,
I'm sorry:( But please sign it again! This one I will keep, I promise!
One more thing, I know the title images take a while to load, but bear with me, I will shrink 'em down soon.

-(3-15-00)- Big changes today! As you can see, I changed
the main image and made the title clearer. I hope it's better.
Also, I put the above menu on every page for easier access. Soon
I will transport all of my pages off of Angelfire. I hate those
pop-ups. Soon they will be off my pages forever!(the crowd cheers)

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