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List of graves by Site Number.
An asterisk by the name means that there 
is no tombstone and the burial is is based on 
research and theory. 

51.HARRIET C. FLEMING 15 OCT 1836--2 JAN 1891 Wife of Reuben Fleming 52. REUBEN FLEMING 18 JAN 1821--16 OCT 1871 53. MILES EZELL DARBY 18 OCT 1826--21 FEB 1897 "May He Rest In Peace" Married Elizabeth Harrell daughter of William and Minerva Woods Harrell sites 57 & 58. 54.E.W. DARBY 1859--1860 Child of M.E. & E.J. Darby. 55.E.J. DARBY 26 SEP 1836--9 SEP 1861 Aged 24 yrs, 1 mo 10 dys. Nee Harrell, wife of M.E. Darby married 31 October 1858. Daughter of William & Minerva Woods Harrell. 56. MINERVA COTTLE WOODS 22 DEC 1776--28 MAR 1839 Wife of Zadock Woods who was killed in Dawson Massacre. Citizen of the Republic of Texas bronze emblem on stone applys to Minerva Cottle Woods, William Harrell & Minerva Woods Harrell. 57.WILLIAM HARRELL 10 JAN 1797--5 SEP 1891 Citizen of the Republic of Texas bronze emblem on stone applys to Minerva Cottle Woods, William Harrell & Minerva Woods Harrell. 58.MINERVA WOODS HARRELL 30 OCT 1798--10 JUN 1897 Born Woodstock, VT Married William Harrell 4 October 1818 in Troy Mo. They had 9 children: Amanda, Sophrinia, Milvern, Leander, Emily, Montreville, William, Elizabeth, and Mary. Citizen of the Republic of Texas bronze emblem on stone applys to Minerva Cottle Woods, William Harrell & Minerva Woods Harrell. 59. Unknown 60.CHARLES WOODS MOORE 1853-1941 Son of T.C. and Martha Moore 61.ELIZABETH DIAL MOORE 1854--1941 Nee Fulton, wife of Charles Woods Moore. 62. BROOKS MOORE 6 JUL 1894--24 JUL 1894 Son of G.W. & Lizzie Moore. "Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me" 63.*MARTHA W. MOORE Died 21 APR 1907 Probate Minutes Vol. N page 532. October term 1907: Martha W. Moore wife of Thomas C. Moore, died 21 April 1907. Charles W. Moore son was administrator of her estate. Estate consisted of about 993 acres of land which was divided between the children: Charles W. Moore, J.H. Moore, Dyer Moore, T.W. Moore and daughter-in-law Lizzie D. Moore 64. THOMAS C. MOORE 24 MAY 1816--1 DEC 1897 MILITARY STONE: THOMAS CLINTON MOORE TEXAS CAPTAIN, PLUM GROVE RIFLES CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY 1816--1897 The Plum Grove Rifles was organized on 8 July 1861 and was a drill company or basic training company. After the men were trained for a strenuous army life, they either volunteered or were drafted into the Confederate States Army. Thomas C. Moore, Captain of the organization was exempt from service in the regular army because he had too much property to manage. There were 64 men in the Plum Grove Rifles including William Norman Harrell, son of William and Minerva Harrell, William A. Farris, Miles E. Darby, W.P. Darby, James E. Farris, William A. Farris Sr, Alfred W. Young and William Young. Info from Frank C. Young, West Point Texas 1936 65. WILLIAM FIELD YOUNG 30 MAR 1866--19 FEB 1874 Aged 7 yrs 10 mos & 19 dys "The Lord is My Shepherd" 66. Unknown 67.GEORGE EDWIN REEVES 10 FEB 1914--16 NOV 1981 "Daddy" 68.GEORGE M. REEVES 8 JUN 1871--19 APR 1941 "Father" 69.KATIE M. REEVES 13 MAR 1881--18 JUL 1968 "Mother" 70.VIRGIE MOORE 3 MAR 1887--5 OCT 1889 71.FLEMING MOORE 29 NOV 1855--14 SEP 1889 72.FLEMMIE MOORE 18 FEB 1886--8 DEC 1886 73.CHARLIE ELLIOT MOORE 6 NOV 1882--10 SEP 1889 74.GAY S. SHROPSHIRE 1868--1888 75.OSCAR E. CARLSON 1899--1985 Oscar Carlson widow, born Sweden, rancher: Father Emil Carlson, Mother Anna Johansson. Died of arthritis and old age. 76.MARY KATHLEEN CARLSON 1902-1977 77.CONSTANCE Y. HAYNIE 25 JAN 1899--15 FEB 1957 78.SUSANNA HAYNIE 25 SEP 1971--20 DEC 1957 Nee Young, wife of Amzi Haynie married 17 February 1898 79.AMZI F. HAYNIE 9 AUG 1869--2 JUN 1942 "Eternal Rest Grant Them, O Lord, and light perpetual Shine Upon Them" He was a farmer and rancher. Father: George Haynie, Mother: Mary P. Darby. Died of Carcinoma of caecum. Source: Constance Haynie. 80._____HAYNIE 24 OCT 1902--19 NOV 1902 Infant of H.D. & S. J. Haynie. 81.J.A. DARBY 11 JUN 1829--22 FEB 1904 "Gone but not forgotten" Military stone: JAMES ADDISON DARBY 1ST LT, 5 TEXAS CAV CSA He was born Alabama died on Darby Farm near West Point of heart failure, malaria and old age. Source: L.G. Thornton M.D. 82.MELISSA F.A. DARBY 7 MAY 1840--26 JUL 1882 Nee Hart, wife of James A. Darby married 3 October 1869. 83.MOLLIE EISENBERG 9 SEP 1860--22 FEB 1883 84.D.E. HAYS 4 AUG 1839--14 APR 1883 85. UNKNOWN 86. UNKNOWN 87. UNKNOWN 88.RIBORNE B. HAYS 12 NOV 1888--2 AUG 1943 "His Memory is Blessed" Married Julia Williams 16 January 1914 89.RICHARD FARRIS No Dates Son of Dick Farris 90.GERTRUDE FARRIS No data Daughter of Dick Farris 91.ULMONT ALLEN 31 JUL 1890--22 NOV 1890 Son of J.M. and Lena Allen. 5 UNKNOWN grave are next all males marked with a brick. 92.MARY ELINOR GREEN 6 SEP 1835--15 FEB 1924 93.MATTIE M. GREEN 1 AUG 1845--23 OCT 1896 94.TRIXIE HOUSE 29 SEP 1892--28 FEB 1893 Daughter of J.T. and Susie House. 95.SUSANNA GREEN 24 FEB 1811--24 MAY 1888 96.WILLIAM M. FARRIS 19 JAN 1868--27 SEP 1893 Son of R.L. and E.J. Farris 97.ELTON FARRIS 1887--1896 98.E.J. FARRIS 1844--1915 99.R.L. FARRIS 1878--1936 100.FRANK CLARK YOUNG 21 JUN 1868--8 DEC 1950 He was a farmer and teacher. Father: Alfred Williams Young, Mother: Susan Elvira Green. 101.MARTHA JANE YOUNG 25 NOV 1865--2 FEB 1942 Single--Father: Alfred Williams Young, Mother: Susan Green. Died of carcinoma of caecum. Source: Constance Haynie 102.ALFRED WILLIAM YOUNG 17 DEC 1823--11 AUG 1898 "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lard" Born Lincoln County Tenn. Son of Samuel and Jane Kerr Young. Married Susan E. Green 13 October 1859. 103. SUSAN GREEN YOUNG 6 JUN 1842--11 APR 1939 Wife of Alfred Williams Young. Father: Andrew Green, Mother Susanna McClure. Died of cerebral hemorrhage. S/Constance Haynie 104. ELEANOR ELIZABETH YOUNG 10 MAY 1873--31 JUL 1948 Single: Father: Alfred Williams Young Mother: Susan Green. Died of asteriosclerosis cerebral with epilepsy.

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