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List of graves by Site Number.
An asterisk by the name means that there 
is no tombstone and the burial is is based on 
research and theory. 

1.Unknown 2. Unknown 3. Unknown 4.Unknown 5.Unknown Five names on same stone: In memory of our children; James and Laurana Davidson Young 6. LAURA YOUNG 3 NOV 1862 7. ANNIE YOUNG 7 Mar 1865 8. D.K. YOUNG 13 AUG 1854 9. ROBERT L. YOUNG 18 SEP 1853 10. YOUNG INFANT 24 APR 1852 25 SEP 1852 Three names on same stone: 11. LIVINGSTON G. YOUNG 8 JUN 1841--5 FEB 1862 Died at Ft. Thorn Arizona, CSA. Sone of James and Laurana Young 12. LAURANA YOUNG 12 APR 1816--12 SEP 1864 "Gone to Heaven" Wife of James Young 13. JAMES K. YOUNG 7 OCT 1844--23 FEB 1845 14. Unknown 15.Unknown 16.Unknown 17. JANE YOUNG 1794--14 NOV 1851 Wife of Samuel Young "Departed this life... Aged 57 yrs" Nee Kerr. "Earth counts a mortal less, Heaven an Angel more" 18. SAMUEL YOUNG 1788--3 OCT 1867 "Departed this life-- Aged 79 yrs" Son of William & Elizabeth Johnson Young Came to Texas in 1840. Ten Children. 19. ROBERT L. YOUNG 1863--10 NOV 1867 Departed this life...Aged 4 yrs. Son of W.D. & A.M. Young 20. W.D. YOUNG 30 JUN 1819--29 JAN 1872 21. ELIZABETH HUFF --JUN 1852 Nee Young, daughter of Samuel and Jane Young. Married Henry Huff. 22. HENRY HUFF No dates 23. MISSOURI ANN SCALLORN. ABT 1845--ABT 1876 Nee Huff, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Young Huff, died a few months after her last child, Minnie, was born. She married George Wesley Scallorn about 1861. They had seven children; George Franklin, Elizabeth, Alice Rebecca, Wesley, Alameda Josephine, Florence Minerva and Minnie Matilda. 24. Unknown 25. DAVID A. YOUNG 1832--25 JUN 1841 "Departed this life....Aged 9 years. Son of Samuel and Jane Young. David and his sister Mary Ann, encountered a group of Tonkawa Indians in early June 1841 on Jack Young Creek. David ran home as fast as he could to get help. The Indians "captured" Mary Ann, thought she was lost, and brought her home. Shortly thereafter David died; it was thought that he died of exertion and fright. Information from Grace Young Robbins West Point, Texas. 26.PLEASANT YOUNG 21 APR--25 SEP 1869 27. VIRGINIA FRANCES YOUNG 2 DEC 1848--6 DEC 1862 Daughter of William & Elizabeth Young 28. JEFF DAVIS YOUNG No dates 29. WILLIAM YOUNG 3 FEB 1814--3 MAY 1873 His wife was Elizabeth Byler. 30. *ELIZABETH BYLER YOUNG Believed to be the grave of Elizabeth Byler Young wife of William Young and later married Frank Hess 19 October 1894. 31. FRANK A. HESS 7 MAR 1844--8 OCT 1905 "Beloved one, Farewell" Franklin A. Hess was the first postmaster of West Point. He was appointed 21 May 1873 and served until 22 July 1873. He died of Diabetis. 32. ROBERT S. SHOOK 26 MAY 1865--24 AUG 1890 33.*ELIZABETH ROBINSON Believed to be the grave of Elizabeth Turnage Robinson wife of Joseph C. Robinson. 34. JOSEPH C. ROBINSON 1861 State Historical Marker. Son of James & Azabuh Cottle Robinson. Married Elizabeth Turnage 16 April 1850. Captured at the Dawson Massacre 18 September 1842, he was taken to Perote Prison east of Mexico City. He was released from prison 27 March 1844. The Ceremony of Liberation was performed in the Perote Connamdant's office. A Bible lay open on a table, a crucifex was by it and a candle blazed dimly on each side of these. Then the Order of Release was read and we were free again. This information is an excerpt from an article from the La Grange Intelligencer published in the Texas Democrat in 1846 dictated by Joseph C. Robinson. In early 1861 Joseph C. Robinson was in the Confederate States Army in a volunteer company of infantry known as the Dixie Greys. 35. *AZABUH COTTLE ROBINSON Wife of James Robinson and mother of Joseph C. Robinson, Sister to Minerva Cottle Woods. 36. *JAMES ROBINSON No dates. 37. MILES HAYNIE 22 JAN 1865--25 NOV 1893 Aged 28 yrs 10 mos & 3 ds. "In Memory of My Husband" "Rest in peace thou gentle spirit throned above Soul: like thine with God in hand, life and love." 38 Unknown Two names on this stone 39. WILLIAM EZELL HAYNIE 7 JAN 1872--2 AUG 1872 Aged 6 mos, 25 dys, 40. JOHN GOODWIN HAYNIE 5 MAY 1866--26 JUL 1867 Aged 1 yr. 2mos 23 days Children of Geo. T. & Mary P. Haynie 41. PRICILLA R. WILLIAMS 25 JAN 1805--12 JAN 1873 Aged 67 yrs, 11 mos & 18 dys. Mother of James Darby. 42 B.F. DARBY 7 JAN 1823--21 MAY 1876 Aged 53 yrs, 4 mos & 14 dys 43. SOPHIE DARBY. No dates. 44. Unknown 45. P.R.W. 46. Unknown 47. Unknown 48. MOLLIE SUE MC CLELLAN 12 JAN 1869--22 JUL 1872 Daughter of R.D. & M.S. McClellan. 49.MARY S. MC CLELLAND 11 DEC 1836--20 JUN 1870 Wife of R.D. McClellan 50.THOMAS MOORE MC CLELLAND 7 OCT 1863--30 JUL 1865 Son of R.D. & M.S. McClellan

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