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List of graves by Site Number from the Northwest
Corner. An asterisk by the name means that there 
is no tombstone and the burial is is based on 
research and theory. 

1. Robert Guess son of Earnest & Lizzie Young Jan. 26 1913 Dec 5 1915 Child of Ernest and Elizabeth (Simpson) Young who are buried at Sites 222 & 223. Lizzie was a daughter of Joshua Guess Simpson and Lula Karnes Simpson buried at Sites 217 & 218. Robert takes his middle name from his great grandmother Sarah Guess. 2. John L Jackson Nov 29, 1857 Jan 26, 1939 FATHER 3. Emma K. Jackson Feb 4 1867 Aug 26 1938 MOTHER 4. Murray L. Jackson Jun 1 1899 Dec 2 1914 M.L.J. 5. Earnest L. Jackson Oct 2 1902 Jun 6 1903 E.L.J. 6. Jimmie E. son of J.G. & L.K. Simpson Born: Aug 23 1890 Died: Jun 5 1891 7. Unknown 8. Unknown 9 E.H. Unknown 10. G.M.H. Unknown 11. Sam Hatfield Texas Pvt 86 Inf. 18 Div April 5, 1938 government marble headstone born July 1894 son of W.R. and Dollie Brown Hatfield, both from Tennessee. Husband of Mrs. Willie Hatfield. Died April 6, 1938 12 thru 17 Unknown 16 C.P.H. 18. Lois Karnes Swenson Dec 31 1907 Apr 24 1927 19. Unknown 20. G.W. Karnes Jr. July 24 1862 Nov 8 1925 George Karnes married Middie Hall 25 Jul 1888 by I.Y. Earthman, J.P. 21. Matilda Karnes May 22 1836 Oct 8 1915 22. Geo W. Karnes Feb 3 1832 Dec 30 1913 Marble stone with rough granite and sandstone markers on each side which were the original grave markers. Geo W. Karnes was a son of Noah and Elizabeth Karnes and was on the Runaway Scrape in the Spring of 1836. He enlisted 29 Jun 1981 in Captain George W. Tuttle's Company, Wigfall Mounted Reserve Company of Infantry, Fayette County State Troops and was elected First Corporal. He enlisted 6 June 1862 along with his older brother William P in Captain L.W. Moore's Company I Flournoy's Regiment. William M. Scallorn Jr. was the surgeon in this company. 23. Mattie Karnes Born Feb 28 1857 Died: Oct 15, 1869 24. Frances Wife of Joe F. Kocurek 1870-1904 Her Memory is Blest Kocurek Bohemian female aged 33 years died 5 October 1904 at Hess Farm due to hemorrhage during premature labor signed/L.G. Thornton, M.D. West Point. 25 Marshall, Died AD 1868 Marshall Died AD 1868 Unable to read except above. Marriage records show a John T. Marshall and Miss Harriett Baker were married in Fayette County 22 Dec 1859 by C.W. Gregory, J.P. Probate Records show a William T. and Susan Marshall were in probate court 26 Aug 1856 Also a John and Sarah Marshall are shown in probate during February term 1859 Deed records name a John T. and Susan Marshall. 27. Unknown 28. Milam son of I. & M. Hamilton Aged 4 Years 29. John Yancy Criswell 1781/6 1839 He died 30 September 1839. The stone was not found during the initial survey, may have been unearthed when a hurricane fence was installed in 1995 around Criswell Cemetery. 30. Eleanor Vannoy Criswell 17-- 1--- Eleanor was born about 1794 and died sometime between July 1835 and February 1836. Probably the first grave in cemetery. Scratched on stone "1832" 31 Unknown 32 Unknown 33. Bettie Karnes Born Aug 20 1854 Died Mar 7 1858 34. Elizabeth Karns Mar 1, 1802 Feb 3 1868 This is the wife of Noah Karnes. In 1836 just prior to the Battle of San Jacinto, Noah Karnes was with Sam Houston's Army as a rear guard somwhere between the Colorado River and the Brazos River probably in the vicinity of Round Top where they had a camp. During bayonet practice Wayne Barton accidently shot and killed Noah Karnes. Karnes was buried on the spot. the location of his grave has been lost. Olivia Tuttle Willrich, a grandchild of Elizabeth Karnes, states: Grandmother died in 1868 and is buried in a cemetery near West Point. 35 Lula Mae Johnson Born Oct 19 (19)25 Died Oct 22, 1925 Daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Johnson 36.Unknown 37. Unknown 38. Unknown 39. Walter Williams Died Nov 1879 Aged 1 Yr, 5 Mos Inscribed on the Fredrick Williams marble headstone. Headstone on grave withWW on it. 40. Lucy M. Williams Died July 1878 Aged 5 Mos Inscribed on the Fredrick Williams marble headstone. Headstone on grave with LMW on it 41. James E. Williams Died Sep 1874 Aged 1 Yr, 4 Mos Inscribed on the Fredrick Williams marble headstone Headstone on grave with JEW on it. 42. Fredrick Williams Died Feb 3 1895 Aged 44 Yrs 7 Mos 21 Dys A precious one from us has gone A Voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has called, The boon His love has given. And though his body slumbers here, The soul is safe in Heaven. 43. Unknown Believed to be the wife of Frederick Williams 44. *Josiah O'Daniel 27 Sep 1804 17 Dec 1845 Possible burial place of Josiah O'Daniel. 11th grave in cemetery 45. *Drucilla M. O'Daniel 27 Feb 1810 31 May 1838 Possible burial place of Drucilla M. O'Daniel, 3rd grave in cemetery. 46. *Robert W. O'Daniel 30 May 1838 10 Aug 1838 Possible burial place of Robert W. O'Daniel 4th grave in cemetery 47. Unknown 48 Unknown 49 *_____Underwood Possible burial place of Mr.____Underwood. First husband of Candace Criswell, second grave in cemetery. 50. *Robert Maxwell 1775-1838 Fifth grave in cemetery 51. *Rebecca Maxwell 1777-1838 6th grave in cemetery 52. *George W. Spier Unknown-29 Dec 1838 7th grave in cemetery. The October 1839 term of the Probate Court sitting on 12 October 1839 appointed William Scallorn, William A. Farris and Lee Cottle to inventory the estate of George W. Spier The Probate Court appointed Rebecca J. Spier and John W. Scallorn Administrators of George W. Spier Estate 28 Oct 1839. 53. *Rebecca J. Spier Unknown-1868 Probate Records indicate she died about 1868. George W. Scallorn was appointed Administrator, Wm. Scallorn, W.A. Farris and W.P. Karnes were appointed appraisers. 54. S(amuel) Miller Deed records show a Samuel Miller Bought 640 acres of land on Buckners Creek in Jesse Bartlett League from Nancy Taylor 5 Sep 1850 55.Unknown 56. Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Farouhar Born Jan 30 1892 Died: Feb 1, 1892 57. Lidy E. (Sawyer) Wife of F.M. Sawyer Born: Dec. 4, 1846 Died: July 2, 1883 Could this be Elizabeth Caine who married F.M. Sawyer 31 May 1866 by James English, J.P. 58. Unknown 59. Unknown 60. Unknown 61. Unknown 62. Unknown 63. Unknown 64. Unknown 65. James O'Daniel Born: May 2, 1813 Died: Dec 9 1885 We cannot tell who next will be, Beneath thy chasting rod. One must be first, but let us all Prepare to meet our God Younger Brother of Josiah O'Daniel, married Elizabeth Scallorn 14 Feb 1840 at Plum Grove by A.P. Manley, MG Elizabeth is buried in site 66 66. Elizabeth O'Daniel Born April 7, 1821 Died: March 12 1854 Elizabeth was the daughter of William and Alice (McClure) Scallorn 67. Amanda Scallorn Born: nov 25 1827 Died: Jan 17, 1845 10th grave in cemetery daughter of William and Alice Scallorn. 68. Albert Owen Scallorn Born: Dec 30 1838 Died Aug 11 1839 On of William and Alice Scallorn 8th grave in cemetery 69. E.E. Folkes Born: Feb 22 1883 Died: May 29 1883 70. Manda J. Folkes Born: Jan 22 1862 Died Mar. 9 1883 71. E.A. Folkes Born: Feb 6 1883 Died: Oct 2 1883 72. Thomas P. Cain Died: May 4,1965 59 yrs, 5 mos, 16 dys Birth date would have been18 Nov 1905 73 Mrs. Bessie Cain Died: Jul 11 1945 Age 67 yrs, 4 mos, 6 dys Birth date 5 feb 1878 74 Unknown 75 Unknown 76. N.A. Cain No dates 77. Unknown 78. Unknown 79. Unknown 80. W.H. Lewis Born: Oct 19 1844 Died: Jan 19 1885 Married Matilda J. Finley 24 July 1866 by Charles Luck, J.P. 81. Matilda J. Lewis No dates Wife of W.H. Lewis 82. Thomas J. Scallorn Texas Pvt, Stu, Army tng. Corps World War I 10 Feb 1892-9 Jan 1971 83. & 84 CARTER Husband Wife Bob C. Ruby S. Jan 5 1880 Dec 28 1898 Sep 19 1960 Ruby is still living 85 & 86 SCALLORN Father Mother Tom J. Scallorn Verna E. Scallorn Oct 23 1857 Aug 31 1868 Sep 17 1933 Dec 8 1952 Verna Everett was the daughter of Wm Colins born Mississippi and Mary Gray born Mississippi 87 & 88 BUSH Verna S. Bedford Forest Mar 13 1896 Sep 17 1896 Oct 6 1976 Oct 24 1970 Bedford F. Bush Texas Pvt 27 Division World War I Sep 17 1893--Oct 24 1970 Verna Everett Bush was the daughter of Thomas J. and Verna Everett Collins Scallorn. Forest was the son of Green H and Tennessee Kennedy Bush. OBITUARY FOR BEDFORD FOREST BUSH Bedford Forest Bush, 77 of West Point was buried Monday October 26 in Plum Grove Cemetery. A World War I veteran, Mr Bush was born in Winchester September 17, 1893, son of Green H. and Tennessee Kennedy Bush. He was married to Verna Scallorn July 6, 1936 in Giddens. He was a retired farmer and had resided in West Point most of his life. Surviving are his wife and three sisters Mrs. Mayme Stolz of La Gange, Mrs dulie McQueen of Killeen and Mrs Bettie Cunningham of Longview. Bedford Forest Bush is probably named for Nathan Bedford Forrest, a great confederate cavalry general. The bedford comes from Bedford County Tennessee, birthplace of General Forrest.

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