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Old Plum Grove Cemetery Index

The information on this site is taken from the
book"Old Plum Grove Cemetery". 

Old Plum Grove Cemetery is located in 
Fayette County, east of West Point, Texas. 
West Point is a small community about l0 miles 
west of La Grange on Hwy. 7l (going toward 
Austin).  Old Plum Grove is a miles or so east 
of West Point and the Woods Prairie 
(sometimes called Woods Fort Cemetery) is 
about 2-3 miles west of West Point.

Old Plum Grove is historic because it is the
location of the first Baptist Church
chartered west of the Colorado.That first church 
was called Hopewell Baptist Church. 
Plum Grove Baptist Church was established 
in 1839 on land owned by John Criswell Sr.

The Criswell Cemetery is located at the 
same location. It was established by John 
Criswell Sr. when his wife died between July 
1835 and February 1836.

Index of names for Old Plum Grove Cemetery

Click on the name to see the dates and any inscription that is on the grave. A few have some genealogical information included.
These pages give you the full view of the cemetery. Page 1--1 thru 88
Page 2--89 thru 165
Page 3--166 thru 225
Map with locations of the early residents of the area.

1830 Map of Area

General Placement of the graves in the cemetery.

Plot Map of the Old Plum Grove Cemetery

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