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Fayette County 1830

Placement of family locations are not accurate. Names are entered close to actual location to show families living in the area in the 1830's.

Locations on the map are as follows: 1.William and Amelia Trimble 2.Robert and Rebecca Maxwell 3. Richard Barclay 4.James and Azabuh Robinson 5.Thomas Robinson 6.Norman and Jane Woods 7. James and Elizabeth O'Daniel 8. Henry G. Woods 9. Montraville and Isabella Woods 10.Zadocks and Minerva Woods 11.Joseph Robinson 12.Thomas and Lucinda Berry 13.David Berry 14.William and Minerva Harrell 15.George and Rebecca Spier 16.Josiah and Drucilla O'Daniel 17.William and Huldah Kirk 18.William and Ada Faires 19.Markham and Nancy Kenner 20.John and Mary Criswell Jr. 21.John and Eleanor Criswell Sr. 22.Noah and Elizabeth Karnes 23.Stephen Scallorn 24.William and Alice Scallorn 25.John and Marian Scallorn. Also shown are the Old Plum Grove Cemetery, the Woods Prairie Cemetery, the Berry Cemetery, Robinson Park, Texas' first roadside park and Woods Fort.

Plot Map for Old Plum Grove and Criswell Cemeteries. You can't see the numbers on each grave but it gives you a general idea of the placement of the graves. My copy has been reduced to the point that the numbers are not legible.

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