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This Project is done on Saturday,January 09, 1999 10.58.09p.m.

Heloo There,Welcome To My Web-page.I have included games and midis songs so please do visit them,click them,or Bookmark the site.Click right button of the mouse and click "Add To Favourites".As months goes by,I will be updating this website.Thanks to people who visits this web site especially you.Thank you.Girl or boy you all are the best...

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Midi Downloads

Short Ones

Just Click the Blues Words to download

Midi 1

Midi 2

Midi 3

Midi 4

Midi 5

Midi 6

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I am from Naval Base Secondary School. Class: 4E1 (Index: 35)

Hobby:A lot...Examples: Collecting Stamps, coins, notes. games. roms, Surfing internet, Web page master, writing letters,music lover, emailer, and MORE ......................

Favourite Sport: Soccer,

Favourite Food: Sardine Curry

Favourite Subjects: Nearly all except History

I Have a linke to my web-page VALOUR so visit.Not Now but later

Favourite Web-site: (1st ) Yahoo (2nd) Softseek (3rd) Lycos

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Done By Mohd Farris Bin Mohd Haris

Any comments or anything

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