Wonderwoman Gets tickled

The Joker had stolen the Van Cleeve jewels. But they were in a booby trapped box that could only be deactivated with the combination. The box also contained an experimental nerve gas sample that was being developed by Van Cleeve Industries. He knew that Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman would be hot on his trail. And he also new that they would each have the combination in case they found the box. Wonder Woman checked out an old abandoned warehouse near the Gotham docks that was rumored to be an old hangout of Lex Luthor's. Four young thugs awaited Wonder Woman in the warehouse, each holding a two-by four or a pipe. "Why don't you keep moving on Wonder Body, or we'll have to teach you a lesson," the first thug said. "Out of my way, boys, I'm looking for the Joker. The four thugs attacked. They had pinned Wonder Woman to the ground. One had grabbed her under the arm and tickled her. Wonder Woman shrieked. In her anger she proceeded to throw the thugs around like they were rag dolls. She left them unconscious and bound in her magic lasso. The rest of the warehouse consisted of many rooms and hallways, almost like a maze. Wonder Woman moved from room to room, kicking doors in in her search for the Joker. She was growing angry and impatient. When she went into one room that had a sign labeled synthetics'. The door slammed shut and locked behind her, as well as the door ahead. Wonder Woman shook her head and prepared to kick the door down. Liquid started to spray out of nozzles in the wall onto the walls and onto the floor. It was a thin gooey-substance. Wonder Woman kept slipping and sliding in the room and eventually could not keep her footing. She kept slipping and falling on her lovely behind. The sticky substance began turning into a white plastic and tightened around Wonder Woman's body and hardened, effectively trapping her in a cocoon of synthetic plastic. Only her head and the ankles of her shiny red boots were sticking out of the tight wrap. She squirmed and struggled to break free, but the synthetic was too strong. The Joker watched Wonder Woman struggle from a monitor in the control room. The entire warehouse was wired for video and sound, including hypnotic devices. As soon as the liquid hardened he went back into the room. He picked her up and carried her into the room next to the control room. He laid her on a surgical gurney and strapped her down. "Wonder Woman how nice to see you. You're gift wrapped." "Joker, let me out of this body trap." "I couldn't if I wanted to. Luthor had left a number of gadgets in the warehouse, a synthetic plastic machine and crazy electronic equipment, including hypnotic equipment. I figured I could lure either you or Batgirl here and get the combination of the box so I could get the jewels out." "Those cheap thugs I hired are tied up with your magic lasso. I could've used it. I need to know the combination of the box. And I want you to tell me." "Not a chance." "I had a feeling you'd say that. I could use the hypnotic machinery but it'll take too long to figure out how to extract information electronically. So let's use another method to the information I need. Maybe some more help from another science and from your friends." Wonder Woman didn't understand the last remark but she soon would. "It's amazing," the Joker continued. "Science that is. Here's another interesting compound. He took an aerosol can and sprayed the contents on Wonder Woman's red boots that were jutting out of the white cocoon. "This will work on almost everything except that plastic." Within seconds the boots dissolved, revealing Wonder Woman's beautiful, large, slender, bare feet. Her toenails were painted a blinding red. A cool breeze blew through the broken windows of the warehouse and Wonder Woman flexed her feet and wiggled her toes slightly at the breeze. The Joker knelt in as if to speak to the beautiful bare feet. "Hello there, friends. We meet again." He cracked his knuckles like a virtuoso about to play a piano concerto. "I'm looking for three numbers. Maybe you know them." Wonder Woman's eyes grew wide in horror. "No Joker. You wouldn't." "Yes I would. In a Gotham City minute." "You know how ticklish I am." "Yes I do and I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to them. And we're going to have a few laughs." With that the Joker began a merciless tickle assault on Wonder Woman's feet, running his fingers vigorously up and down her soles. Wonder Woman began howling with laughter and struggled against her synthetic cocoon to no avail. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HEEHEEEHEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEHEEEEHHEEEEEHEEEEHEEEHEEEEHEEEE NO PLEEEZE STOP! STOP!" The Joker stopped briefly and moved over near Wonder Woman's face. He removed her tiara. Her dark hair fell loosely against the table. "The combination, pour favor?" Wonder Woman was trying to catch her breath. "No, I can't. Thousands of people are at risk." "I thought so." The Joker returned to Wonder Woman's feet and dragged the ends of the tiara quickly against the arches, her most ticklish spot. He dug the tiara's edges into her soft insteps and vigorously moved them up and down. Wonder Woman was hysterical with laughter. "NOT THERE! NOT THERE! HEEEHEEHEHEEEHEEEEHEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEEHEEHE! JOKER YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!" "You may die laughing, sweetheart," he replied as he rubbed the tiara even more rapidly up and down and from side to side against her soft insteps. Wonder Woman's entire body was writhing with laughter. Her head was shaking from side to side. Her long, luxurious, uncontrolled hair was whipping around. Her laughter filled the room. Tears were streaming down her face. She could barely think. She was near her breaking point. And the Joker knew this. "HEEEHEEHEHEEEHEEEEHEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEEHEEHEE... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING! HEEEHEEEHEHEEEEEHEEEEEE!!!" The Joker was relentless. He wouldn't stop. "I'm thinking of a number." "THIRTY....HEEEHEHEEHEEEHEEHEEEHEEEHEEE....FIFTEEN.....HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEHEEEE...." She shook her head and laughed uncontrollably. "I CAN'T!!" The Joker tickled even harder. Wonder Woman didn't even realize that it was possible. "Just one more number, Wondy!" Wonder Woman struggled to catch her breath. "SEVEN! SEVEN! GODDAMMIT!! SEVEN! " The Joker stopped long enough to try the combination on the box. The box popped open and the Joker removed the jewels and the small cannister containing the gas. The Joker put the jewels and the gas cannister in his shoulder bag. "I have to go now, but I thank you for your help. He proceeded to remove two stiff feathers from an open drawer and tickled Wonder Woman's feet one more time, sending her into further convulsions of laughter. "HEEEHEEHEHEEEHEEEEHEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEEHEEHEE...I CCCAN'T STAND IT. PLEEEEZE!!!" "That was for business. This was for fun. You've got to love someone who enjoys their work. I'm sure Batman and Robin will be by sometime soon to free you. I'm off to the roof. There's a chopper awaiting." He gave her feet one last tickle and as she shrieked he stuck the feathers between her toes. "Goodbye, Wonder feet." The Joker left Wonder Woman bound and went to the roof of the building. He called his pilot on his cellular phone who told him that the helicopter would be another five minutes. As he saw the Batmobile race down the side streets, he realized he needed a diversion. He raced back to the control room. On one of the monitors he saw Wonder Woman still struggling in her plastic cocoon. He popped a cassette into the audio console and recorded a message on the audio system. He pressed continuous play- subliminal' and took off for the roof. Batman and Robin raced into the warehouse, stepped over the bound thugs and moved from room to room until they found the bound Wonder Woman. "Wonder Woman! are you all right," asked Batman. "Yes, I think so. But the Joker is getting away." "Where is he?" "On the roof" Those words had a weird effect on the Dynamic Duo. "Batman, I feel dizzy," said Robin. "So do I" said Batman. They looked at each other, then at Wonder Woman's feet and each grabbed a feather from between her toes. "Doesn't Wonder Woman have beautiful feet, Batman? "Yes she does, Robin." "I wonder if they're ticklish?" "I think they are, Boy Wonder." "I have this uncontrollable urge to tickle Wonder Woman's feet, Batman." "So do I, Robin, so do I.." "Shall we Batman?" "Let's, Robin." Wonder Woman's eyes were wide in horror again. She realized what was happening. "No, Batman. The Joker planted a hypnotic suggestion. He's on the ROOOOFAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" That was the last word she was able to intelligently utter. Robin and Batman each vigrously tickled Wonder Woman, tracing the stiff feathers over her soles, sending her into hysterical convulsive laughter. The Joker's hypnotic suggestion was played over the speakers in the warehouse and was planted in Batman and Robin's minds as they raced through the warehouse. When Wonder Woman mentioned that the Joker was on the roof, it triggered the subliminal message to tickle Wonder Woman's feet for two hours. The Joker had left the cannister with the gas on the roof with a note to Batman saying that he wasn't interested in gas unless it was laughing gas. As the helicopter took off, it almost drowned out the sound of Wonder Woman's laughter which were echoing through the warehouse. Neither the Joker nor his pilot noticed Batgirl sneak onto the roof and jump onto one of the legs of the helicopter as it took off. WONDER WOMAN'S LAST LAUGH, PART 2. As the helicopter took off, it almost drowned out the sound of Wonder Woman's hysterical laughter which was echoing through the warehouse. Neither the Joker nor his pilot noticed Batgirl sneak onto the roof and jump onto one of the legs of the helicopter as it took off. " Joker, there's a pull on the left strut." He watched Batgirl trying climb up onto the strut and pull out her automatic grappling hook. She was getting ready to fire her batrope at the propellors, which would tangle up in the propellor and force the chopper down. The Joker thought for a moment and reached for his walking stick. He then opened the chopper door slightly, and waited for Batgirl to take aim and just as she was about to fire. He took aim himself and then he extended the cane and vigoruously tickled Batgirl's underarm. Batgirl shrieked and dropped her arm, fired the grappling hook from her side. It spun around and the rope wrapped itself tightly around her. She was about to fall off the chopper into Gotham Harbor, when the Joker grabbed her ankle. He pulled her into the floor of the chopper and sat on her on his lap face down. "Good shot, Batgirl," he said laughing. A stunned Batgirl struggled against her ropes. "Those ropes are tough. I know- I've been caught in them before myself." You can't break free. "See?" he said as he dug his long fingers through the ropes into her sides and tickled her vigoruosly. Batgirl laughed and bucked wildly, kicking and thrashing about the Joker's lap like a fish out of water. "Settle down," the Joker yelled. He grabbed ahold of the back of her costume and pulled down the tight pants, exposing her panties. He pulled down the back of her panties and slapped his open hand hard twice against Batgirl's bare ass. The slap stung and she yelped in pain and stopped bucking. He then slapped Batgirl hard three more times. Tears welled up in her eyes. "You're quiet now." "You think you're so smart, Joker." "Smart enough to do this," he said, and flipped Batgirl off his lap, grabbing her ankle as he dropped her out of the helicopter. The bound Batgirl screamed as she fell out and was dangling helplessly from the from the chopper door being supported only by the Joker's hands around her ankle. Batgirl looked up at the Joker. "You can either drop me or not. Not much else you can do," she said smugly. "Sure there is." The Joker proceeded to tie her left ankle to one of the metal hooks on the floor of the chopper. "I saw this in a cartoon once." He grabbed the left heel of her yellow boot and pulled hard, peeling her heel and sole back, revealing a sheer black stocking. "Choice number three," he said, scrabbling his fingers against the stockinged sole of her exposed foot. Batgirl's arms and legs thrashed wildly. She twisted in the air, laughing uncontrollably, her wild laughter competing with the noisy chopper which began its descent onto a small island just outside of Gotham that housed an abandoned military base. **** Two of the Joker's men were waiting for him. One was an expert burglar, the other a jewel expert. They untied Batgirl's ankle and carried her to the main building and into the mess hall and into the large kitchen, where they laid her on a shiny silver table. The Joker wrapped a few more strips of duct tape around her waist. One of the Joker's men examined the stolen Van Cleeve jewels. "It's only half the collection, Joker." "The other half is probably being moved separately, to prevent them from all being stolen." "We can't fence half the collection. Our buyer wants the whole thing. How're we going to find out where the other half is?" The Joker smiled. "I'll think of something. Go back to Gotham. Wait for my call." He walked ove to the silver table and pulled off Batgirl's shiny yellow boots to reveal sheer black stockings. He taped her ankles to the table. Her lithe body struggled against the tape to no avail. "Comfortable, sweetie? I hope you enjoyed the flight." "Very funny, Joker." "You're probably aware of the other half of the Van Cleeve jewel collection and where they're being shipped to. I'd like you to tell me." "Like hell I will," replied the bound superheroine. "When I get out of this I'm going to kick the teeth out of your chalk-white face." "Is that so?" The Joker noticed a small hole at the bottom of Batgitrl's black stocking on her right foot right above the heel. "Holy stocking, Batgirl" he said with a sheepish grin. The Joker stuck his finger into the hole and wiggled it. Batgirl shrieked and tried to pull her foot away but her ankle was bound too tightly to the table. He dug in deeper and she screamed and laughed. The Joker used two fingers to dig in and rip open completely the stocking revealing her beautiful bare foot. She flexed her toes, which were painted a dark bergundy. "What a lovely shade of wine," sneared the Joker, as he took hold of Batgirl's left foot and ripped the stocking open to reveal two large lovely peds. "What pretty feet. Pretty big too. It's like opening Christmas gifts." "Stop playing games, Joker," Batgirl said angrily. "You're hardly in a position to bark orders, lady. And I think you should lose the attitude. I love games. I play games all the time. I think we should play a game right now. What shall we play?" Batgirl's bound ankles struggled againtst the tightly bound duct tape. Her bare feet fluttered back and forth. The Joker picked up a ball point pen. "How about tic tac toe?" He clicked the top of the pen and the point came out. "Paper. We need a pad of paper." He patted his pockets. "Hmm... no paper..." He thought for another moment "I know!" he snapped his fingers. "We have two long, soft,beautiful, pedicured bare feet right here. What do you think, Batgirl?" Batgirl's eyes grew wide in horror. She tried in vain to disguise her concern. "No, Joker, I don't think that would be a very good idea," she said, any trace of anger or attitude lost from her almost pleading tone." "This is getting too easy," he said as he began to play tic tac toe on the soles of her bare feet. He drew two lines slowly. Batgirl howled and shook her head vigorously. "X's or O's?" Batgirl remained silent and glared at the Joker. Her glare turned into uncontrollable laughter as he asked the question again, only this time, he was writing X's and O's on the soles of her feet. "EEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA HAHAHAHAHAEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE" she cried, banging her fists and her feet against the table. Her breasts were shaking uncontrollably from side to side. The Joker continued to make slow circles and X's on her feet. Each time a game was won he put a line through the three X's or O's. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHNOOOONOOOOONOOOOOONOOOOONOOOOONOOOPLEEEEEZPLEEEEEEEEZ.... I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! EEEHEHEEHEHEHEHE HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.. STTTTTOP STO- HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!" "You should be laughing- I think you're winning. Let's see." He began to total up the games on the bottoms of her feet, each time checking off a number by applying the pen to her ticklish sole. "Four, five, six.... twelve... Yes you won. We'll play again unless you want to tell me about the jewel shipment. How about best two out of three?" ***** Meanwhile, Batman and Robin were still vigrorously feather-tickling the synthetically cocooned Wonder Woman's bare feet on the gurney in the warehouse, driving her to hysterical gales of laughter. Although under a post-hypnotic suggestion the Joker had placed to tickle Wonder Woman, they were each enjoying the activity. They were both getting hard, which probably made the suggestion harder to resist. Despite Wonder Woman's begging and pleading between torrents of laughter, Batman and Robin could not and would not stop, Batman using the stiff quill feather's point, focusing on tickling a small spot on Wonder Woman's arch, while Robin used the feather end, fluttering it up and down the length of Wonder Woman's sole, dusting off imaginary spots. Exactly two hours after they began, the Joker's posthypnotic suggestion wore off and the Dynamic Duo came to their full senses. Batman used a lazer from his utility belt to cut through the synthetic cocoon Wonder Woman was wrapped in. "Thank Hera, Batman," Wonder Woman exclaimed, trying to catch her breath. "I was about to lose my mind." "Are you all right?" asked Robin. "Yes, I think so, Boy Wonder. She sat up on the gurney and flexed her feet. They were red and her soles were raw from the prolonged tickle attack. "Let's get after the Joker," Batman said. "To the roof!" "Wait, Batman," Wonder Woman said. "The Joker used a chemical spray to dissolve my boots. I'm going to need something to put on my feet. The Dynamic Duo searched the drawers and closets of the room and found mostly technical equipment and coveralls. Robin opened the bottom drawer of a file cabinet and found a black dress and a pair of bright red open-toed stilletto heel pumps. "Beggars can't be choosers, Wonder Woman. At least they're red." Wonder Woman frowned and tried then on. They were a little tight but they fit. "Not exactly the footwear of choice for a uperheroine," she said, wobbling slightly as she walked. "Depends which one," replied Batman. ***** "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHNOOOONOOOOONOOOOOONOOOOONOOOOONOOOPLEEEEEZPLEEEEEEEEZ.... I CAN'T.... NO MORE!! NO MORE!! EEEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHE HEHEHEHEHE...STT TT TOP STO-HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!" Batgirl was convulsing with loud, uncontrollable laughter. Her eyes were painful slits. She was blubbering something almost unintelligible. "Something you want to tell me, Batbaby?" "Ttttoday at ttttwo a.m. at Ttttaylor's jewelers." "Interesting. All those t's. Just like in truth and in ticklish tootsies. You are telling me the truth?" he said as he began another vigorous assault, this time using the thin curved ends of Wonder Woman's tiara on each of Batgirl's hypersensitive arches. "TEEHEHEHEHEEEHHHEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEHEEEEEEEHE...YESSS!!!!YESSSS!!!IT'S THE TRUTH I SWEAR!!!!!I SWEAR!!!!!" "Okay, I guess I'll believe you. This tiara works like a charm." The Joker stopped tickling Batgirl's feet and took out his cellular phone. "It's me," he said. "Taylor's Jewelers. Two p.m." The pilot ran into the room. "Joker- Batman- he's closing in- let's get out of here!" "Not again. Okay. Go start the chopper. I have to do one more thing" He quickly stripped a piece of duct tape and put it over Batgirl's mouth. "That should keep you." He reached under her arms and tickled her once more. Her screams and laughter were muffled by the tape. "Good. It holds. It was a pleasure spending quality time with you," he said, as he enigmatically wrapped some covered wire around Batgirl and stuck the end into the back of a cooking timer. He grabbed the jewels and raced out of the building and into the chopper. ************** Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman arrived by Batboat at the old base. They raced into the mess hall, the only room on the base that was lit. They spotted a bound and gagged Batgirl and also the wire that connected to the cooking timer. Robin approached the table. He always had a thing about Batgirl being tied up. "Careful. There may be a bomb." A ringing sound came from the back of the table. Robin picked up the Joker's cellular phone, and turned it on. Imititating the Joker's voice, he said hello. There was laughter on the other end of the phone, followed the word Gotcha' and then a very loud noise sound that was audible throughout the room. Robin dropped the phone and it broke. He held his head. "Are you all right, Robin?" asked Wonder Woman. "I think so. Just a little dizzy. There's no bomb, Batman." He pulled the tape off Batgirl's mouth. "I know, Robin. It's becoming clear to me too," he said, slowly reaching for the batarang compartment of his utilty belt. "Thank the stars you're here," gasped Batgirl. The Joker got away. He knows about the Van Cleeve jewels going to Taylor's shipment. Untie me quickly." "Not yet, Batgirl. I have to take care of something first." Robin climbed onto the table and began caressing the soles of Batgirl's feet. He picked up speed and the sensations were maddening. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ROBIN!! YOU'RE TICKLING MY FEEEEEEEEEETEEHEEEHEEHEEHE..STOPPHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!" Wonder Woman realized what was happening and removed her magic lasso. She was about to subdue Robin when Batman tossed his Batarang. The batrope wrapped around Wonder Woman's legs. Batman then pulled hard on the rope. Wonder Woman slipped on her flimsy heels and fell to the floor. Batman tied Wonder Woman's hands behind her back. He then flipped her over, and brought her long legs over the top half of her body and bound her ankles. Batman then sat on her ass so that so that Wonder Woman's feet were facing him. He then removed the first red high-heeled pump from her right foot. There was an audible popping sound. He then removed the other shoe which made the same popping sound. Wonder Woman's eyes were wide in horror as she knew what was about to come. "Oh no, Batman, not again, you cccan't, you wouldn't!" "I'm afraid I can and I know I will!" Batman used the pointed heels of the red pumps to savagely tickle the arches of Wonder Woman's feet, sending her into peels of unadulterated hysterical laughter . "BATMAN!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHNOOOONOOOOONOOOOOONOOOOONOOOOONOOOPLEEEEEZ..PLEEEEEEEEZ.... I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! EEEHEHEEHEHEHEHE HEHEHE HEHEHEHE.. .STTTTOP STO- HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!" "TEEEHEHEHEE!! WONDER WOMAN! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHAHAH" cried a bewildered and hysterical Batgirl. "IT'S A POST-HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION!!-EEEEEEEEE HEHEHEHEHE HEHEHEHEHE!!!!...... THEY CAN'T HELP TICKLING US! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHOOHOHO!!!" Batman and Robin were both hard. They were reluctantly enjoying tickling the women. The Joker had added a new twist to the post-hypnotic suggestion. Almost without missing a tickling beat, Robin grabbed a rolling pin from the side table and forced it between Batgirl's legs. The bucking and writhing caused pressure on her vagina and she began experiencing multiple orgasms. "AHAHAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHE...OOOOOOOOHMMMMMMMMMMM!!! YOU MEAN THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO TO SSSTOP THEM-HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Batman, in turn, placed his batarang tightly between Wonder Woman's legs. It was rubbing against her crotch, causing her to spasm orgasmically. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMSOOOOOGOOOOD ...NOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR TWO HOURS!!!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE" Batman and Robin both looked up for a moment and together with slight smiles they said "FOUR HOURS." The words were almost lost amid the waves of Wonder Woman and Batgirl's hysterical laughter.... ******************************* WONDER WOMAN'S LAST LAUGH, PART 3 SUPERGIRL TO THE RESCUE? Lex Luthor had received news from one of his scientists: A rare meterorite was discovered in a mining camp in Africa. It was a form of kryptonite. His scientists concluded that if the meteorite was harnessed into an energy ray it could rob Superman of his powers if not kill him entirely. He had the meteor brought back to Metropolis and developed it into an energy projector. It needed to operate over a short distance in a concentrated area. Luthor now had the weapon. He needed the bait. There was only one answer: Lois Lane. Luring Lois would be easy. Luthor's secretary, Lana, had been leaking information to Lois Lane, her college sorority sister, about Luthor's corporate activities providing her with exclusive stories. Lana knew Luthor from their home town and she called him when she moved to Metropolis. She liked working for Luthor at first, but resented his illegal activities. She would have quit before, but she liked the big money Lex paid, and the money she got from Lois for the confidential information. Luthor had actually planted the information because it helped wipe out his competition. He also liked having Lana around because the tall, curvy redhead looked so good in the short tight dresses, sexy stockings and high heeled pumps she wore every day. Late one night, after almost everyone had gone home, he asked Lana to retrieve some documents that she had put in the paper recycling bin outside his office. The bin was about six feet high. Lana stepped up on a chair and leaned over into the bin. Lex snuck up behind her, grabbed her ankles and pulled hard. Lana screamed and flipped over head first into the bin. She was swimmimg around in the papers, her legs twisting and crossing from the top of the bin. Luthor got up on the chair. "Help me out, Lex," came a muffled cry from Lana. The papers were almost like quicksand.. "Sure, Lana." Lex grabbed each foot as it moved by, but his grip wasn't hard enough, so all he did was pull off each of her high-heeled pumps. Her soft feet were wrapped in dark sheer nylon stockings with a flower pattern. There was a black line along the back of her stocking that extended down the wrinkled soles of her foot almost like a guide. "Hold still, Lana. You know you should be more careful. You're in an awfully vulnerable position." He ran his fingers down the soles of her feet. "See?" Lana shrieked and floundered around the bin like a big tuna. "What are you doing, Lex!" "I'm tickling your feet, Lana. How dumb can you be?" She had started to say something, but Lex dug his fingers into her soles and launched a vigorous tickle attack on both her feet. Lana floundered around upside down in the sea of papers, laughing hysterically. "EEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA HAHAHAHAHAEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEESTOPPPLEEEZESTEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE!!!!" Luthor's two personal security guards, Bob and Joe, appeared at the door. "Everything okay, Chief?" Joe asked. "Yes. We have a ticklish situation with Lana. Would you care to help out?" "Absolutely." The excited guards each grabbed an ankle and contnued the vigorous tickling assault on Lana. Lex knew how ticklish Lana was. He remembered an incident during senior year of high school where Lana, the head cheerleader, had dumped her boyfriend, the captain of the football team. At the victory party, the captain got some a few of his drunken teammates to carry Lana off to a spot under the bleachers, where they tied her up, still in her cheerleader's outfit, removed her sneakers and socks, and tickled her feet mercilessly, sending Lana into fits of hysterical laughter. Lana begged and pleaded for the jocks to stop, promising to do anything they wanted. Lex had rescued her, but he waited till the last possible moment, enjoying the experience. "HEHEHEHEHEEEEHEEEEEHEHEEEEAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA........... EEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA....... HAHAHAHAHAEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEE..... LEX, PLEASE.. STOP... I'LL DO ANYTHING... ANYTHING!!!HEHEHEEEE EHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!" "I think she's had enough. Pull her out." The guards pulled Lana out of the and sat her on the chair. Her hair was a sweaty mess, her makeup was running down her face from the tears. She was still giggling involuntarily and she still looked as sexy as ever. "Okay, Lana. You promised to do anything. I'd like you to call your friend Lois Lane and tell her to meet you at my construction site at midnight." "I couldn't do that, Lex." "I understand, Lana. Boys, flip her back into the bin." She put her hands up. "No, Lex. Please don't. I'm too ticklish. I'll make the call." ***** Lois Lane was on the dance floor at a charity ball. A dozen men had asked her to dance. She had blown them each off. She didn't care if they were rich or handsome or powerful. If they weren't men of steel they weren't good enough for her. She was wearing a tight black backless dress, and no stockings, and black, high heeled backless pumps, with thin black straps around her ankles. She was hot and she knew it. She had just scooped Clark Kent and was basking in her victory. Lois hadn't seen Clark in a few days. Probably cowering, she thought. She loved sticking it to that wimp. She was dancing up a storm when her concealed beeper vibrated against her inner thigh. She got off the dance floor and made her way to the ladies room. She saw the message from Lana. She knew it was important. She excused herself and ducked out of the hall, and hailed a cab. Lois got to the construction site at five to midnight. She tried the gate and it swung open. Lois took a small gun from her purse and went inside, taking the elevator to the fiftieth floor. She stepped out of the elevator and walked toward the exposed girders. She listened and in the silence heard what sounded like muffled laughter. She followed the sounds around the corner and to her shock saw Lana bound in a straight jacket hanging upside down from a protruding girder that overlooked the elevator shaft. Joe was sitting on top of the girder and was using the end of a screwdriver to tickle her dark stockinged feet. She was laughing hysterically and her body was twisting spasmically in the night air. Lois pointed the gun at Joe. "Stop tickling her and put your hands in the air." Joe stopped tickling Lana's feet, much to a relieved, squealing Lana, who was trying to catch her breath. He put his hands in the air and smiled. "What's so funny?" "You are." "Maybe you won't think this is so funny." She was about to fire a warning shot as close as she could get to him without hitting him, when she felt a sharp sting in her left butt cheek. "Owww!!" she yelled. She pulled a dart out of her cheek, looked at it and almost immediately felt light headed and fell to her knees. Luthor and Bob appeared from the shadows. Bob was holding the blowgun which he used to fire a tranqulizer dart at Lois. He took Lois' gun from her hand and wrapped her wrists and ankles with duct tape. "Bob used to be with the CIA. He knows all kinds of cute tricks." "What do you want, Lex?" "All in good time, Lois." The effects of the drug wore off within seconds. Lois stuggled as Bob and Joe ripped Lois' dress off her beautiful body, leaving her in a white lace bra and matching panties and her black pumps. Bob tied Lois' wrists to a rope and threw the rope over an overhead girder. He pulled hard on the rope and Lois went up about five feet. "One more thing," Joe said. Joe grabbed Lois' ankles and used a switchblade knife to cut the ankle straps on her pumps and pulled them off. Her lovely delicate feet fluttered and her toes wiggled slightly. "Those were designer shoes." "Not any more." Joe took a rope, crawled out onto the lower girder and tied it to Lana's ankle. He tickled her feet and said "I haven't forgotten you." Lana laughed loudly and swung wildly. Joe pulled her up onto the girder and cut the rope that tied Lana's ankle to the girder. "Don't move, or you'll fall." He took the other end of the rope and made sure that there was a lot of play and tied it to Lois' right ankle. He then took another rope that was tied to a 40 pound cinder block and tied it around both of Lois' ankles and pushed it off the side of the open floor. Bob pulled on the rope so that Lois was dangling 10 feet off the floor and more over the open space. Bob then used his switchblade to cut the rope that was holding Lois to the girder. The rope snapped, but the athletic Lois grabbed onto the underside of the girder and was supporting herself, her lithe body straightened by the 40 pound weight tied to her bare feet. She looked down at her fire engine red toenails and the city 50 stories below. She realized that if she fell, Lana would be pulled down as well. She looked at Luthor nastily. "Is that the best you can do, Lex? I'm an ex-gymnast, and I work out every day. I could hang on for an hour. There's no drama there. You know what great shape I'm in." "I do, Lois. I also know how ticklish your beautiful feet are." He snapped his fingers and Bob produced a long pole with large feathers attached to it. "I got these feathers in the Orient. They're unbelievably soft." Lois' confident look disappeared. "No, Lex, you wouldn't, you couldn't." Bob ran the feathers along the soles of Lois' feet twice. She shrieked. "No Lex, please. You know I can't stand to be tickled anywhere, especially on my feet." "I know, Lois. Again, Bob." Bob ran the feathers accross Lois' tummy, in between her legs and under each arm, like a cleaner dusting a statue. Lois's lower lip quivered and she burst out laughing again. "NNOOOAHAAHAAHAAAH...STOP THAT NOW!!!" Bob ran the feathers over her soles a five more times. Lois laughed harder and tried to tighten her fingers around the girder. "HEHEEHHEEHEEHEE!!" she shook her head from side to side. "Please stop. I'll tell you whatever you want to know!" "I don't want you to tell me anything, Lois. You're the bait. I just want you to do what you're doing now- laugh and squirm." Bob stroked Lois' soles a dozen more times. "HEHEEHHEEHEEHEE!! DAMN YOU!! STOP IT!!" "We will. Because in few moments you'll be out of reach. Goodbye, Lois." "Luthor snapped his fingers again and Bob began tickling Lois' feet with the feather, stroking back and forth. Lois giggles turned into hysterical laughter. Her eyes welled up with tears. She struggled to hang onto the steel girder but her grip was slipping. "AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHANNNOOOOOO!!!!!-I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER...YEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OH NO, I'M SSSLIIPPNG... HELLLP!!!!" Lois couldn't hold on. She lost her grip and fell from the girder. The cinder block pulled her down like a missile, and the other rope that connected Lois to Lana became taught and pulled Lana off her girder. Both women screamed as they fell to certain doom, as a red and blue blur streaked across the sky down the elevator shaft and grabbed both women, setting them down at ground level at the bottom of the shaft. Luthor watched through binoculars as a green bolt of energy hit the ground and engulfed the three bodies at the bottom of the shaft, focusing on the red and blue figure. The figure fought against the beams of energy and looked like it lost. The figure staggered and fell to the ground covered by a red cape. Luthor smiled. "I've got Superman. Put him and the ladies in the truck and take him to my hideout. ***** At Luthor's hideout. Professor Jones greeted Luthor. "Mr. Luthor, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the kryptonite ray worked as we expected. The bad news is that we didn't capture Superman. We got Supergirl." "Supergirl. Hmmm. Not what we wanted but not without its own opportunities." Lex watched the unconcious superheroine laying quietly on an examining table. A sleeping beauty. Her luxurious golden blonde hair covered the top of the table. She had a delicate, beautiful face and her bright red sensous lips were pouting. Her large breasts strained against her tight blue top and her red miniskirt barely covered long bare legs, which ended with bright red high heeled boots which came up to her mid-calves straddled the ends of the table. She looked like a stunning midwestern college student, which she was in her secret identity. "Hang her up." Luthor ordered. Luthor's men placed Supergirl in a harness that hung from the ceiling, which was almost like a chair, except her legs were wrapped into the ends of harness which were like stirrups, holding her legs up and out. Her arms were pinned to her sides. Her top was pulled up to reveal her breasts and stomach. Luthor walked over to the unconcious Supergirl. Her feet were at his eye level. "She'll be coming to soon," said the Professor. "How long will she be without her powers?" "Days, maybe months. She may never get them back." "Well, I think that we should make the best use of the time we have to get certain information." Supergirl came to and looked around. She was blinded by the bright lights that were trained on her. "Where am I?" "You're my guest, Supergirl," Luthor said. She glared at her cousin's arch enemy. "Luthor, what have you done to me?" "You've been stripped of your powers, and now you'll be stripped of other things as well." Luthor nodded and his men slipped off Supergirl's red boots. Her bare feet were soft and her soles were wrinkled. "Where is Superman?" "I'm not going to tell you." "I didn't think you would." Luthor ran his index finger down the sole of her left foot. Supergirl jumped in her restraints. During her sorority initiation in college, the pledge committee girls tickled her. The other pledges cried with hysterical laughter and begged to be released. Even with her superpowers, Supergirl felt the sensation of the tickle torture, but was able to hold out. But now, without her might powers, the sensation of Luthor's finger was wild. It was like an electric current going through her body. She did not know how long she would be able to hold out. "Life isn't that easy when you're not bulletproof, my dear." "Take your best shot, baldy." "I'll remember that crack when you're begging for mercy." Luthor nodded and his men went to work, stroking the bottoms of Supergirl's soft feet with the special feathers. Her feet fluttered. Supergirl had never felt such strong sensations before. Tears welled up in her eyes and she shook her head. Her lips trembled as she tried to hold back the laughter, but within seconds the floodgates burst open. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHNOOOONOOOOONOOOOOONOOOOONOOOOONOOOPLEEEEEZ..PLEEEEEEEEZ.... I CAN'T TAKE IT!! EEEHEHEEHEHEHEHE HEHEHE HE HEHEHE.. .STTTTOP STO-HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!" "Not yet, you've still got a ways to go." Luthor was enjoying the interrogation. He decided to join in the tickling himself. He ran his fingers up and down her soft and sensitive soles. "Kitchy kitchy kitchy, Supergirl!" The beautiful blonde was hysterical. Tears were streaming down her eyes. Her laughter enveloped the room. She was bucking and straining against the ropes and spinning around, even without super strength, she was tugging very hard against her restraints. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHEHEEEEHEHEHEEEHEHEHEHEE!!!!!!! PLEEEEEZ...NO MORE!!! I'M BEGGING YOU..I CCCAN'TTTTAKEIIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAHEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" "I can barely hear you. We baldies have a tough time hearing." "IIII"MMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSORRRREEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!PLEEEEEZSTTTOPAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" "Where is Superman?" "IN OUTERSPAAAAAAAAACEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" "And when is he coming back?" "I DDDDOOOOONNN'TKNOWWWWAAAAAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!" "I don't believe you, I guess we'll just keep tickling." He dug his fingers into her hypersensitive arches. "Tickle, tickle, tickle!!!" "HEHEHEHEHEEEEHEEEEEHEHEEEEAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA.......... HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA....... HAHAHAHAHAEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEE..... LUTHOR, PLEASE.. STOP... I'LL DO ANYTHING.......... ANYTHING!!!YEEHEHEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!" Supergirl was blubbering and screaming with laughter at the same time. Lex believed her but he wasn't ready to stop tickling her feet. Lana's feet were very ticklish. Lois' feet were even more ticklish than Lana's. But Supergirl was the most wildly ticklish young woman he'd ever come in contact with. Her face was a bright red. She was convulsing with laughter. He had discovered her secret weakness. Maybe all Kryptonian women were that ticklish. Luthor stopped tickling Supergirl's feet. "Ready to talk?" Supergirl nodded meekly like a little girl, unable to speak, barely able to catch her breath. Dr. Jones turned on a tape recorder and began asking questions, holding one of Supergirl's feet in his right hand and tapping a pencil on the bottom of her foot with his left hand, occassionally tracing a line ever so slightly on her foot. Beads of sweat were coming down Supergirl's face. Supergirl was more than happy to answer any questions as long as the tickle assault didn't start again. Luthor walked into another room. There Lois and Lana were stripped naked and strapped securely to two tables. On each table were tentacles with tiny hands that were Lois and Lana's armpits, tummies, and feet. The cables were connected to motors and near each of their mouths were microphones. "By now you both know you've betrayed each other. But I have devised one last chance to test your loyalty to each other. These tentacles are attaached to the machines below which will tickle the daylights out of your feet and other parts of your beautiful bodies. The machines run on the sounds that come from the microphones. If Lana laughs, Lois' tickle machine starts. And if Lois laughs, Lana has a few laughs as well. Understand?" Neither woman made a sound. "Oh please, don't be shy. Cat got your tounge? Let me get you started." He picked up a feather and walked to the end of the table. His eyes darted back and forth between the two women. "I pick Lois." Luthor slowly stroked the soles of Lois' bare feet with the feather from toe to heel, up and down over and over again. Lois shook her head from side to side and bit her lip. Her eyes squinted and welled up with tears. She clenched her teeth and her lips quivered. At first she whimpered and giggled slightly, then she finally exploded into a sea of laughter. The microphone picked up the loud noise and the tentacles on Lana's table began a savage tickle assault, digging into her armpits, her tummy, and her sensitive bare feet. Lana immediately screamed and laughed loudly, activating the tentacles on Lois' table. Within seconds, the two women were in a tickle-induced frenzy. Luthor smiled and left the room. He wanted to work on Supergirl again. He found Supergirl where he left her, trussed up, answering Dr. Jones' questions, nervously trying to avoid the occassional stroke of his pen along the arch of her foot. "Has she told you everything, Dr. Jones?" "Almost. She seems a bit hesitant on some things, though." Luthor didn't even want to know details. He grabbed Supergirl's bare feet and dug in with his fingers. "This should open the floodgates." Floodgates of laughter were opened. Within seconds, Supergirl was hysterically laughing again, shaking and bucking and begging Luthor to stop. "HEHEHEHEHEEEEHEEEEEHEHEEEEAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA.......... HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA... NOOOO HEHEEEHAHAHAHAH... I'MMMMMM BEGGGGGIIINNNGGGYYYOOOUUUUU...EEEEEEEEAAAAAAA... STTAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!" Supergirl was begging to give out information. Her secret identity, where she went to college, even that she was flunking calculus. Luthor was relentless in his tickle torture, stopping only to get a call from the next room. "I'm leaving you in good hands," he said, as Dr. Jones continued the foot-tickling torture. In the next room, Luthor watched on a monitor as the Joker was speeding toward the secret entrance in a convertible. He also saw that Wonder Woman and Batgirl were in hot pursuit on a motorcycle. Batgirl was driving and Wonder Woman was holding he waist, her raven hair blowing in the wind. She was still wearing her red high heeled open toed pumps, which she tried to balance on either side of the chopper and not get the heels caught in the moving wheels. "When I catch him I'm going to tear him apart," yelled Wonder Woman. "Not if I get to him first," Batgirl said. "Batman and Robin should be at the hospital to deal with the post-hypnotic suggestion. If Robin tickled my feet for one minute more I would've lost my mind." "I know," Wonder Woman replied. "Batman is a fiendish tickler. And I seem to get more ticklish each time. Maybe it's these shoes." ******** The Joker jumped out of the car and ran off the country road to a secret entrance inside a farmhouse. He pressed a button and slid down a secret tube landing on a cushion in Luthor's underground hideout. "Luthor, baby, I'm here and I brought the Van Cleeve jewels. All of them." "But you also brought Wonder Woman and Batgirl." "So what? Can't you take care of them?" Luthor pressed a button on a control panel. Wonder Woman and Batgirl parked the motorcycle behind the Joker's convertible and ran onto the field toward the farmhouse. Wonder Woman's spiked heels were getting stuck in the soft ground. The button Luthor pressed released three vicious German Shepherds that were racing toward the two women. Batgirl removed a vial from her utility belt and tossed it in front of the dogs. It exploded into a gas. "Knockout gas?" Wonder Woman asked. "Sedative. It'll make them very friendly. The first dog jumped at Batgirl, forcing her to the ground. He began licking and nibbling at her face, neck and her underarms, tickling her. The other two dogs jumped at Wonder Woman, pinning her to the ground, playfully pawing her, and tickling her ribs and armpits. She began struggling and laughing. "EHEEHEHEHEEEEEEE... YOU MADE THEM TOO FRIENDLY!!!!AAAHAHAA," Wonder Woman said, laughing and reaching for her golden lasso. She managed to tie all the dogs and subdue them. The two women staggered into the barn and found the secret door that the Joker went through. Wonder Woman and Batgirl slid down the same tube, but Luthor had pressed another button on the control panel which detoured the two sueprheroines to another tube which dropped them through a hole in the ceiling where they landed on their butts in a net that tightened on them immediately. The net was made from a steel-like substance. Their hands and feet were sticking up and out through the netting but they were wrapped snugly in the net. "Look at what we've caught," the Joker smiled. What should we do with them?" "I don't know," Luthor said, pulling off Wonder Woman's red, spike-heeled pumps. Her toes wiggled with nervousness. "What's with the slut shoes?" "I dissolved her boots with one of your chemical sprays." "Oh. You mean this one?" he said as he grabbed a spray can off a shelf and sprayed Batgirl's protrudung feet. Within seconds her bright yellow boots dissolved, revealing her two beautiful bare feet. The two superheroines stuggled against the steel-like net to no avail. Luthor smiled evilly. What's the matter, Wonder Woman, afraid I might do this?" Luthor ran his fingers up and down Wonder Woman's bare feet. Wonder Woman howled with laughter. "AHAHAHAHAAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA...NO LUTHOR NOT THAT ... PLEASE PLEEEEEEEZZZZHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." The Joker grabbed a feather and vigorously stroked Batgirl's soles. "You shouldn't feel left out!" Batgirl quickly became hysterical. "NOOOOO!!HEHEHEHEHEEEEE...NOT AGAINNEEEEHEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Luthor and Joker tickled Wonder Woman and Batgirl senseless. Both were laughing hysterically, blubbering and begging for mercy. "All these pretty ticklish feet, Luthor. What should we do next?" "We should get out of here before any one else shows up. With the trail you left, half the Justice League may show up." A swift red blur surrounded the room. Suddenly the Flash appeared in the room. "Just me, you crooks. Next stop for you two will be jail! Now stop tickling those women!" "Sure, Flash." Luthor's words were slow. He was concentrated on Flash's eyes. "We'll stop tickling their feet. Maybe you want to?" The Flash became dizzy. By coming through the secret entrance without authority, he was subjected to a mind-control device installed by Luthor. He became dizzy, fighting against the hypnotic suggestion and the fact that he too was dying to tickle the ladies' feet. The Joker helped him to a chair. "Rest for a minute, Flashie. You'll be running around soon enough." ********* Minutes later, the Flash, at Luthor's hypnotic suggestion had all of the women, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Lois Lane, and Lana, strapped naked to a large circular table with a big hole in the center. The Flash, moving at super speed, armed with Luthor's ultrasoft feathers, was in the center of the table, tickling each of their beautiful feet. It was if they were all being tickled at the same time. The laughter and screams were deafening and the Flash couldn't get enough. Even under hypnosis, he was in heaven. As Luthor and the Joker were escaping by secret tunnel with the Van Cleeve jewels, they smiled at the sounds of the hysterical laughter. "How long this time?" the Joker asked. "I don't know, I didn't get a chance to suggest an hour limit." "You mean?" "He just beat me to it. He'll do it for hours. Until he gets tired, or until someone shows up to rescue them." "They may never laugh again." "Sure they will," he said, twirling the last of his feathers in his thick hands. THE END