WFS Title History

This is the Complete Title History of the WFS


World IC US TV European Hardcore
Road Dogg 1st Mankind Test Stone Cold Widowmaker Bill Goldberg
1st Mankind Bret Hart 1st Mankind 1st Kevin Nash Test 1st Mankind
The Rock Test Stone Cold Sid Vicious Manowar Raven
Chaos 1st Triple H Bill Goldberg Test Road Dogg Road Dogg
Stone Cold Macho Man The Birdinator Sting Manowar Bret Hart
The Rock Manowar Bill Goldberg Bret Hart Scott Stiener Iron Maiden
1st Triple H 1st Triple H Joe C 1st Kevin Nash 1st Triple H Shawn Michaels
Test Macho Man 1st Triple H Sting Macho Man Al Snow
Goldberg Mankind Scott Stiener 1st Kevin Nash Manowar Road Dogg
Tank Shawn Michaels 1st Kevin Nash Macho Man Big Show Chris Jericho
Road Dogg Syxx Stone Cold Chris Jericho Stone Cold Joe C
Gypsy X-Pac Chris Jericho Mankind Bret Hart Lil Devil
Damien hellfire
Road Dogg Laughing Boy
Sting Macho Man Malice Bret Hart
Scott Stiener Bret Hart Road Dogg Bill Goldberg Psycho Mankind
Gypsy 1st Triple H Stone Cold Frost The Rock Scott Hall
Titan Spider One Test Scott Stiener Prince Albert Malice
Widowmaker 1st Triple H Shawn Michaels Davey Boy Smith Scotty To Hotty Big Show
Shawn Micheals The Rock Road dogg The Undertaker Scott Hall Kevin Nash
Chris Jericho Gypsy Sandman Big Show Psycho The Rock
Hi Tech Widowmaker Macho Man Bret Hart Ivory Ivory
Shawn Micheals Shawn Michaels Glen Danzig The Big Show Gypsy Human Disease
Triple H Angel Ivory Titan Jenna Jameson Psycho
Kevin Nash Scott Steiner Road Dogg Manowar Widowmaker
Lance Storm Kevin Nash Angel Ivory
Mr. Ass Psycho Serpent Hi Tech
Chris Jericho Road Dogg Chris Jericho Angel
Angel Mr Ass Triple H The Rock
The Rock Ivory
Widowmaker Matthew Fox
Shawn Micheals
Night Crawler
Hi Tech
Night Crawler
Hi Tech
Alex Caine
Brooklyn Brawler
Hi Tech
Shane Helms
Jeff Ravage
The Rock


Tags Titles Woman's World
The Metal Powers Tori
UnderTaker / Kane 1st Gorgeous George
Al Snow / Mankind Stephanie McMahon
Undertaker / Kane Gorgeous George
The British Bulldogs Lita Ford
Al Snow / Duryukan Chyna
Dave Neiler / Peter Crystal Tori
God Father / Sting Lita Ford
Joe-C & DMX Cammy
Road Dogg & Apocolypse Chyna
Bret Hart & X-Pac Cammy
Test & Mankind Sexual Kitten
Stone Cold & The Rock Chyna
Gypsy & Glen Danzig Sexual Kitten
Road Dogg & X-Pac Ivory
Road Dogg & Chris Jericho Saffire
Gypsy & Glen Danzig Tori
Rikishi Phatu & Kevin Nash Angelica Sin
Psycho & Scott Stiener Trish Stratus
The Hardys
Road Dogg & Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho & Ivory
Rock & Nash

There is now History for the Woman's tag so I'll just start with the Reigning Champions
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