Hall of Shame


This Person Decide to take his roleplays to far. His roleplays were of bad taste and Poor Quaility. After being Asked to tone down he decide to reveal a Story line that 2 other wreslters were working on. Then after that He accused Me the Prez of Favoring Certain Wreslters in the fed. Well This Prez doesn't take no Shit of no one and Doesn't favor anyone. So He was fired. I think he was Bitter Because of his poor Roleplay skills He couldn't win a match. But Still He waste his time Putting up useless Roleplays on the Board.

Chris Jericho Wanna Be

Here was a person who decided that he would post absence Messages and put other People's Names to the Messages. Little did this person know That The IP Number gave him away. He was quickly fired. He then threaten to have the Site Shut down. Staying his uncle had a friend who Ran Angelfire. But like Kass Before him He needs to grow up. I real cry Baby. Well Threats don't Scare me or the WFS. Former Chris Jericho HA HA HA HA HA HA

AJ Styles

This Poor Fool couldn't make it in the WFS. So what does he do. He decides to Quit. fine no Problems. It happens all the time. But then this Guy decides to post a little Message on the OOC Board talking about how this Fed Sucks. Fine I was gonna let that go too. But then I think he complained about people telling him off for saying the Fed sucks. Well That was the last Straw. He is now offically in the Hall of Shame. He just as bad as the 2 dummys list above here is what he Typed Tell me what he is saying
oh ye wen i quit i get avhoile lot of sjhit herld at me but wen some one else qites its good luck
This is no lie. this is what he Typed.
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