1 No Racial Or Sexual Remarks of any kind. I will not Tolerate it. You can still get your point across without them. You will Be fired On the spot.
2 No attacking other Wrestler or Using then in the Roleplay Board without there permission
3 All Roleplaying Stops a Between 8:00 PM ET On the night of the Event That Means any Roleplay that is Passed that Will not Count No Matter What. The Roleplay Board has a Running time and I go By that clock.
4 If you ask For a match Don't Ask to have it Cancelled or Postponed. It is only a Game and you can ask for a re-match if You couldn't Roleplay
5 Your allowed 3 wrestlers as long as you can Roleplay them all If you want more you will to prove you can handle it
6 No roleplaying other People Wrestlers
7 After Signing up Feel Free to roleplay right away. Your name will not be Added until after your first match. But your name will appear on the Top of the Roleplay Board. Under the matches for up coming Events. also I do Wanna see a one line or 2 line roleplay. I don't Care if you just come out and Introduce your Wrestler and Placing a open challenge. Just roleplay something so I know your serious about Joining the Fed
8 I expect to see aleast one good roleplay A week. And At least 6-10 lines. If you don't have a match It isn't expected. And the best way to get a match is to simple Challenge someone to a fight.
9 All matches are Decided By Roleplaying. If you don't roleplay you will not win. All results are writen By the Zues Pro Simulater. All Ranks are writen By the Sim as well. The UFC IS decide By Roleplays as well and A separate Rank is kept for that.The Brawl For all is decided By Random. The Simulater Decides the Winner. Roleplaying isn't requiried for this Event. I run it just for the Fun of it.
10 If 2 Wreslters Facing each other and Neither one roleplays I will I cancel the Match. If you can't take the Time to Put just a little Effort into a Match. I will not Take the Effort to Decide the Match.

If your are a Champion And I think Both Roleplayers Are about Equal I will Almost always Award the Match to the Champion. I feel A Champ should Be out roleplayed.

Non title Matches that look like Both are Too close to Call Are decide by the Simulater. In other Words Luck of the Draw.

11 Please Keep the Swearing Down to a Min. Talking tough is an Art form when done Properly. And Swearing doesn't Make is sound any Better. I am Sure anyone can Get the Same Point across with out the Swearing. Remember Young Eyes Have Access to this Site.
12 The Roleplay Board is Strictly for Roleplaying. I don't Mind OOC messages. But If you Put up Adds on the Roleplay Board for Other Feds or Any Web Site. Don't Be Surprized If you can't Post Messages on the Roleplay Board. I delete all Adds and the Ban The IP number As soon As I see an Add. I do the Same with the OOC Board.
13 There is nothing more annoying then someone Crying that they Should have Won a Match. Sometimes Mistakes are Made. And if you can Point them out in a Proper Manner Mistakes can Be Fixed. But If you start Complaining All the time and Get on my Nevres Not only do you Get Fired But You get Added to the Hall Of Shame.
14 You can not Copy a Previous Roleplay then Just Change the Names For another Match. If you are Caught You will lose the Match If it Happens Again You will be Fired without Warning.
15 Have fun!
Breaking any of these Rules will get you fired.

More Rules May be Added or Changed If any other Problems Arise