This a Whole New F'n Idea I came up with. All Wrestlers who Enter The Real WFS Will now Be put into a Random Matches that are decided By random to see who will win. This is gonna be Purely for Fun. This will not effect your Regular Standing in the WFS. Everyone will start at 0 - 0 If you Quite or Get Fired from the WFS you will also Be Deleted from this. But anyone Who has make the Hall of Fame Will most likely stay in this Event. I will hold this Event on another Night. Results will be Posted and Champions will also be Posted. I might even Keep track who The history of the Titles. Titles Will Change hands more offen. And of Course There will be A New Rank for this one too. Even I will be Entered into this Part of the Fed

WFS Random Champions

Title Wrestler
Men's World Title Mankind
Intercontinental Big Dawg
US "Thermo Man" Dan McCann
Whole F'n Show Christain
Hardcore Death
European Mr Thrusday Night
Woman's World Luna

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