Match of the Week
World title Match
Just read the Results I know it is a little Bias But It had the Best storyline this week. I loved being apart of it
Wrestler of the Week
What can I say Christain Beat a Hall of Famer Chris Jericho
Widowmaker Comments (This Part is always in Character)
What Can I say. I Made a Promise and I delivered. I took a Memeber of the Wraiths and Took her under my Wing. Tori is Back with the Master of the Darkness. We Wrote yet another Chapter in what seem to be a Never Ending Story. 5 Years now This has been Going on. And I don't see the Ending Yet. Riot and I didn't Finish Anything at all. We only Started the Next chapter. But Now Death is a New Character in the Most amazing Novel the World Has Ever Seen. What Will happen Next. Well The Fans of the WFS Are just gonna have to Watch.
Personal Note.(always OOC)
This Week As some of you might have Guess another Hall of Famer Has returned. "Tori" This is the Very Reason I Changed my Storylines. I was supposed to Join Team Extreme. But the lady who Does Tori Contacted me. She wanted to get her Character away from death and Ask the only Character that could Help. It is Great to see her come back. I hope her Stay is a long one
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