Wrestler Inducted When
He was Inducted Simple Because He Started this Great Fed.
1ST MANKIND 14/7/99
The First ever Mankind Set a Standard in roleplaying and What it took To win and hold a Title. his Name is In ingraved for ever in the WFS History on The World Title, The IC title, The US title And the Hardcore Title.
Stone Cold Was another Who learn Quickly on what it Took to win and to hold a Title in the WFS. His Name Has Graced Many Titles as Well
TEST 3/9/99
Test Was another one of the Great ones in this Fed. He push every Person he fought To their Very limit. I still remember The Greatest match between the Rock and Test. Whole Novels were Writen in those Matches. Test was One of the Best in this WFS
MANOWAR 11/10/99
Manowar Soon learned the ways of this Fed. He Was a The First ever along with his Partner to win the Tag Titles. But Where Manowar Became great was in presuit of the European Title. He took on Test And Stripped him on that Title. And after losing it once to future Hall of Famer Road Dogg He Re-claimed that Title and held it until he left. He did make a Return and Put his Name Back on it And once again held it until he Left.
THE 2ND WFS PREZ 01/01/2000
When the First Prez Left and handed the Fed over to the Second Prez. The Second Prez Changed the look on the Fed into What you see today. He still trys to run the fed The way the old Prez did to insure that this fed lasts forever
LITA FORD 01/02/2000
Lita Ford Was one of the Greatest. She was probly the Best Female Wrestler of the Fed. She is still the only undefeated wrestler. She Graced The Womans World Title not long after arriving and Left As the Womans World Champion. She then Made a Return and Quickly Claimed the World Title and once again She had to leave and once agains undefeated as the Womans World Champion
TRIPLE H 03/04/2000
Triple H Was a Wrestler That wouldn't lose When he was around. He Could beat anyone When he felt like it. In a classic Power Struggle he won the DX Name from Road Dogg. He was also one of the Few to win the World title.
SEXUAL KITTEN 29/05/2000
Sexual Kitten Not only was a two time Woman's Champion But she also grace the Woman's Tag title's with her Name and also Was An Intergender Tag champ as well. Sexual Kitten Quickly learned to How to win. She left as the One half of the Woman's Tag title Holder
MACHO MAN 11/06/2000
Macho Man Was here from the beginning. He rarely losed a match. Held many different titles and when he held one very few could take it from him.
The Rock 06/07/2000
The Rock Retired This day and With that this Fed losted the greatest roleplayer this Fed as ever Seen. He held the World Title for almost a year before losing his first ever match. And only becuase his Server When down. The Rock set the True standard of What it took to win and hold a title. He held many titles. And losed very few matches. It is a sad day in the fed. his Name will be forever retired unless he himself returns (He has Return)
Cammy 10/6/2000
Cammy Won The Woman's World Title twice and Was always a very Tough Wrestler. she was well respected. She also held the Woman's Tag Title's With Passion. She Will Be surely Miss here in the WFS. Her roleplaying Was Always Ranked among the best.
Road Dogg 25/10/2000
One of the First ever to join this Fed. I believe he Stay with the WFS for more then 2 years. In that time He won all but one title. And some of those titles more then once. He and Widowmaker Kept up one of the best Feuds this Fed has ever seen. It is sad to see him Go. (Update Road Dogg Return As Riot and Did Finally Get his IC title. Congrats)
Ivory 16/11/2000
The First Woman Wrestler to hold a Man's Title. She also Held Five titles at the same time at one point. Ivory Would Rank right up there with the Rock. At the Time that She retired He Was the IG Tag Holder Woman's Tag Holder and Hardcore Title holder. She was a Great Roleplayer. She will be Missed.
Tori 16/11/2000
Tori Has been one of the best Woman Wrester. She tasted the Woman's World title gold and held the Wonan's Tag Title's. She also held the IG titles along with Road Dogg She was also Apart of the Best Angle This Fed has ever seen. She was also Apart of this fed for 2 years
Widowmaker 04/03/2001
The Widowmaker Was the First to destroy a Wedding here in the WFS. Then won the Heart of the Woman involed. Widowmaker was also The First ever European Title holder and Tag Team Title Holder Along with Hall of famer Manowar. Widowmaker Also won the IC title and The World title holder. And At the time Of this Entery He won the UFC 9 Times in a row. A Record As of now. He retired as the IC Champion.
Jericho 15/04/2001
Chris Jericho Came into the fed in prime Rookie Form. But in time he Became a Great Roleplayer. Just like any of the Above he Excelled At roleplaying. Another tought Wreslter to Beat.
Death 13/08/2003
Death Grace many Titles here with his Name. Not only did He Put his Name on Most of the Titles But He held on to those Titles. Like other in This Great Fed His Victories Were not Easily Counted. He now Returned Shortly after leaving. Like Many Before him the Excitement of the WFS is just to hard to Give up
"The Blast" Jack Michaels 19/12/2003
Jack Michaels came to WFS looking for a way to rejuvinate his already established career. Jack was the first self proclaimed "North American" champion when he won the IC and US titles as well as a Hardcore and Tag-Team champion. Finally, Jack won the World title and held it as the fed took a brief hiatis. Upon its reopening, Jack won the IC title and Hardcore title once again before retiring. He will be known as a hell of a RPer, a hell of a competitor, and a legend in WFS.
Riot 13/06/2004
Well What Can be Said. This is This Persons Second Character to be Entered into the Hall of Famer. As Riot he Continued Where he left off with Road Dogg. The roleplaying by Him has come a Very long Way. Some day I think we just might See him come back
Will Westbrook 13/06/2004
Like Riot and Widowmaker This isn't The First Character by this Roleplayer. Will Westbrook was also Jack Blast. Simply an amazing Roleplayer. Another Roleplayer who losed very Few Matches. What else Can be Said


Time Will Tell

These men have excelled in roleplaying and have reached great levels in the WFS. After retiring they will be remebered as one of the great ones.

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