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Husband: Hamilton GRAY [I00353]
   Born: 10 JAN 1802               in Virginia, USA
Died: 10 OCT 1862 in Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA
Father: William Penn GRAY
Mother: Alse SMITH
   Wife: Mary Jane MEEK [I00818]
   Born: 10 JUN 1805               in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 04 JAN 1899 in Martinsburg, Pike, Illinois, USA

Additional Information

Hamilton GRAY:
Buried: Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA

-- Hamilton and Jane spent their first years of marriage in Knox Co., Ohio where their first children were born. By 1840 they are listed on census in Adams County, Ill., where their last 4 children were born.

-- They moved to the farm at Martinburg, near Pittsfield in Pike Co., Ill., not far from New Salem where Abraham Lincoln had lived. Nothing is left standing now where the town of Martinsburg was in 1860 except the Baptist Church where some of the Grays were members and attended services.

-- The life of this family was disrupted when Hamilton and their son, John Hamilton Gray, enlisted in the U. S. Army for Civil War Service on the Union side August 7, 1862; neither of them was seen again by their family. Hamilton died of typhoid fever Oct 10, 1862 in a field hospital at Salem in Dent Co., Mo., about 100 miles east of Springfield, MO. An army doctor testified he saw the remains prepared for burial, whether on the site or in a neighboring church yard is not known but there is no military cemetery in the area, so he is surely in an unmarked grave, no government marker was ever put up for him. There was a small battle at Salem, Mo., and a few of the soldiers may have been buried in the Old Methodist Church Yard in Salem, which was abandoned several years ago, and the First National Bank built over it, little evidence of burial for the soldiers who died there in camp or in battle. There was also a battle in Dent Co., Mo., at Short Creek, 10 miles north of Salem, where about 20 soldiers were buried.

Mary Jane MEEK:
Buried: Gray Family Cemetary, Pike County, Illinois

Marriage Notes
Married: 01 SEP 1831, Knox, Ohio, USA

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