Tiny Zippers

Now you need to iron down the seam allowance on the back center seam. (I made a little ironing board out of a small piece of molding - a stick. You could even use a paint stir stick. Anyway, I just sawed a little point on it, covered it with muslin. You can get a clamp to clamp it to your table, or do like I did, I hot-glued the little board to my cutting table.) If you don't want to make a little ironing board, just stuff the inside of the dress with a hankie or some batting. That way, you won't be ironing down the front while ironing on the back.

The black line shows where the regular seam is below, and the basting seam is above the line.

With the zipper facing down ("right" or front side), line up the top teeth of the zipper to the top of the back seam, and line up the zipper to the center back seam. Spraying the garment with Sulky Temporary Adhesive will make it easier to position and hold the zipper in place.


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