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Nonsense Animals!

There once was a pig that could fly
It lived in a tree, not a sty
It had a round belly
That wobbled like jelly
And caught on the trees it passed by.

I once had a skink that was pink
It lived in my big bathroom sink
It asked for a name
and said, "Im quite tame!"
"So I'll be Bink the Pink Skink, I think"

There was a strange cow named Betty
Who ate nothing but plates of spaghetti
She'd slurp string by string
And eat everything
I'd eat some too if she'd let me!

I once knew a silly wombat
Who thought he was really a cat
He found milk rather nice
But was too slow for mice
"if only my belly weren't fat!"

There once was a martian of green
Who bounced on a big trampoline
He'd crouch out of sight
Spring, give us a fright
Now dont you think that's just being mean?

(c) Danielle Henderson, 1999.