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I seem to be the bearer of bad news lately...Today is no exception. I've just been informed by th eLakeside Acc. (A site/org devoted to MBE and SN) That MBE is leaving the show. I believe they say that she's leaving around September. I think this is for the best, I mean Guza has completley killed off any spunk. I wish her well and my only hope that LUZA doesn't write her off like a helpless woman scorned. (OK< I"M TAKING BETS! WHO SAYS HE'LL DO THAT?{RIGHT HERE!} So, I guess all we have to do is wish her well and PRAY they bring her back in a year or so when Guza's swimming with the fishies! (If you can not tell, I'm a wee bit MIFFED.)

It Used To Be Just You And Me

New Fanfic. New Fanfic. New Fanfic. New Fanfic. New Fanfic.

How Could I Have Been the One? (2-2/19)

Nik's POV of their first time

Ok, I am pissed off! Beyond pissed off! there is no word in the english launguage to express THE SHEER OUTRAGE! I now feel at Guza and his writting staff! So, allow me to use a few choice turkish words...SUKTEER UHLA! (That's a pretty bad one, my mother would chase me around with a spoon of hot peppers if she read this!) How could Kathrine do this?!? How could Nikolas?!? They both are acting like such children! If you want to know what I'm talking about, read on, today, Friday Aug. 06 1999 Kathrine stormed into Nikolas's house and announced she was pregnant. Really? Is that why the camera didn't show us the results of the hom pregnancy test? I just wish that they would break up, get over this obbsession with one another and go back to being friends. At least until they are mature enough to whole heartedly give this relationship another try. If you want to understand my rage, just check out Callen's spoilers where she features very accurate spoilers (obviously) and this weeks has a complete article on what is going to happen to Kathrine and Nikolas in the next week. Let me warn you, it is not all that pleasent. It's rather upsetting. Another site to check out is abc's offical site, abc.go.com. Personally, I believe that this entire storline is now insulting to MBE and TC. (I refuse to accept this new Nikolas, I'm sorry, it's immpossible!) But if Nikolas wants his Lizzie-pooh, by all means, let him have her. Let him disgrace Lucky as well as Elizabeth. It's his life, the character of Nikolas is a grown man. But I must say, I have heard this before and it's always stuck in my mind. Anyone can be a daddy, but it takes a man to be a father. Keep that in mind Nikolas.

This is a shrine to my patron couple of General Hospital...Kathrine Bell and Nikolas Cassadine AKA Kathrine + Nikolas =FIRE. They embody the passion and forbidden lust of romantic love, an urge, a hunger so fierce and wild that can be felt by all days afterwards. A longing and desire so strong and so primal that must be satisfied. The beauty of their relationship is that it stemmed from friendship and will end in friendship but what is said and done in between the start and the end of it has nothing to do with friendship at all. It has to do with vulnerability and emotions and lust and passion and desire. It is not a sexual or romantic relationship with lasting power but one that like a orchid will bloom and wither in a burst of glory and all that will remain is the dried remains of them is the hurt feelings of their past. And from the ashes of their past, a friendship as tried and tested will rise up like the phoenix. Besides, haven't you noticed how the best of friends are the ones who've slept together and had really, really bad break ups? So let's enjoy this relationship before they go back to being just friends ! (Of course, if Nikolas realizes that Kathrine and him are the perfect couple and should get married and have kids, well, all I want to say is, far be it from me to stand in the way of fate!) The reason I've attached to these two characters are because of the intricacies of Kathrine's character now, you see what she wants you to see, think what she tells you to think about her and the only person who's seen the real Kathrine and not run away (Or watch her fall off of the landing on the stairs) is Nikolas. He is the one who breaks her defensed down and sees the whirlwind emotion that is Kathrine Bell. Likewise, Kathrine is the first woman, not girl, woman, who has seen him for what he, a young man confused. (A GORGEOUS young man confused). First off, to those who dislike Kathrine and Nikolas's relationship, why? Nikolas pursued Kathrine, he was the one who flirted and chased her and it was she who was the mature one to stop him, point out the differences between them as well as the one who is dominated in the relationship and mocked by those who know of their relationship.

This bed is too big now
When you were in it, it seemed
So small that we got
Tangled and trapped and
Fought for blankets and pillows
But you did not like it
And I did not love you
The struggling for survival and
So you you left
Leaving me with my blankets and
Pillows and my side of the bed
(The one next to the window, away from the phone)
And even with my blankets and pillows I am cold.
Like you said I am, was and forever and ever shall be
I love you now
But my bed holds no excitment for you,
It is nothing new.
You have studied each move, each sound, each reaction
Until I am a science you no longer have a use for.
I spend the nights on the couch.

-Cezanne A. Baghdadlian

JULY 22 1999 - Well, all in favor of beating the living @#$* out of Nikolas say Aye...


God, what the hell is up with Nikolas? Kathrine DISGUSTS him now? He's too good for her, what? I believe Kathrine said it best when she told him that being human wasn't good enough for him. (in the snowstorm in March and it went a little something like this...

Nikolas: "Where is this leading?"
Katherine: "I don't know."
Nikolas: "Where can it?"
Katherine: "Does it have to matter now?"
Nikolas: "Just being wanted--that's everything to you, huh?"
Katherine: "I'm human."
Nikolas: "Yeah."
Katherine: "Human is not good enough?"

And Nikolas walks out, leaving Kathrine on the bed.) Bastard! Ok, so what I'm trying to prove, and this is giving away the most important lines in an upcoming fanfic which will set everything all right is the fact that Nikolas built Kathrine up to be perfection, inhuman, and Kathrine, to recieve Nikolas's love did inhuman things to keep it. And Nikolas, when realizing this gets upset with Kathrine shows he still has some pent up agression against women which stems from Laura. I'm only hoping and praying that this is just one more break-up in their history but I fear it is the final one. If anyone out there has read A Streetcar Named Desire. They might see GH's writing staff mirroring the play. A fallen heroine (Blanche/Kathrine) who lies to the one true man who loves her (Mitch/Nikolas) about her sorid past. All Kathrine has done, all she has ever wanted to do is to be loved, and Nikolas was the one who did that, love her, get her to open up only to throw what she confided in him in her face and laughing at it. (Again, the "human" scene and in July 21st, "If this is your idea of love, no wonder you're alone.") And in one of (IMHO) MBE's best acted scenes, Kathrine told Nikolas to think before leaving, because she wouldn't let him back in. It was a desperate woman's attempt at salvaging some dignity. But both she and Nikolas know she was trying to get him back.

I really hope that the writing team of GH knows what they have just done. Destroying a dynamic and intriguing couple, for the sake of a pathetic and unimaginative pairing with Nikolas and Elizabeth. But for Kathrine's sake, I'll include this song, which it seems is written for this exact situation.

Been it- Cardigans

Baby boy
Your face is pretty and your life's a toy
Master man
I'm never better than your latest plan
Poor donee
What are you gonna try to be
Where are you gonna go without me now
I've been your mother, I've been your father
Who can ask me for more
I've been your sister, I've been your mistress
Maybe I was your whore
Who can ask me for more
I've tried to educate your childish heart
I made your bed
And I was in it when your faith was dead
Poor donee
What are you gonna try to be
Where are you gonna go without me now
I've been your mother, I've been your father
Who can ask me for more
I've been your sister, I've been your mistress
Maybe I was your whore
Who can ask me for more
I'm your personal pro, you know
You know what number to try when to cry
I've been your mother, I've been your father
Who can ask me for more
I've been your sister, I've been your mistress
Maybe I was your whore
Who can ask me for more

JULY 21 1999 - Well, I'm not going to pretend that nothing has happened. The role of Nikolas Cassadine was recast, and on July 20 1999, Coulton Scott (A soap actors name if ever I've heard one.) Well, he's just as good looking and just as bad as a kisser than Tyler Christopher. C'est la vie!

They broke up. We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but the longer they stretched this out, the longer I hoped it would have lasted. Today, Wednesday, July 21 1999, Nikolas Cassadine dumped Kathrine Bell. I'm consolling myself with ice cream, chips and old Kat/Nik scenes after a really rather disturbing final scene in today's episode. In this scene, Kathrine went from lying and on the defensive to honest to vengeful. Kathrine had just realized that she was in love with Nikolas, truly in love with him at the same moment Nikolas realized he could not put up with Kathrine any more. In one of the most badly acted lines, Nikolas confirms Kathrines greatest fear. "If this is your idea of love no wonder you're so alone." I'm truly hoping this is just a phase, a stepping stone for them to overcome. And in a way, I'm glad, I'm glad that we no longer have to see Nikolas dump his emotional baggage on Kathrine.

I'm sick of seeing Nikolas claiming that Kathrine seduced him on minute and then telling her he loves her the next. I'm also sick of Kathrine, casting herself as a heroine, sick of seeing her manipulating Nikolas and hurting him and acting indignant the next. I'm sick of seeing Laura and Stephan stick their noses where they don't belong. I'm also sick of Emily and Liz making comments about the two of them. I'm just SICK of TPTB just giving them more then their share of fights and arguments without balancing the unhappy times with the good.

But perhaps, this is just another break-up in their story, they've broken up so many times that I can't keep up with them. I pray that it is, seeing as they are GH's greatest couple, and with all lying, double talk and back stabbing, they are the most honest and intriguing couple, multifaced and multi-layered, dark, troubled and compelling. Watching them together is like watching two people who just drag the other deeper and deeper into darkness and watch them pull each other up to the light, like two drowning swimmers trying to save the other and only getting caught in the undertow of the water.

What ever happens from here, there will always be the memories of the desk. And the floor. And the bed. And the bed. And yet another bed. And Nikolas's house. And the door (I believe my favorite line ever spoke in their entire relationship must be "My God Nikolas, how many times can we make love?") And the tapes that I hoped you all have kept. I must confess something now, to all of you still reading this far into my ramblings, I've only started watching Kathrine and Nikolas in January, the first time I've watched GH. So, if anyone out there has the tapes of Kathrine and Nikolas's first time sleeping together, e-mail me please! Kathrine's_Keeper

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