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Kandi da Boxer Chick's PHoto Album

HI there, Welcome to my online photo album !

Ok... some info on me

_______UMMMM THAT'S IT FOR QUESTIONS...haha_______________ _____________________________________________________

My boxing promotional picture

Here's me wearing my old Everlast bag gloves, with my hair all done... bet ya never noticed i actually had a black eye in this pic from sparring the night before huh?? good cover-up job, huh? This pic was in several different newspapers and posters to promote my boxing fights. As for my boxing, I have had 5 tournament fights. 1 of those 5, being a knockout, 45 seconds into the first round for my silver gloves title. And my opponent was 7 years older than me! ___________________________________________________

Another boxing picture. It looks Ok.. I guess. haha ___________________________________________________

This picture was done at a professional studio. My mom, sister, and I had pics done for an x-mas gift for my dad. This was one of my individual photos. ____________________________________________________

My Grad Pic

This picture is recent. I graduated on May 14/99. One the best days of my life!! I honestly don't like my hair in this pic. But hey,, what do ya do? PS..I have a pretty cool sister too to go to her web page just click here Beck ________________________________________________________

An Old School Pic

This picture here was taken in Grade 10. (2 years ago). NO I am not stoned in it. For some screwed up reason people say I look stoned. I forgot it was picture day and I was really tired from staying up late the night before!! (-: EMAIL ME AT ------> ICQ# 20014733 PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK !!!!!!! _______________________________________________________

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