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Chanchala Chakma victim of Bangladesh Police firing
On 30 June 2013 Bangladesh police opened fire on indigenous Buddhist people in south Khabongpujya area of Khagrachari district. An indigenous Buddhist woman identified as Chanchala Chakma (50) was seriously injured by the rubber bullets.

Bengali settlers attack indigenous Buddhist people in Lama

On 9 September 2013 at around 8.00 am a group of Muslim settlers numbering 20-30 led by Mujibul Haque Master (Mujibul leader) attacked indigenous Marma Buddhist people working in the plantation field. The Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people in order to grab their land at Polijhiri (Polikhyong) area of Lama under Bandarban district. In this attack 8 indigenous Buddhist people including two women were critically injured. The Muslim settlers also damaged the temporary farm house belonging to the indigenous Marma Buddhists.

Following the incident the henchmen of Mujibul Haque attack other indigenous people whoever they found in their course with rods and sharp weapons. At first, they threw the powder of chili on the face and then attacked with rods and sharp weapons. The wounded indigenous peoples of the Hlachai village, who are being given treatment in hospital, are as follows:

  1. Mong Sa Nue Marma (25) s/o Kyaw Swe Nue Marma
  2. Aung Hla Prue Marma (26), s/o Mong A Marma
  3. U Swe Hla Marma (26), s/o Kyaw Ching Sa Marma
  4. Mong Mra Thowai (24) s/o Mei Mong Marma
  5. Ms. Chaw Ma Thui Marma (25), d/o Kyaw Hla U Marma
  6. Aung Kyaw Thowai Marma (28), s/o Mong Cha Thui Marma
  7. Ms. Na Prue (29), d/o Hla Thowai Ching Marma

Furthermore, the Muslim settlers attacked 3 other indigenous peoples of Tiyar Jhiri village (Longkhyong village) when they were going to hunt wild pig. The critically injured indigenous peoples were handed over to the military personnel through falsely relating their involvement with the Polijhiri clash. At present they are being given treatment in Dordori Hospital of the area. In this attack, one of the injured persons was identified as A Sha Prue Marma s/o late Kyaw Thowai Prue Marma. But the names of the 2 other victims were not confirmed but it is known that they are sons of Cho Aung and Thui Ching Aung of the area.

Mentionable that, the villagers of Hlachai village including one U Swe Hla Marma have farmlands and plantations in Polijhiri area. Earlier, the henchmen of the Mujibul Haque tried to occupy those lands but failed due to opposition of the indigenous peoples. The henchmen of the land grabber Mujibul Haque used to grab lands in the area and hand over the lands to the different companies. Recently outsiders have been grabbing indigenous land in Lama, Naikhyongchari, Alikadam and Rowangchari sub-district of Bandarban district with the support of local administration.

Following the attack on indigenous peoples, on 9 September 2013 Naprue Marma filed a case against 18 persons including Mujibul Haque and his son Mohammad Zahir (35) with Lama police station. Although police claimed that 13 persons were arrested who are allegedly engaged with this incident but the main perpetrator Mujibul Haque and his son were moving around freely in the area.


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