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Chanchala Chakma victim of Bangladesh Police firing
On 30 June 2013 Bangladesh police opened fire on indigenous Buddhist people in south Khabongpujya area of Khagrachari district. An indigenous Buddhist woman identified as Chanchala Chakma (50) was seriously injured by the rubber bullets.

Bengali settlers grab indigenous land in Naikhyongchari

Muslim settlers began fresh land grabbing in Naikhyongchari sub-district under Bandarban district. Former chairman of Baishari union in Naikhyongchari sub-district Mohammad Faruque Ahmed started this fresh land grabbing at Kamikchara mouza under Baishari union a week ago. He engaged huge Rahingya (repatriated Muslim settlers) labourers for clearing jungle of the land for plantation. Local indigenous villagers confirmed that around 1000 acres of land have already been occupied.

On 2 August 2013 local indigenous villagers demolished house temporarily erected by land grabber Mohammad Faruque Ahmed at Kamikchara mouza.

Local sources also added that land grabbing in Naikhyongchari is continuing or intensified as no land grabber was arrested as per recommendation of investigation report conducted by Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of the CHT Affairs (MoCHTA).

It is mentionable that Mohammad Faruque Ahmed occupied thousands acres of land at Bakkhali mouza under Naikhyongchari union. Local said that he generally occupies land first and then makes plantation by taking money from various business companies or businessmen. At a stage when the plants grew at certain stage within 2/3 years, he hands over land with plantation to the business companies or businessmen. Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, in his investigation report, mentioned the name of Faruque Ahmed as land grabber, however, did not include his name in the list of 14 land grabbers as he did not occupy land at Baishari mouza, rather occupied at another mouza under Naikhyongchari sub-district.

Local villagers demanded to take action against Mohammad Faruque Ahmed and to stop his land grabbing immediately. If no action has been taken against Faruque Ahmed, thousands of indigenous indigenous people will be evicted from their ancestral land.


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