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Alpana Chakma
On 28 April 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and robbed an indigenous Buddhist Ms. Alpana Chakma (45) wife of Kaladhan Chakma of Jarulchara village of Longadu in Rangamati district. The victim was seriously wounded and admitted to Rabeta hospital in Longadu in senseless condition.

Bengali settlers beat an indigenous Marma woman at Rajasthali

On 25 April 2013, 2 Muslim settlers named Alauddhin Kosai (45) and his son Russel Kosai (16) beat an indigenous Marma woman named Thuima Ching Marma (35) wife of Chathowai Prue Marma at Bangalhalia Bazar area of Rajsthali in Rangamati.

Around 4.30 pm Alauddhin and his son went to cut bamboo at Chathowai Prue’s bamboo garden without any permission from owner at Dak Banglo area, the adjacent area of Chathowai Prue’s house. Thuima Ching came forward and protested against cutting of bamboos from their garden. The Muslim settlers started beating and hitting her inhumanly by their sticks while she tried to oppose them from cutting their bamboos. The perpetrators fled away when local people gathered at the incident’s place. The victim was seriously wounded and received treatment from adjacent Union Parishad Clinic.


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