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Indigenous victims of Sajek Muslim attack
On 20 April 2008 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked and burnt down 76 indigenous Buddhist houses in Sajek. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhist villagers and grab their land. The indigenous Chakma Buddhists and their burnt down houses after the attack.
21 Dec 2009: Japan MP wants CHT land issue resolved
8 Nov 2009: Bangladesh army attempt to rape a Chakma woman in Naniachar
30 Oct 2009: Bengalis gang rape a Tripura woman in Sitakunda
18 Oct 2009: Bengali settlers sexually abuse a Tripura woman in Panchari
15 Oct 2009: Bengali settler molest a Tripura girl at Matiranga
23 Sep 2009: Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban issued unlawful letter to Headmen
13 Sep 2009: Bengali settler attempted to rape a Tripura girl at Sindukchari
12 Sep 2009: Bengali settlers assault a Chakma family at Kaukhali
4 Sep 2009: Bengali settler rape an under-age Marma girl at Sindukchari
3 Sep 2009: Update on the killing of Ponemala Tripura
3 Sep 2009: Bengali settlers killed Ponemala Tripura of Mahalchari
16 Aug 2009: Army operation against indigenous villages in Naikhyingchari
14 Aug 2009: Bengali settlers attack indigenous villagers in Longadu
31 Jul 2009: Bengali settler rape a handicapped woman in Dighinala
26 Jun 2009: Bangladesh army murder a Chakma youth at Shuvalong bazaar
25 Jun 2009: 200 Mro families live in fear of settlers and Rohingya terrorists in Bandarban
15 Jun 2009: Indigenous man shot dead in Manikchari of Khagrachari
14 Jun 2009: Bengali settlers attack indigenous people in Jalia Para of Ramgarh
12 Jun 2009: BDR tries to establish market at Ruilui in Sajek in order to settle more Bengalis
21 May 2009: Bangladesh army harassed a Buddhist monk at Naniarchar
20 March 2009: Bangladesh army conspires to capture Sadhana Buddhist Temple at Babuchara
18 March 2009: Bangladesh army arrest two innocent villagers in Kudukchari
15 March 2009: Bangladesh army arrests 3 Chakma villagers in Karallyachari for building Buddhist retreat
08 March 2009: Bengali settler rape a 4-year old indigenous Chakma girl in Dighinala
22 January 2009: Bangladesh police arrest PCJSS leader Shaktipada Tripura in Dhaka
15 January 2009: Police arrest and torture returnee PCJSS member in Dighinala
15 January 2009: Bengali settlers clash with indigenous people in Longadu

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