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Baghaihat Monk

On 19-20 February 2010, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari. At least 76 indigenous houses were burnt down including Buddhist temples. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. A Buddhist monk surveys his gutted temple.

02 November 2005: Bangladesh army hit and injure an under age indigenous Chakma boy in Khagrachari
31 October 2005: Pro-government group tries to kidnap 2 indigenous villagers in Laxmichari
08 September 2005: Human rights groups denounce Bangladesh government's attempt to ban indigenous leaders
July 2005: Bangladesh army restricts the construction of indigenous Chakma houses in Jurachari
28 July 2005: Bangladesh army terrorizes indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Atarakchara of Longadu
25 July 2005: Bangladesh army and Bengali settlers attack indigenous Marma Buddhists in Kaukhali
24 July 2005: Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Marma Buddhists in Manikchari
10 July 2005: Bengali settlers staged demonstration in Rangamati to demand ‘equal rights’
02 July 2005: Bengali settlers organise public meeting in Rangamati
23 June 2005: Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) destroys indigenous Chakma houses in Sajek
20 June 2005: Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) torture an indigenous Chakma man in Sajek
06 June 2005: Bangladesh Rifles of Marishya BDR zone orders the indigenous Chakma Buddhists to vacate their homes in Sajek
May 2005: Bangladesh Government undertake massive Bengali Muslim settlement in Sajek
March 2005: Bengali settlers continue to grab indigenous owned land in Khagrachari district
25 March 2005: Santu Larma says "Bangladesh government is not sincere about the CHT Accord"
26 February 2005: Indigenous people block Khagrachari-Mahalchari-Rangamati road in protest of land grabbing by Bengali settlers in Khagrachari
24 February 2005: Bangladesh army grab indigenous land in Bandarban Hill District
23 February 2005: PCJSS appeal the donor nations to bring the CHT issues during the Donors Meeting to be held in Washington
15 February 2005: Bangladesh government grab indigenous land in Chimbook of Bandarban
15 February 2005: Bangladesh army arrest and torture 6 indigenous Chakma men in Baghaihat
27 January 2005: Bangladesh army brutally torture a returnee indigenous refugee in Matiranga of Khagrachari district
03 January 2005: Bangladesh army conduct massive reprisal attack against the indigenous people of Baghaichari

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