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Kampan Chakma

On 3 August 2004, Bangladesh army backed Bengali Muslim settlers killed 2 members of an indigenous Buddhist family in Dhandachara village of Bhushanchara in Barkal. At night at around 11 pm the Muslim settlers attacked Mr. Barun Kumar Chakma (33) and his family members with swords and spears. Mr. Barun Kumar Chakma died on the spot and his wife Ms. Subarna Chakma (28) and 11 months old son Kampan Chakma were seriously injured. Next day on 4 August Ms. Subarna died from her injuries. Kampan Chakma got serious injuries at his right leg.

08 November 2004: Bangladesh army raid and torture indigenous Chakma people of Jagarapara village in Panchari
03 August 2004: Bengali settlers kill 2 members of an indigenous Chakmas family in Bhushanchara
02 August 2004: Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Marma Buddhists in Guimara
01 August 2004: Bengali settlers attack indigenous Chakma people in Rangamati
29 July 2004: Bangladesh army kills an indigenous Marma Buddhist in Kaptai
25 May 2004: Bangladesh army arrest and torture members of PCJSS in Guimara
18 May 2004: BDR harass an indigenous Chakma woman in Longadu
12 May 2004: Bangladesh army raid indigenous Chakma houses at Naniarchar
04 May 2004: Bangladesh army orders indigenous people to leave their homesteads for settlers in Sindukchari
27 April 2004: Bangladesh army torture 2 indigenous Tripura people in Matiranga
17 April 2004: Bengali settlers murder an indigenous Chakma man in Naniarchar

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