News of 1997


Bangladeshi Settlers
Armed Resistance
Religious Persecution
Rapes & Abductions
Chakma Refugees
CHT Treaty
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Dead body of Chittipudi Chakma daughter of Manek Kumar Chakma

On 2 February 1992 two bombs exploded on a river ferry at Mallya. The explosion killed a passenger and seriously injured the captain of the ferry. The survivors swam ashore but armed Muslim settlers were waiting for them. Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Chakma Buddhists in presence of the Bangladesh army and massacred more than 30 indigenous Chakma Buddhists.

One of the killed was Chittipudi Chakma, 6 month old daughter of Manek Kumar Chakma of Harina, Barkal.

09 August 1997: Bangladesh delegation visits indigenous refugees in Tripura
31 May 1997: Indigenous refugee fact finding team and Indian officers visits CHT
12 April 1997: Bangladesh army and Bengali settlers attack indigenous Buddhist people in Maischari
07 April 1997: Indian government repatriate 6,703 indigenous refugees to Bangladesh by force
09 March 1997: Bangladesh delegation and refugee leaders sign a repatriation agreement in Tripura
26 February 1997: Bangkok conference for peace in Chittaong Hill Tracts

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