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On 29-30 September 2012 Muslim extremists attacked the Buddhist community in Ramu; Ukhia; Teknaf and Coxís Bazaar municipality area under Coxís Bazaar district and Patia in Chittagong district. It was in retaliation of a Facebook posting defaming the Quran allegedly by a Facebook user Uttam Barua. In this attack at least a dozen Buddhist temples were destroyed and around 200-250 Buddhist homes were ransacked and robbed. Besides 2 Hindu temples were vandalised in Patia.

Bangladesh police arrests 2 indigenous Marma Buddhists in Manikchari

On 22 April 2016, Bangladesh police arrested an indigenous village chief and another indigenous Buddhist villager in Manikchari, Khagrachari district. Many believe it was an attempt to scare the indigenous pople out of next dayís Union Council election.

The indigenous victims were identified as:

  1. Kongjori Marma (60) the Karbari or chief of Mongolipara
  2. Ubaching Marma son of Uggojai Marma a resident of Lapaidongpara

The indigenous victims were arrested in connection with arson attack on Abdul Matinís (a Muslim settler) empty house on April 15. Abdul Matinís 2 sons Bhanu Mian and Bashir Mian had filed the case against indigenous Marma villagers in the area. However many believe that the burning down of Abdul Matinís house and the arrest of 2 indigenous people have something to do with Union Council election on April 23.

Indigenous Marma villagers went to the police station to plead for the release of the indigenous victims. After a lot of debates, the police finally agreed to release Ubaching Marma.


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