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On 19 December 1986, Bangladesh army men gang raped Vira Rani Chakma (16) of Nuaram Karbari Para, Dighinala. About 20 Bangladesh army personnel from the Viswa Ram Karbari Para army camp of Dighinala raided the indigenous Chakma village of Nuaram Karbari Para in the morning. All the male inhabitants of the village were taken by force to cut the jungle surrounding the army camp. Bangladesh army encircled the village at 11:00 a.m. and on the pretext of searching entered the houses. All the women and the girls who were in their houses, were stripped by the soldiers and were gang raped. Even the minors were not spared.

Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Dighinala

On 20 Feb. 1989, Bangladesh army of 24 EBR from Dighinala cantonment led by a Captain carried out military operations against Hazachara and Rengkajya villages in Dighinala, Khagrachari district.

Bangladesh army inhumanly tortured and beat indigenous Buddhist villagers during the military operation. The victims are:

  1. Mr. Mangal Sen Chakma, 25 yrs, son of Mr. Jugaly Chakma of Hazachara, Dighinala.
  2. Mr. Shantimay Chakma, 21 yrs, son of Mr. Laxmi Chandra Chakma, address as above.
  3. Mr. Miya Dhan Chakma, 18 yrs, address as above.
  4. Mr. Narayan Chakma, 27 yrs, son of Mr. Kumujya Chakma of Gobachari, Longadu.
  5. Mr. Bana Bihari Chakma, 26 yrs, son of Mr. Bilash Chandra Chakma, address as above.
  6. Mr. Sunil Kanti Chakma, 22 yrs, son of Mr. Subash Chandra Chakma, of Ramani Ranjan Karbari Para, Longadu.
  7. Mr. Kamini Ranjan Chakma, 40 yrs, son of Mr. Bana Kumar Chakma, address as above.
  8. Mr. Bira Kumar Chakma, 38 yrs, son of Mr. Guya Chakma, address as above.
  9. Mr. Banshi Mohan Chakma, 35 yrs, son of Mr. Guya Chakma, address as above.
  10. Mr. Nuraki Chakma, 36 yrs, son of Mr. Koilashya Chakma, address as above.
  11. Mr. Shanti Jiban Chakma, 29 yrs, son of Mr. Kumujya Chakma, of Gobachari, Longadu.
  12. Mr. Bijay Chakma, 30 yrs, son of Mr. Birendra Chakma, address as above.
  13. Miss Jyotsna Chakma, 21 yrs, daughter of Mr. Birendra Chakma, address as above.
  14. Mr. Anil Chakma, 25 yrs, son of Mr. Surajoy Chakma, address as above.


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