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When whole country was celebrating the victory day of the country on 16 Dec 2014, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous people in Bagachari area of Naniarchar to evict them from their traditional land. 50 indigenous houses, 7 shops and 1 Buddhist temple were destroyed.

Indigenous people picking up pieces after Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked them on 16 December 2014.

Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Dighinala

On 24 Jan. 1989, Bangladesh army of 6 EBR from DP Para Army Camp led by Lt. Jamal carried out a military operation against the indigenous Buddhist inhabitants of Chandra Kishore Karbari Para, and Boiragya Karbari Para in Dighinala, Khagrachari district.

Bangladesh army arrested and tortured following indigenous Buddhist inhabitants:

  1. Mr. Briha Ranjan Chakma, 40 yrs, son of Mr. Chandra Kishore Karbari of Chandra Kishore Karbari Para, Dighinala.
  2. Mr. Sashadhar Chakma, 23 yrs, son of Mr. Chandra Kishore, address as above.
  3. Mr. Jnanadhan Chakma, 38 yrs, son of Mr. Ramani Mohan Chakma, address as above.
  4. Miss Soubalini Chakma, 14 yrs, daughter of Mr. Kalendra Chakma, address as above.
  5. Miss Jyoti Praba Chakma, 16 yrs, daughter of Mr. Bana Kumar Chakma, address as above.
  6. Mr. Tung Kala Chakma, 40 yrs, son of Mr. Bascha Dhan Chakma of Boiragya Karbari Para, Dighinala.


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