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Bianca's Rugrat Homepage

Welcome to my Rugrat Homepage.
I hope you enjoy my page

Phil&Lil DeVille

Phil and Lil are 2 twins.Sometimes the grown-ups get them mixed up.Their mum's name is Betty and their dad's name is Howard .They both have ducks on their dresses and the only way you can tell them apart is by the bow in Lils hair.They fight most of the time especially over reptar!In the movie they absolutely hate Dil until the end where everyone thinks he's a big help for all of them!

Tommy Pickles

Tommy is the bravest baby in the whole world.He's 1 and his mommy's name is Didi ans his daddy's name is Stu.Stu is an inventive man which in the movie invented the reptar wagon.Tommy's grandpa Lou always tells stories about when he was young. He tends to drift off and that's when Tommy and the others get start there adventure. His other grandparents Boris and Minka love having Tommy over and Tommy loves how they say really funny things like " Boris move your tuckes" and other funny things like that!

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie is scared of mostly everything,like clowns, the guy on the oatmeal box and much more.He's bestest friend is Tommy and his mum died when he was young. He loves his daddy and he loves Reptar like all the other babies! His dad, Charles is also scared like Chuckie, but he worrys more.Him and Didi are always reading about what Lispitiz has to say.Chuckie says he always wants to be like his daddy when he grows up!

About Me
Hi I'm Bianca Speranza and I'm 9 years old. I have 8 dogs and 4 fish. I live in Australia. My favourite show is Rugrats and I have Foxtel. I hope you will visit my next homepage.

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