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Fan Sites & Conventions

Tentative schedule of upcoming conventions (if you know of more send me a flyer or info by email):

Hercules / Xena conventions, see the Creation website,

Gallifrey Conventions, PO Box 3021, North Hollywood, CA 91609 or call 818-752-3756. "If you only want to visit one Doctor Who site, make it this one."

Star Trek and Fangoria Horror Cons by Creation, see the Creation website above

For information, visit their web site at: agamencon

Guests last year: Tim Choate, Stephen Furst, Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, Peter David...Over 20,000 guests, program participants, members and staff helped shape Dragon Con last year.
For more information, visit their web site at:

Some books you might be interested in:
Science and Nature
Bargain Books: Religion, Philosophy, and Mythology
Horror and Suspense
Science Fiction and Fantasy
The Edge
Thrillers and Espionage
Fright X Magazine
Sci-Fi Universe
Sci-Fi Entertainment
Discover ,Popular Science ,Air & Space ,Next Generation
Click here for This Day in Sci Fi History
Other Web Sites:
Official Star Wars Chatroom
Mystery Science Theater 3000
TNT Monstervision
Fandom Directory
Twilight Zone Episodes Directory
Stargate SG-1
Stargate episodes so far (note: only the first 2 seasons so far, the new 3rd season premiers on Showtime pay cable)