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Saturday, March 31, 2001 (EST)
6:00 AM Get Smart 004 - School Days
Smart Enrolls in CONTROL'S espionage training schools as Alexander Loomis to learn the identity Of a KAOS infiltrator. He makes contact with Agent 99, who has been planted in The school's processing department to help him crack The case.
6:30 AM Get Smart 005 - Diplomat's Daughter
Smart must guard a visiting Scandinavian princess when a number of women - all blondes - disappear in a rash of mysterious kidnappings in Washington, D.C, Smart and Agent 99 are ordered to investigate the activities of the Chinese arm of KAOS, headed by the Claw who may be behind the kidnappings. Smart must also protect Princess Ingred who prefers the carefree to the cautious life.
7:00 AM Get Smart 007 - Washington 4 - Indians 3
Smart calls a maximum alert when the American Indians threaten war unless they get their country back. Smart and 99 are assigned to learn what they can of Indian war plans and their secret weapon.
7:30 AM Get Smart 008 - Our Man in Leotards
A leaping thief steals Imnoblio, a new drug that causes momentary paralysis, from CONTROL. Smart, suspects Emilio Nahrana, renowned Latin American ballet dancer. Smart and 99 infiltrate Naharana's ballet troupe and learn of a plot to damage US relations with a Latin American country
8:00 AM Get Smart 009 - The Day Smart Turned Chicken
A dying cowboy stumbles into Maxwell Smart's apartment with information about a plot on an ambassador's life. The Chief of CONTROL, starts doubting Smart's sanity, especially when he hurries to his apartment and finds no trace of a dying cowboy.
8:30 AM Get Smart 011 - Too Many Chiefs
Smart must protect Tanya, a CONTROL witness against KAOS, from assassination. For the sake of safety, Tanya is ordered to stay at Smart's apartment. Sebastian, a KAOS master of disguises, impersonates the Chief to gain access to Smart's apartment.
9:00 AM Get Smart 012 - My Nephew The Spy
Smart must keep his true occupation a secret from visiting relatives. Complications arise when Victor, a KAOS agent, tries to kill Smart just as Uncle Abner and Aunt Bertha arrive at the apartment.
9:30 AM Get Smart 015 - Double Agent
Smart pretends to hit the skids to make KAOS believe that he can be bought. Smart's efforts to pose as a derelict are hampered by 99, who doesn't know he is a double agent. The Chief solves the immediate problem by slipping him some absorbo pills that absorb 40 times their weight in alcohol - but a hitch develops.
10:00 AM Get Smart 017 - Kisses For Kaos
Smart sets out to stop KAOS agents from placing exploding oil paintings in foreign consulates. With Smart masquerading as a chauffeur, and 99 as a rich femme fatale, they attempt to trap Rex Savage, KAOS agent and art dealer. 99 turns on her feminine charm in a lovers' lane and at midnight dinner in Max's apartment to bait the trap.
10:30 AM Get Smart 018 - The Dead Spy Crawls
With only a three-word clue scrawled in wet cement by a dying agent, Smart, aided by 99 and the Chief, determines an innocent billiard parlor may be a KAOS front for an electronic brain intercepting all CONTROL messages. The best billiard teacher in the world can't teach Max the game, but his life depends on his ability to beat a pool shark. Using a trick cue ball, Smart passes as the world's master while 99 searches for the computer.
11:00 AM Get Smart 019 - Back To The Old Drawing Board
Dr. Shotwire has perfected a moon exploration vehicle wanted by KAOS. To kidnap the scientist and his vehicle, KAOS builds the world's most intelligent robot, a genius killer named Hymie that looks, thinks, and reacts like a normal man. Smart and 99 mistake the robot for a fellow agent and take him to a party to help protect the professor.
11:30 AM Get Smart 021 - Smart, The Assassin
An attempt to assassinate CONTROL's Chief fails, and KAOS turns to the one man that the organization feels it can trust to do the job - Maxwell Smart. KAOS captures Max and gives him a diabolical brainwashing pill that forces him to carry out instructions with blind obedience. The weekly chess game between Max and the Chief at the Regency Club is selected for the attempt. Knowing Max always loses, KAOS implants the thought that when the Chief says "checkmate" Max will shoot. Despite the perfect plan, KAOS learns that Smart can be counted on to bumble anything, even being brainwashed. 12:00 PM Get Smart 024 - Stakeout At Blue Mist Mountain
When Smart discovers that 338 KAOS agents international slipped into the country, he quickly determines they aren't here for an international Ping-Pong match. Max stumbles into the enemy' mountain cabin posing as a KAOS agent and finds the foes attempting to set off an atomic bomb to destroy the East Coast. With the device almost ready to explode, the entire hopes of the free world depend on Smart's ability to dismantle the bomb with a dime - if he can find a dime.
12:30 PM Get Smart 026 - Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Smart and 99 must learn the identity of the new KAOS Mr. Big, so the world may finally hear a finished unfinished symphony. Hubert, a composer and undercover CONTROL agent, is found shot in a concert hall. The agents discover six notes of his unfinished symphony spell out the name of the concert hall owner, the new Mr. Big. Also finding the clue, Mr. Big locks the agents in a room with a floor set to explode if they move. Hubert's friend, concert pianist Wolenska, prepares to play the symphony on stage, not realizing that the crazed Mr. Big has rigged the piano to explode, destroying the evidence.
1:00 PM Get Smart 029 - Shipment To Beirut
Fashion model Mildred Spencer telephones Smart that the supersonic plans are sewn into a dress. Smart spends a fortune of CONTROL'S money for the wrong dresses. The sinister KAOS agent and shop owner, Richelieu, sprays Miss Spencer to death with plastic cement and turns her into a mannequin. Agent 99 joins the case as an undercover model, only to be discovered and sprayed with the cement. Smart returns at night disguised as a mannequin to search for the plans and try to revive Agent 99.
1:30 PM Get Smart 030 - The Last One In Is A Rotten Spy
Verna calls Smart and asks his help in escaping with a list of KAOS agents. As a cover during the swim meet, Max claims he is the American team trainer, Agent 99, the team chaperone, and the Control Chief an official. Max finds he can't pick Verna from Myrna, Vana, Rena and Nina. In trying to help the girl, he repeatedly falls into the water, shot at with a spear gun and accidently eats the list of KAOS agents.
2:00 PM Get Smart 033 - Strike While The Agent Is Hot
While sparking the drive against funny mone for CONTROL, Max confuses Agent 99 and the Chief by becoming the head of the Guild of Surviving CONTROL Agents. He replaces the former guild head in response to the man's dying request, and confronts the Chief with a series of outlandish demands before agreeing to trace the counterfeit money. A note found on the dying agent leads, Max to a KAOS bookstore fronting for the funny money operations.
2:30 PM Get Smart 035 - Anatomy Of A Lover
Rather than end the life of his closest friend, Hymie the Robot, Max spirits the robot to his apartment while he searches for the KAOS spy who has entered the ranks of CONTROL and reprogrammed the robot. While hidden in Max's apertment, Hymie meets the chief niece, Phoebe, and she falls in love with the mechanical man. With the help of Agent 99, they attempt to persuade Phoebe to forget the six-foot bundle of electronic wiring, while the two agents search for the KAOS infiltrator.
3:00 PM Get Smart 037 - Casablanca
The chief sends Max to the North Woods to "rest" and Agent 99 undertakes to solve the mysterious strangulation's of 275 top scientists. Posing as a singer, she appears in Casablanca's Beat Parrot Cafe, watering hole of the world's most notorious double agents and reputed headquarters of the Choker. But Max sticks to the case like an old hunting dog and also goes to Casablanca, where the scenes are played out as in the original movie.
3:30 PM Get Smart 038 - The Greatest Spy On Earth
Smart and Agent 99 pose as repporters to interview Hond, the strong man; Gertrude-Gerals, the half-man, half woman; Raymond, the knife thrower; and Pepper Hanlon, the circus publicity man. The CONTROL agents are unmasked and the circus performers decide to send Max and "99" to their deaths in true circus style; Max will be shot from a gun as a human cannonball and Agent 99 fed to the lions.
4:00 PM Get Smart 039 - Hoo Done It?
Smart and Agent 99 team up with their old friend Inspector Harry Hoo to solve a KAOS plot on a deserted Pacific Island in "Hoo Done It". Immediately their contact is murdered. Agent 99 swims for help, with a storm approaching, leaving Max and Hoo to investigate a group of sinister guests who bear more than just a casual resemblence to current TV heroes. One by one the suspects are murdered until only the baffled detectives are left.. An erupting volcano and vines that like humans for lunch add to their problems.
4:30 PM Get Smart 040 - Rub-A-Dub-Dub...Three Spies In A Sub
Smart and Agent 99 are assigned a suicide mission to destroy a computer on a secret KAOS island directing a submarine in acts of piracy. They land on the island and are promptly captured throught Max'' bumbling leadership, while "99" engineers their escape. After they complete the mission, they mistakenly board a KAOS submarine, on which Max is scheduled to become the first human warhead for a torpedo to be used against attacking American destroyers.
5:00 PM Get Smart 041 - The Decoy
KAOS breaks the CONTROL code, and the Chief volunteers Max as a decoy - a suicide mission. An interdepartmental fight in KAOS develops over the best means to extract the code from Max after his capture. A sexy KAOS agent has no luck and a drug is employed to relax him. An overdose sends him so far back in time he babbles childhood poems which KAOS mistakes for the code. When KAOS discovers he has actually regressed to a four-year old, and Agent X has arrived safely with the new code, they prepare to kill the CONTROL decoy.
5:30 PM Get Smart 045 - Perils In A Pet Shop
The CONTROL agents suspect a pet shop operated by Melnik, "the Smiling KAOS Killer" as a front. Fang joins Max and Agent 99 as all three are promptly captured. Fang, as usual, is loyal to Max, but slow to move when he has a chance to save his master. The agents discover that KAOS coop a parrot with a repeating tape recorder. The bird then carries the stolen secret information to KAOS headquarters in Europe.
6:00 PM Get Smart 046 - It Takes One To Know One
Smart's friend, Hymie the robot, is selected to tackle the presumed KAOS killer, Octavia, because of his immunity to her evil beauty and charm. Hymie meets Octavia and learns why she is always successful. She is a robot. Hymie falls desperately in love and leaves Max and the Chief to solve the problem
6:30 PM Get Smart 047 - Someone Down Here Hates Me
Smart achieves the distinction of being No. 1 on the KAOS kill list with a $250,000 reward on his head. The bumbling agent becomes extremely suspicious of everyone and attacks innocent citizens who show the slightest resemblance to KAO killers. Suspecting that all KAOS killers have undergone plastic surgery to change their faces, he visits Dr. Noodlemant to have a small scar removed, and a surprise awaits Max on the operating table.
7:00 PM Get Smart 048 - Cutnback To Control
With CONTROL agents being paid off, the Chief suggests that Max accept an offer of employment from Siegfried, top KAOS agent, as a means of infiltrating the opposition and discovering the traitor. But KAOS learns in training class what CONTROL already knows - that things come somewhat difficult to Max.
7:30 PM Get Smart 050 - The Girl From Kaos
KAOS wants Miss USA as a hostage to obtain cooperation of her famous scientist father. Max appears disguised as a contest judge to prevent a kidnapping attempt, and discovers Miss Transmania and her supposed female chaperone are actually a husband and wife team of KAOS killers when the attempt to poison him. But before Max can arrest them, Miss Formosa murders Miss Transmania and prepares to kill Max and Miss USA
8:00 PM Get Smart 001 - Mr. Big
Smart must prevent Mr. Big from destroying The country's major cities if he does not receive 100 million dollars in ransom. Mr. Big, who has captured professor Dante, plans to make good his threat with Dante's InThermo, a doomsday machine.
8:30 PM Get Smart 014 - Aboard The Orient Express
Smart must take a half-million-dollar payroll to CONTROL's free-lance agents behind the Iron Curtain. The money is contained in an electrically charged briefcase chained to Smart's wrist.
9:00 PM Get Smart 027 - Ship of Spies Part I
Max and 99 miss their only chance to identify the thief of an achievement in modern naval science, the nuclear amphibian battleship, when a CONTROL agent with the information is shot in a waterfront dive. The bumbling Smart's only clue is the strange clip-clop sound heard after the agent was shot. In addition to spy problems, Max must keep a cargo of 800 monkeys from getting into 200 tons of bananas
9:30 PM Get Smart 028 - Ship of Spies Part II
Smart narrows his search for the person who stole plan to the nuclear amphibian battleship to everyone aboard the freighter, in the conclusion of "Ship of Spies". Max considers the fact that his identity may be known to the thief. When he is shot at, the main mast crashes to the deck at his feet and he falls into the Atlantic Ocean through a weakened railing. The bumbling secret agent and Agent 99 encounter a flamenco dancer who sends coded messages on her castanets and a crippled Portuguese polo player who turns out not to be crippled, Portuguese or a polo player.
10:00 PM Get Smart 076 - The Little Black Book Part I
Max cannot reveal his secret role as a CONTROL agent and his hush hush methods lead his old buddy, Sid Krimm, to believe Max is slightly daft. When Sid stumbles on a KAOS black book containing names of KAOS agents, he assumes it is Max's date book. Sid rings up a girls number and arranges a double date with KAOS agents Zelda and Nancy. Max's strange behavior during the double date makes Sid more certain Smart is balmy, and Sid unwittingly helps the KAOS side.
10:30 PM Get Smart 077 - The Little Black Book Part II
Krimm, finally convinced that his old sidekick is really a secret agent, persuades Max and the Chief to let him help retrieve a valuable address book from KAOS. When Max's various strategies backfire, Sid assumes command.
11:00 PM Get Smart 058 - A Man Called Smart Part I
Max's informant, Russell Bediyoskin, is wounded by KAOS before he can give he formula's location. In the confusion, Max impesonates the injured man for a KAOS ambulance ride to seek clues. The Chief and Agent 99 remove the wounded informer to a hospital hoping he will regain consciousness and reveal the formulas whereabouts.
11:30 PM Get Smart 059 - A Man Called Smart Part II
KAOS demand s 1 billion dollars ransom for the secret dehydration formula, which could dry up the country. People panic and hoard water as KAOS enforces its televised demands by drying up water in Florida's tourist centers. Informer, Russell Bediyoskin regains consciousness in the hospital long enough to scrawl a confusing first clue for Maxwell, Agent 99 and the Chief.
12:00 AM Get Smart 060 - A Man Called Smart Part III
Smart deciphers his first leads as KAOS start drying up the United States. Max determines Otto Hurrah, head of a large Hollywood movie studio, is behind the plot, but Hurrah turns the tables by capturing Max and Agent 99.
12:30 AM Get Smart 051 - The Man From Yenta
The Chief assigns agent 99 to join the harem of Prince Buhbi to discover a KAOS girl who has infiltrated the group, while Max impersonates the Prince. Israel sends the pride of her espionage unit, YENTA, Agent 498, to assist master of disguise and voicce impersonator Le Moco to kill the Prince. When Max joins the Prince, Agent 498 and Le Moco, all in disguise the bumbling agent can't tell whom to shoot.
1:00 AM Daylight Savings - set clock ahead 1 hour
3:00 AM Get Smart 055 - The Expendable Agent
Professor Whitaker and British Intelligence Agent Cain arrive to give American scientists a secret rocket fuel formula. The Chief and Agent 99 make sure the bumbling Max and Agent Cain surround the professor with elaborate security but don't count on a bomb KAOS has planted in Max's own apartment.
3:30 AM Get Smart 056 - Appointment In Sahara
KAOS plans to blackmail the world by threatening that the missile will be fired unless one of their agents is seated with each country's government. When Max and Agent 99 find the missile, they are discovered and tied to the rocket for a one-way trip back.
4:00 AM Get Smart 057 - Pussycat Galore
The Chief assigns Agent Charlie Watkins, disguise expert who makes himself up as a beautiful girl, to act as a contact in the club. But before Watkins can help the two agents are tranquilized and readied for shipment behind the Iron Curtain.
4:30 AM Get Smart 061 - Viva Smart
Smart and Agent 99 have been sent to a Latin Am. country to rescue the imprisoned president, Don Carlos. Strongman General Pajarito's network of spies spot the pair immediately. When Smart and 99 try to masquerade as flamenco dancers, they not only flop but wind up with a firing squad date.
5:00 AM Get Smart 062 - Witness For The Persecution
Since Smart is the only witness who can identify a KAOS spy, Elwood Tudbury, Smart is marked for death by KAOS. The CONTROL crime lab head, Dr. Bascomb, makes elaborate plans to help Max. Agent 99 is also assigned to the job of helping safeguard Smart. KAOS's all-out effort to eliminate Smart is matched only by the latter's problems with his extensive protective gadgets.
5:30 AM Get Smart 063 - The Spy Who Met Himself
Consternation reigns at CONTROL headquarters when Smart, Agent 99 and the Chief realize that they can't tell their genuine agents from the KAOS imposters. KAOS head Seigfried successfully duplicates Agents 38 and 13, but his prized double is a fake Maxwell Smart. Max is kidnapped and replaced with the imposter. Smart escapes, but faces a new problem - he must now prove that he is the bonafide CONTROL agent.
6:00 AM Get Smart 065 - Maxwell Smart, Private Spy
Max can only spend half his time on his CONTROL assignment to protect a pretty foreign lecturer, Trinka, because of a budget cut. He opens his own agency, trying to be a Bogart like detective, with 99 as his Girl Friday. His first paying customers are the Fat Man and the Little Man, who ask the unsuspecting Max to keep them posted on Trinka's hiding places. Max innocently tips his client as to her whereabouts.
6:30 AM Get Smart 067 - One Of Our Olives Is Missing
Ozark Annie, a Western Entertainer, accidentally swallows an olive containing a miniaturized receiver. Unaware of the olive's contents, she brushes off Smart when he tries to explain the problem. When Annie hears the device reveiving messages loud and clear in her stomach, she begins to appreciate Max. Unfortunately for Annie, KAOS chief Seigrfied, learns of the device's location. A battle over Annie develops between CONTROL and KAOS.
7:00 AM Get Smart 068 - When Good Fellows Get Together
Smart tries to prepare CONTROL's robot, Hymie, to do battle with a new KAOS robot programmed to destroy Hymie. Initially Smart attempts to thwart the KAOS plan for their lethal robot, Gropo. Failing, he endeavors to tune Hymie up for the coming showdown. Hymie resists Smart's efforts, however, claiming that he only wants to be friends with Gropo. Hymie's approach seems destined to cause his own destruction.
7:30 AM Get Smart 069 - Dr. Yes
Smart and Agent 99 must locate a secret lab maintained by the mastermind, Dr. Yes. They pose as campers in the general area of the remote lab, but two fellow campers prove to be KAOS agents who aim to kill Smart and 99. Smart deducts that the Lab is at the bottom of the lake, but his triumph is premature since Dr. Yes and his cohorts quickly get the drop on Smart and 99.
8:00 AM Get Smart 070 - That Old Gang Of Mine
The Chief explains that the aim of this operation is to capture the head of a gang of jewel thieves. Disguised as a safecracking expert, Smart helps pull off the job even though the gang proves to be more super-bunglers that super-thieves. Unfortunately, Max loses communication with his CONTROL contact, 99, and finds that KAOS and the gang's leader have arranged a surprise for him when the jewels are delivered.
8:30 AM Get Smart 071 - The Mild Ones
The Chief orders Max and Agent 99 to join a hippie gang suspected of kidnapping an important KAOS foreign minister. Max and 99 fool the gang at first, but run into problems when Doll Baby, the girlfriend of the band's leader falls for Max.
9:00 AM Get Smart 072 - Classification Dead
The Chief hurries Smart to Dr. Steel, CONTROL's head toxicologist, in hopes she can concoct an antidote for a delayed action poison slipped to him by a KAOS agent. Dr. Steel not only can't help Smart, she regretfully classifies him as good as dead. As Smart's life gradually ticks away, he and 99 frantically search for the KAOS agent, Mr Hercules who developed the poison. Only Hercules has the antidote.
9:30 AM Get Smart 074 - The King Lives
Max and the King are look-alikes. When the King is wounded in an assassination attempt, the Chief assigns Max to pose as the King for the coronation ceremony. If the king doesn't show up, his villainous half-brother, Basil will become king. With the help of the King's top aide, Colonel Von Klaus, Max takes a crash course in kingmanship. He comes to like the "work" despite the danger, until, Agent 99 is kidnapped by Basil and his KAOS henchman.
10:00 AM Get Smart 078 - Don't Look Back
A KAOS agent disguised in a Maxwell Smart mask shoots a bank guard, and the real Smart is convicted of the crime. Max escapes, but becomes a fugitive from the law. Max's only hope is to find a one-handed man who is also seen during the bank shooting.
10:30 AM Get Smart 081 - Operation Ridiculous
The Chief wants to impress the writer of a magazine in hopes that the article on CONTROL will result in a better national image and a higher budget for them. When Smart and 99 start to demonstrate to the writer, Fitzmaurice, that CONTROL is highly efficient, everything goes wrong. They are unaware that the writer's researcher Miss Magruder, is a KAOS agent who has infiltrated the magazine staff.
11:00 AM Get Smart 082 - Spy, Spy, Birdie
Albert J. Pfister can stand noise and has developed a deadly silent explosive. Demonstrations on CONTROL and KAOS facilities convince Smart, 99 and Seigfried to collaborate in hunting Pfister. Their only clue is a pigeon that brings them the message that cities, both East and West, are doomed to silent destruction.
11:30 AM Get Smart 083 - Run, Robot, Run
Despite the vigilance of Smart, 99 and the Chief, mysterious accidents befall U.S. athletes. A wiley KAOS pair, Mr. Snead and Mrs. Neal, utilize ingenious devices to frustrate CONTROL's protective efforts. In desperation, the Chief put Hymie in charge of guarding the athletes and, eventually on the track team himself. Snead and Mrs. Neal, however, battle right down to the finish line.
12:00 PM Get Smart 084 - The Hot Line
A change in assignment is ordered by a KAOS agent imitating the President's voice over the Chief's hotline. The imposter also orders CONTROL to open its files to the President's special agent, KAOS agent Brady.
12:30 PM Get Smart 085 - The Reluctant Redhead
The only way CONTROL can obtain a coveted list of enemy agents is to strike a deal with the list's owner, Kinsey Krispin. Krispin's conditions for the release of the list are that Control locates his estranged wife. Smart trains a look-a-like, Mimsi Sage, to impersonate Mrs. Krispin even though one slip could mean death.
1:00 PM Get Smart 086 - Die Spy
The story spoofs NBC's "I Spy" and Robert Culp of that series appears in a cameo role. Smart and 99 get an assistant for the tour, black agent Samuel (posing in the Bill Cosby role, as a professional ping-pong player). The trio's efforts to flush out a spy seem in vain despite assistance from a beautiful belly dancer, Tamara. When the spy is finally brought to the ping-pong table, he proves to be a poor loser.
1:30 PM Get Smart 087 - The Impossible Mission
The Chief assigns 86 and 99 to retrieve a deadly scientific theory from KAOS. The search takes the CONTROL agent to a TV studio. In order to protect their identity they disguise themselves as dancers. Kaos discovers their identities and inadvertently play cupid by trapping Max and 99 in a control booth. Fearing his life is over, Max confesses his love for 99 and admits he would marry her if only there were a way out. Not about to let this golden opportunity to slip by, 99 sparks into action.
2:00 PM Get Smart 088 - Snoopy Smart Vs. The Red Baron
KAOS with its Operation Starch program have found a way to wipe out the potato crop and other food supplies by dusting the fields from the air. Max, 99 and the Chief, fly to Idaho to solve the mystery. The agents trail an aviator dressed as the Red Baron only to discover that he is Seigfried, KAOS head. The showdown boils down to a dogfight between the two in WWI airplanes
2:30 PM Get Smart 089 - Closely Watched Planes
Agent 99 joins Max on a trip masquerading as an airline stewardess. Their efforts to unravel the mystery of the couriers that have disappeared are in vain. That is, until Max learns the hard way how the men have disappeared into thin air.
3:00 PM Get Smart 094 - The Return Of The Ancient Mariner
Smart has to guard the ex-chief of CONTROL Admiral Hargarde, a crusty 95 year-old, as well as hunt for the Chameleon. Hargarde knows CONTROL secrets, and has also been named the new best man in Smart's wedding to Agent 99. Smart suspects everyone of being the KAOS impersonator Chameleon, including the Chief and Mr. Bob, an interior decorator hired by 99. Smart's vigilance backfires at first but then finally pays off.
3:30 PM Get Smart 095 - With Love and Twitches
The big day arrives for Smart and Agent 99, but almost without Smart. He is sidetracked by a bizarre case. A defecting KAOS agent, Dr Madre, spikes Smart's drink with an unusual solution. In 48 hours it will cause a valuable map to appear on Max's chest in the form of a rash. KAOS also want the map, and they take Max prisoner. Agent 99 thinks Max has cold feet. But Smart does get to the wedding even though he has to fight his way to the altar.
4:00 PM Get Smart 096 - The Lazer Blazer
Smart wears a new blazer given to him by a Chinese merchant, Lin Chan. Smart, however, isn't aware he posses a weapon in the blazer, and is mystified as object disappear around him. He doesn't expect the ulterior motives of the new maid, Ingrid.
4:30 PM Get Smart 097 - The Farkas Fracas
When Agent 99 is caught without dessert, she gratefully accepts chocolate mousse from her solicitious neighbor Naomi Farkas. Naomi and her husband Emil, are secret KAOS agents who hope to photograph some papers the Chief has with him.. max and the Chief, unaware that Agent 99 did not make the dessert, eat the terrible tasting dish to their woe and near loss of the papers.
5:00 PM Get Smart 099 - Schwartz's Island
The Smarts' honeymoon cruise ends when their sailboat blows up. They drift to an uncharted island, which soon proves to be owned by KAOS chief Seigfried. He and his henchman have erected a giant magnet to pull US Naval ships off course. With an assist from the Chief, CONTROL and Agent Larrabee, the Smarts' turn the island's device to their own advantage.
5:30 PM Get Smart 101 - Hooray For Hollywood
The Chief believes KAOS has set up new communication system, which may be connected with a theatre group. Smart and 99 become thespians even though Smart's dramatic efforts are overly exuberant. The pair makes their debut, unaware that KAOS has discovered their identity and is planning a lethally realistic ending to the third act.
6:00 PM Get Smart 102 - The Day They Raided The Knights
Agent 99's new job is at the Knights Trading Stamp Redemption Center. KAOS uses the center as a means of passing out a new secret weapon to their agents. KAOS agents Marco and Sonja run the center. The Chief has assigned several agents to find the secret weapon. The trail is cold, until 99 accidentally discovers that she is working for the other side.
6:30 PM Get Smart 103 - Tequila Mockingbird
Smart and 99 pose as a flamenco dancer and a seedy doctor to fool KAOS as both search for hidden gems in Mexico. The Chief knows only that the gems are hidden in a valuable art object known only to a deceased flamenco dancer. KAOS agent Dietrick and town boss Valdez soon discover that 99 and Smart are CONTROL agents, and 99 performance is nearly ruined when the showdown comes during her dance.
7:00 PM Get Smart 108 - Shock It To Me
Dr. Erick Zharko and his assistant Bruce, wire Max and 99 to a Dr. Frankenstein-like apparatus. Zharko figure that a jolt of his specially controlled electricity will shock Max and 99 into a five year sleep. Fortunately, Max knows a little bit about electrical circuits.
7:30 PM Get Smart 109 - Leadside
Leadside (a spoof of Raymond Burr's "Ironside") proves to be a nimble wheelchair operator, especially with the help of his two assistants, Kelly and Norman. Despite extensive precautions by the Chief to safeguard Max in his apartment, Leadside's team finds its way in for a showdown. Smart finds it is not easy to cope with a hotshot pilot in a wheelchair.
8:00 PM Get Smart 025 - The Amazing Harry Who
KAOS agents are suspected of stealing the formula of the tranquilizer bomb, a powerful new weapon that produces instant sleep. Max and agent 99 follow an enemy agent to San Francisco, where the other agent is murdered. Joined by famous Asian detective, Harry Who, to investigate the murder, they are lured by the "Claw" to a Chinese laundry for annihilation.
8:30 PM Get Smart 031 - A Spy For A Spy
Siegfried offers to return the Chief to Max and Agent 99 in exchange for the secrets of his country's latest defense, the X-11, an all new laser powered missile dectector. Max then concocts a plan to kidnap KAOS's number-one assassin and exchange him for the chief. A gangland style kidnap spree starts until both sides have exhausted each others' agents, leaving only Max and Siegfried.
9:00 PM Get Smart 075 - The Groovy Guru
The Chief suspects that a Guru is up to no good, and sends Max and 99 to investigate. The pair find that the Guru plans to mesmerize his vast teen-age audience with music and then order them on a binge of destruction. The information doesn't seem to do much good, however, since Max and 99 are imprisoned in Guru's ear-splitting sound chamber.
9:30 PM Get Smart 079 - 99 Loses Control
Weary of waiting for Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 agrees to marry the casino boss, Victor Royal. Max is more worried than he is willing to admit, and conducts his own investigation of Royal. To his dismay, he finds Royal handsome and charming. But Max's meddling does eventually have a payoff of a near fatal nature.
10:00 PM Get Smart 106 - To Sire With Love Part I
The Chief uses a masked costume ball to switch King Charles for Max. It is imperative that the King's presence in the US is kept top secret. The King become a house guest of the Smarts to carry out the increasingly complicated masquerade. Agent 99 soon has dificulty telling the two apart. Unfortunately, KAOS does not have the same difficulty uncovering the ruse.
10:30 PM Get Smart 107 - To Sire With Love Part II
The Chief hopes to keep King Charles of Caronia incognito for his own safety by having him pose as Smart. KAOS catches on to the ruse but still has trouble telling the two apart. And so does 99. Then 99's confusion makes Max jealous and leads to marital coolness in the Smart household. KAOS has a more direct plan to solve the confusion, get rid of them both.
11:00 PM Get Smart 119 - And Baby Makes Four Part I
Smart takes 99 on a complicated trial drive to test his map of short-cuts to the maternity hospital. Later, the Chief assigns Max to trail a KAOS agent to KAOS' new headquarters. Meanwhile, KAOS has hired Simon the Likeable because of his personality to secure some tightly guarded plans from the Pentagon. Then the Chief advises Max that Simon will attempt to steal the plans and will be contacted by yet another KAOS agent at a bus terminal coffee shop. Max is waiting there when 99 phones to inform him the baby is on its way. He hurriedly departs, grabbing Simon's trenchcoat by mistake. He picks up 99 and, following his ttshort...dut map," drives to KAOS new headquarters instead of the hospital.
11:30 PM Get Smart 120 - And Baby Makes Four Part II
Smart, following an accidentally switched KAOS map, drives to KAQS headquarters with the expectant 99. Simon the Likeable, who is to steal the secret Huffacker Plans from the Pentagon for KAOS, follows Max's map to the maternity hospital where the Chief, Larrabee, and 99's mother await the Smarts' arrival. At KAOS headquarters, leader Kruger holds Smart at gunpoint, but when KAOS agent Finster accidentally knocks the gun from Kruger's hand, Smart seizes it, escapes and rushes 99 to the maternity hospital. After 99 is taken to the delivery room, the three CONTROL agents are confronted by the KAOS trio. A free-for-all ensues. The fracas is interrupted for rounds of congratulations when Max gets word about the birth of a son, and again when he becomes the father of a daughter.
12:00 AM Get Smart 111 - The Not-So-Great Escape Part I
Several abductions occur at a revolving telephone booth manipulated by KAOS. Through sheer persistence, Smart goads KAOS into attempting to kidnap him. Smart thwarts KAOS and finds out that the CONTROL people are being held a t a prisoner of war camp by Seigfried and his aide. Smart infiltrates the camp by disguising himself as a KAOS official. 12:30 AM Get Smart 112 - The Not-So-Great Escape Part II
Smart and the Chief try all the standard escape methods and each time KAOS has Seigfried and his henchman, Starker, block them. The Chief realizes that there must be an informer in the camp and devises a plan to fool the informer. The later isn't fooled but Smart unintentionally bungled execution of the plan does leave KAOS guarding the wrong escape spot. 1:00 AM Get Smart 110 - Greer Window
Smart is principally interested in training his binoculars on a pretty blonde, Pattie Parker, Greer's secretary, the head of a research firm. Inadvertently, Smart's window gazing reveals that the research firm may be linked with KAOS. The Chief sends 99 to investigate. The chair-bound Smart soon see through his binoculars that both he and 99 are in danger.
1:30 AM Get Smart 113 - Pheasant Under Glass
On a mission for CONTROL to rescue Professor Milo Pheasant, Smart and 99 learn that he is imprisoned within an impregnable glass dome. They are fired at by two KAOS agents and as they flee 99 reveals to Max that she is pregnant. In his excitement about the news, Max knocks over a phone booth with his car and attracts a large crowd as he phones the Chief from the horizontal booth. Later the Chief demonstrates a secret weapon that will crack the glass dome imprisoning Professor Pheasant: a recording of Madam Rosa LaCosta's voice in High C.
2:00 AM Get Smart 117 - The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
CONTROL is robbed by KAOS, and bankruptcy seems imminent. When ex-convict Froggsy Debs is found dead, the Chief explains that Froggsy, once a prospector, had found a fabulous lost gold mine in Mexico. He and his partner, C. Errol Madre, had been too sick to remove the gold, so they had drawn a map, and as a double-cross insurance, each partner retained half of the map. While Froggsy was sitting out his prison term, Madre waited in Mexico. Froggsy's half map is found and the Chief sends Max into Mexico to find Madre, locate the mine and save CONTROL.
2:30 AM Get Smart 127 - House Of Max Part I
In London, as Chief Inspector Sparrow tells Smart he believes Jack the Ripper is responsible for the recent outbreak of murders, 99, is being stalked by the killer. Sparrow and Max arrive in time and Max dispatches Jack the Ripper" with one shot. To everyone's amazement be proves to be a wax dummy! Later, Sparrow learns that two of three wax museums in London have a Jack the Ripper figure on display; Duval's House of Was does not. Sparrow asks Max and 99 to pose as tourists and see what they can learn there. Duval, who is suspect be-cause he gave up a brilliant career as a scientist to become a manufacturer of grotesque wax recreations, shows Max and 99 his collection of wax figures. Max and 99 notice that a figure has been removed from Fluval's wax collection. Fluval admits it was Jack the Ripper.
3:00 AM Get Smart 128 - House Of Max Part II
The Smarts are in London to help solve a series of murders. When Max shoots the suspect, "Jack the Ripper," he proves to be a war figure. Ex-scientist Fluval, who now operates a wax museum in London, is suspect. At his museum, when Max and 99 are recognized as CONTROL agents by KAOS agent, Auerbach, Fluval brings a werewolf to life with a serum injection and orders it to kill the Smarts. Inspector Sparrow shoots the beast. Sparrow has Smart, disguised as Hitler, change places with a wax dummy of the fuehrer. Fluval and Auerbach decide to activate and send out Hitler as an assasin. As Fluval is about to inject the serum, which is fatal to humans. Max karate chops him. Auerbach, an ex-Nazi, stunned at seeing his fuehrer alive, allows the agent to escape. Whereupon Duval sends a band of wax dummies, including Laurel and Hardy and W.C. Fields, after Max.
3:30 AM Get Smart 130 - The Mess of Adrian Listenger
When six CONTROL agents on the company baseball team become victims of bizarre fatal accidents, the Chief begins to feel someone has a vendetta against CONTROL. Smart, the Chief and Adrian Listenger are theonly members of the team still alive. Smart recalls that Listenger was the only man on the team who failed his CONTROL exams and who swore vengeance. Max, the Chief and Weens locate Listenger's hotel room and informedby the manager that Listenger has been found dead. Max and the Chief suspect each other of being the murderer.
4:00 AM Get Smart 133 - And Only Two Ninety-Nine
Smart returns home to find 99 in her bed with a black eye. A phone call from the Chief explains that the girl is an impostor, but he should play along. In the Chief's office, the real 99 relates that earlier that evening she was abducted from her apartment by a man -- and a woman, who seemed to be her exact double. Imprisoned in a furniture warehouse, she managed to escape. The false 99 prepares a huge breakfast for Max and persuades him to eat it. The real 99 learns from Archer that Max is to be poisoned with three meals and 99 is to be framed for his murder.
4:30 AM Get Smart 134 - Smartacus
Smart is assigned to guard Senator Brookside while he is at the Roman Baths, a health spa owned by KAOS agent Montague Leach. All of Leach's spas are located near U.S. military installations, so the Chief suspects they are connected with a series of security leaks. When the Chief finds that data known only by Senator Brookside has leaked out, even with Max on guard he poses as a senator and joins Max at the spa. His masquerade is revealed when he and Max inhale the truth steam and also start talking freely.
5:00 AM Get Smart 137 - Do I Hear A Vaults?
The Chief meets Smart at a public library to recover a book containing names and addresses of CONTROL agents. Just as Max and the Chief locate the volume, a KAOS agent appears. Max engages the man in a stop-and-go fight (they stop fighting each time the librarian enters to check on the noise). The Chief has Max and Larrabee transport a steel case containing the book in an armored car to a bank vault. Max accidentally locks the vault door on both the Chief and Larrabee. Max and 99 go to a prison to borrow Baffles, the greatest safe cracker in the world, but when they get there they find he has been executed.
5:30 AM Get Smart 138 - I Am Curiously Yellow
The Chief orders Smart into a laundry in Chinatown to pick up "The Whip", a Chinese KAOS agent. While "The Whip" is demonstrating his proposed plan of hypnotizing a CONTROL agent with a special Chinese gong, Smart con-veniently enters and is immediately conditioned to do "The Whip's" bidding whenever he hears the gong. Smart reacts by reporting back to the Chief that the laundry is not "The Whip's" hideout. The Chief then assigns Smart to guard the only existing model of a secret weapon, the Narko 512. Whereupon "The Whip" hypnotizes Max over the phone and orders him to deliver the weapon to him, which Max promptly does. The Chief gives Max a new anti-hypnosis pill and sends him back to retrieve the weapon.

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