Ingrid Sebestuul has given me two articles on the Dogme projects, which will be posted shortly. Currently, Harmony's newest projects are pretty much a secret. In the meantime, please check out

Harmony is directing a new film, "Julien," that is set to be released sometime in the Fall of 1999. The film is supposedly about a young man named Julien who gets involved with teaching blind people. Other people claim that the film is about a young man going through the perils of schizophrenia, and the people who go through the ordeal with him. The film stars Ewen Bremner [The Acid House, Trainspotting, The Gospel According To Vic] , Adam Hann - Byrd [Little Man Tate, Diabolique, Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later], ChloŽ Sevigny [Kids, Gummo, The Last Days Of Disco], and producer / writer / director / actor Werner Herzog [Where The Green Ants Dream, Nobody Wants To Play With Me, Even Dwarfs Started Small].

I have read that Harmony is currently writing a new 10 - part decalogue called "Jokes" that will be financed through European investors.

Fight [Updated]
I have finally gotten more information on "Fight," the film we have come to read so much about. David Blaine, accomplished illusionist, directs this documentary of violence which causes Harmony to provoke people to beat him up by bothering them. I have read that he has been to the hospital many times for broken bones and other related injuries, and has been arrested twice. "The premise of the film is that I go up to the biggest men I can find and taunt them until they beat up on me," he told The Guardian. "I kinda overlooked the fact that fights don't last very long and how damaging it is when someone really beats you up."

Harmony Korine