Kids [1995] ... Writer / Actor
- Small role as a boy at a party who offered ChloŽ Sevigny's character drugs.

Gummo [1997] ... Writer / Director / Actor
- Small role as the boy on the couch.

Good Will Hunting [1997] ... Jail Consultant
- Played the boy in the jail cell who wore blue eyeliner.

julien donkey - boy [1999] ... Writer / Director

Fight Harm [1999?] ... In Production / Not Released
- This is probably the film that interests most of Harmony's fanbase, but unfortunately Harm has put a stop to the production because he didn't realize the amount of pain he would be in after each fight. This picture was directed by illusionist David Blaine.

Miscellaneous Experimental Film Direction

David Blaine: Magic Man [Segment Director]
The Diary Of Anne Frank Part 2
Sonic Youth Video - "Sunday"

Harmony Korine