name: harmony korine
age: 25
birthplace: bolinas, california
hometown: nashville, tennessee
current residence: formerly west virginia, now darien, connecticut
influences: jean-luc godard, john cassavetes, rainer werner fassbinder, ozu, alan clarke, charles laughton, werner herzog, buster keaton
favorite writers: daisy ashford, flannery o'connor
family: "my parents are trotskyites. they used to firebomb empty houses. they have kind of disowned me, my father more than my mother, because i refuse to make marxist propaganda. but they're nice people." i was informed that harmony also has a brother named avi (who was credited in "kids" as avi korein for the role of fidget, which i thought was harmony?) and a younger sister. his father is sol korine, a director of public access documentaries on PBS. he has a grandnanny named joyce who was in "julien donkey-boy," and an uncle named eddie, who was his inspiration for making "julien."
favorite music: minor threat, johnny cash, sonic youth, a tribe called quest, slick rick, joy division, 10,000 maniacs & natalie merchant, possibly the cranberries, and probably loads of butt-rock (just a guess)
famous friends: leonardo dicaprio, david blaine, bijou phillips, a tribe called quest (all of them), jay ferguson, tobey maguire, werner herzog, chloë sevigny, ben lee, björk, blah blah blah
a red tattoo of an upside down pitchfork on his right hand: "it's the devil. my diabolical side."
overturned cross on the finger of his left hand: "my good side."
some other tattoo on his right inside forearm
the good stuff
harmony's on-again-off-again girlfriend is model and actress chloë sevigny. she was also the costume designer for "gummo"
some believe that harmony supports a drug habit. (this from an e-mail i received over a year ago: "you think harmony supports a drug habit? take it from someone who knows. the kid's a user.")
someone told me that harmony made up the name 'harmony korine' after a pet name and his mother's maiden name, but someone else once scolded me for this and insists that his real name is harmony korine.
harmony loves tapdancing
bernardo bertolucci and werner herzog wrote harmony fan letters after seeing "gummo"

awards & nominations
independent spirit awards - nominated for best first screenplay for "kids"
honorable mention at the venice film festival for the FIPRESCI award for "gummo"
won the special jury award at the gijón international film festival for "gummo"
nominated for the open palm award at the gotham for "gummo"
won the KNF award at the rotterdam international film festival for "gummo"
nominated for the bronze horse award at the stockholm film festival for "julien donkey-boy"
won best art direction award at the gijón international film festival for "julien donkey-boy"
"julien donkey-boy" nominated for the grand prix asturias award at the gijón international film festival for best feature
nominated for best director for "julien donkey-boy" at the independent spirit awards

directorial credits
julien donkey-boy
sonic youth's sunday video

film writing credits
julien donkey-boy

books & songs
a crackup at the race riots
the bad son
breathing tornadoes (song co-written with musician ben lee)

the bad son
photos featured in magazines such as index and porn mag richardson

the diary of anne frank pt. 2
david blaine: magic man (segment director)
fight harm

acting & appearances
kids - "fidget"?
gummo - boy on couch
good will hunting - "jerve"
david blaine: magic man - himself
david blaine: frozen in time - himself
the late show with david letterman - himself
fight harm - himself

upcoming projects
fight harm
ken park