Articles & Interviews

Title Source Writer
Pure Vision - NEW Dazed & Confused J. Hack
On The Set Of Gus Van Sant's "Easter" - NEW Index Bruce LaBruce
Movie Maverick - NEW Interview Gus Van Sant
Small Talk At Kathleen's Video - NEW i - D ?
Once We Were Kids - NEW i - D Lena Corner
Staying Hungry - NEW The New York Press ?
Can Korine Save Cinema's Tarnished Soul? - NEW The Guardian ?
The Kid's All Right - NEW i - D ?
What - If I Can Be So Presumptuous - Was I Thinking? - NEW Salon.Com Charles Taylor
Semiotics & Narcotics - NEW Salon.Com Andy Battaglia
Korine Strikes A Dissonant Chord - NEW Salon.Com Daniel Kraus
Family Pictures - NEW Salon.Com Andy Battaglia
Hee - Haw Hollywood.Com Ellen A. Kim
IF Mag Exclusive Interview Independent Film Magazine Paul Zimmerman
Like A Brayer The Face ?
All Korine's Transgressions Venice Film Festival Review Domenico Monetti
Skeletons In The Closet Venice Film Festival Review Domenico Monetti
Dogme And Heresy Venice Film Festival Review Ciprea Cannav˛
Directing On The Edge Of Madness The New York Times Graham Fuller
Showing Signs Of Growing The Dallas Morning News Chris Vognar
The Confession Of julien donkey - boy juliendonkey - Harmony Korine
A Conversation With Harmony Korine IndieWire Magazine Tom Cunha
The Mike Watt Spiel Mean Magazine Mike Watt
The Mike Kelley Interview Showstoppers Mike Kelley
B&N Chat Transcript Barnes & Noble The Fans & HK
Gummo's Whammo Interview Magazine Werner Herzog
Disharmony Toronto International Film Festival Webcast Ray Pride
Phone Call From Bijou Mean Magazine Bijou Phillips
Transcript From Harmony's 10/17/97 Appearance The Late Show With David Letterman David Letterman
Kids Will Be Kids George Magazine Jim Carroll