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Brandon Lee Tribute


1st Edition March 1,1999


Well here it is, the very first edition of the Brandon Lee Tribute Internet Newsletter. This is where you can submit your thoughts, feelings, and dedications about Brandon. The newsletter will be sent to you by email on the first of each month and a special edition will be sent out on the 31st of March, being 6 years since his death. There is a have your say spot, where each month there will be a topic about Brandon and you can have your opinion in the newsletter. For you poets out there, there is a poetry corner. If you just have a favourite quote from a movie of Brandon's then there is a spot for that as well; pictures of Brandon are also welcome. I'd also like to thank those of you who sent me something to put in the newsletter for this month, please keep your ideas coming.

And all you have to do is email me at with what you would like in the newsletter and I will enter it in for you. But I do ask please that nothing containing bad language be submitted.


From Karen

If Brandon was alive today, how do you think he would have been like on Baywatch as a lifeguard?

Well that depends, did Brandon know how to swim? If he didn't ,I don't think he would have made a very good lifeguard, but if he did then that is a different story. If it's because of his looks, he would have been great on Baywatch, and I think because of his acting and such, that he would have been the best Baywatch lifeguard, just like he's the best Eric Draven there could ever be.


I certainly would've watched Baywatch more often and I'm sure others would've as well, he would've been my favourite lifeguard, it certainly would have been something that he would put his usual 150% In to, but I think he would have preferred to have a more dramatic role in something like ER, Chicago Hope or NYPD Blue, but In my opinionhe would have made a great lifeguard.














Poetry Corner



The Crow

Where will we be when the clock strikes twelve? Where will we be when the sun doesn't rise? Where will we be when the earth doesn't turn? Where will we be when the tides don't retreat? Where will we be when the electricity goes out? Where will be when the stars don't shine? Where will we be when the music dies out? Where will we be when we die?

Will the clock strike twelve when we die? Will the sun rise when we die? Will the earth turn when we die? Will the tides retreat when we die? Will the electricity stay on when we die? Will the stars still shine when we die? Will the music still be playing when we die?

Will we come back when we've already died?

Favourite Movie Quotes


"Suddenly, I heard a tapping, as of someone gently

Rapping, rapping at my chamber door."



















In memory of Brandon Lee


Death- It's not if you refuse it,

It is if you accept it.