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Fhiona Coven Crafts


Scrying Mirrors


The Seer’s Arte


Do not dismiss me out of hand

As a simple piece of glass,

For within are many lands

That you may miss- Ochone! Alas!


                                       Sit in dimness, patience find

Peace in silent candlelight,

Go within the inner mind

And seek the answers with your might.


In the blackness of the well

Let yourself be drawn within,

Visions will a story tell

Meet with ancient kith and kin.


                             Between the worlds and shifting mists

The Lady beckons with her eyes,

Let your mind be set adrift

As if on Eagles wings you rise.


In the stillness, steady gaze

Into The Well of Cerridwyn,

Swirling, swirling shifts the haze

The Sidhe is open, enter in!


                                     Clearing mists within the pool

The Lady sends your message fast,

Meekly trust as if The Fool

Receive the future and the past.


Do not judge the things you see

Accept in trust that which you find,

As it is, so will it be

Thank the Lady, gift in kind.


                                  Breathing deeply, close your eyes

Return to now from whence you came,

Banish darkness, light the skies

From ‘tween the worlds you’re home again. 


Taking parchment, pen of Arte

Setting down all you have seen,

Understanding with your heart

 Exactly what the visions mean.    

~FhionaMacG/|\ 2001


The Magickal Mirror:   Our scrying mirrors are our specialty! The finish is so finely done on them that when gazed into it is like looking into a deep black pool of water... Handcrafted in the traditional manner, inscribed with certain herbs and charged under the full moon, our mirrors are etherically elegant in their simplicity. For those who wish to learn the fine arte of gazing but cannot afford the luxury of a quartz or lead crystal ball. Mirrors come in three models: a 6" mirror with stand and broadloom bag; a 3" palm held mirror and bag for the seer on the go; and a 9" mirror(by special order only) with stand and bag. All magicke mirrors come with instructions for care, use, and re-charging. Colors & patterns of bags may vary with stock on hand. Herbs used are chamomile flowers, eyebright, and mugwort.

Book of Shadows & Scrying Diary

Book of Shadows:   8" by 11" black hardbound book with approximately 275 plain sheets on which to record your magickal endeavors! Gold lettering "Book of Shadows" on front cover and spine - indispensible!

Scrying Diary:   Sorry, photo not available. Lovely black, hardbound book 8" by 6" approximately 150 blank pages in which to keep your scrying notes. Also gold lettered. - A Seers necessity.

Skulls... Human & Beast

Human Skull:   "Poor Yorick, I knew him well" (Shakespeare's Hamlet) Slightly larger that life size, this ceramic skull is a must have for Samhain or Hallowe'en celebrations. A tea light may be safely burned in the skull cavity for an eerie effect of shining eyes, nose, and mouth. Done to look like an olde skull... A sure delight for ghouls.

Cattle Beast Skull:   Handcrafted ceramic, approximately 8" by 8" - a lovely wall plaque. Done to look olde as well - variations in finish may occur.

Jewellery & Trinket Boxes

Star/Moon Trinket Boxes:   Sorry, photo not available. Handy little ceramic trinket boxes for your smaller treasures and keepsakes. Moon is in silver and stars are gold. Approximately 4" long and 3" deep.

Wildlife series Jewellery Boxes:   Breathtaking jewellery boxes aproximately 8" in diameter and 3" deep. Realistically handpainted ceramic with a velvet liner and felted bottom. Choose from Cougar(shown), Eagle, Ram, Lion, or Lynx. (Eagle & Ram are oval boxes 8" by 3" by 3".) Box colors may vary; matching wall plates also available. Makes a wonderful and original gift!

Plaques & Candle Holders

The Green Man, Cernunnos, Herne, the Horned One:   Call him what you will, this ceramic wall plaque is a beautiful addition to guard any foyer or room. Done in antiqued gold, it measures approximately 13" high and 8" wide.

Viking Dragon Candle Holders:   Handcrafted ceramic approximately 7" high and 5" long. Suitable for burning dripless tapers. Colors may vary (special orders may be possible for those with patience). Sold in sets of 2, sandicast finish.

Business Card Holders - Gargoyles or Dragons

Something for the esoteric business person in your life. Handcrafted ceramic business card holders hold standard size business cards. Color of Monsieur Le Nastie de Grimoire the Gargoyle and Erta the Dragon may vary on the whim of the artiste. (sigh... you know how temperamental the artsy ones can be!) Approximately 8" long and 5" high.

Rune Cards (& Card Blanks)

Runemaster Cards:   For those who are interested in furthering their runecraft but who cannot fit the cost of the Elkhorn runes into the budget. Painstakingly researched and developed by Fhiona and used in the field by professional psychic consultants, this 39 card deck is definitely a fresh approach. Comes with explanatory booklet detailing layouts, interpretations, magickal meanings, and applications. NOT just another deck of cards!© 1999

Blank Cards:   Ever want to create your own personal set of tarot, rune, or other divinatory card but couldn't find anywhere to buy the blanks? Well, now you can!

For information on how to order any of these lovely Coven Crafts, please email Fhiona directly with your desires.