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We believe that all life is sacred and must be treated with respect.

We believe that there is neither one path to salvation nor one specific religion suitable to all people. Everyone walks his or her own path suitable to each ones level of spiritual maturity and understanding; one path is not superior over another. There are many paths up the side of the mountain but they all lead to the top of the same mountain - does it matter by which path you get there?

We believe that all persons are equal and as such each are entitled to the same dignity. All have the right to express their spirituality in a manner which is meaningful to them (provided it does not infringe on the rights of others).

We believe that we as pagans must work to facilitate changes in current laws, create new laws, and support laws and actions that guarantee these freedoms not only to better our own world and condition within it, but for future generations of pagans in order that there may truly be religious freedom and toleration for all.

We believe in religious tolerance and freedom from religious persecution for all.

We believe that the time is now for pagans to become a unified voice. One voice crying out in the wilderness can be easily ignored, but a thousand voices all crying the same thing must be listened to.

We believe in providing a qualified source(s) of information for Pagans in order to facilitate and foster networking and a sense of fellowship. We believe in also providing non-inflammatory information to the community at large in order to dispel the myths which have been perpetuated against Pagans and to foster understanding and tolerance between Christians, non-pagans, and Pagans.

We believe that the greatest weapons at our disposal are knowledge and education. It is our individual responsibility to educate ourselves so we can meet curiosity, accusations, and inquiries in general in a matter of fact detached, knowledgeable, non-connfrontational, and non-threatening manner.

***Authors Note: Some of the above words are my own...but many and for the most part, are the mandate of the Alberta Pagan Association. I for one would like to give them credit for a long overdue endeavor - anyone interested in joining the Association may contact them at 780-988-4192.

Open Letter to the Pagan Commmunity from Starhawk
~regarding '99 peaceful protest against the World Trade organization, USA~

On Mindfullness or Mind Fullness
Mindfulness is an especially powerful form of awareness. To be mindfull is to be consciously aware in the present moment. It is the self aware of the self always, or in all ways. It is accurate self observation, self awareness and self assessment.

When we shift our focus to internal from external we become more aware how our actions, thoughts, and words impact not only ourselves but, more significantly, how these things, issuing forth from us impact others.

Being mindful of ourselves in our relationships with others gives us pause to stop and think before reacting or responding. Staying calm and silent, consciously evaluating and thinking before reacting in a calm, detached manner is the mark of a well trained High Priest or Priestess, Druid or Dryad as well as that of a spiritually mature individual.
For when we are watching ourselves, it makes us thoughtful (full of thought) -THINK    then ACT- don't RE-ACT. Mindfulness (mind-fullness) is a consciously active thoughtfulness (thought-fullness)-not a dreamy, lucid, fantasy state, but a here and now practically applied thoughtfulness.


Mindfulness is the opposite of Mindlessness; Thoughtfulness is the opposite of Thoughtlessness. And, this is what it means to become enlightened or IN-LIGHTENED, to be in the light, lightened or unburdened. To be mindful is to be compassionate and to become more like Deity, All-Loving.

When we collapse ourselves in thoughtlessness /mindlessness it is when our ego is screaming most loudly. Mindless, thoughtless actions and words are often the result of hurt, anger, the need to lash out, (get even) and those desires stem from a bruised ego (not to be confused with righting an injustice which can also be done in a compassionate and loving manner).

Mindful=Responsibility of self towards others.

This reminds us of our connection to the Divine and interconnectedness of all things. So when we are forced, or it becomes necessary, to right a wrong or deal with another's thoughtlessness, we are reminded not to collapse ourselves into mindlessness, but rather to approach the situation with the compassion of Deity , otherwise our own ego gets in the way and we are then RE-ACTING, not mindfully ACTING.

Mindfulness is a RE-MINDER.

It recalls us to conscious awareness, or rather active awareness of our own consciousness, our own thoughts- it brings our attention back (re) to the mind. It forces us to mind (tend) our own mind (thoughts).

To be mindfully aware is to connect to the Divine Source of All Creation, to be aware of its all-encompassing pure unconditional love. When we act in a less than mindful way, we become disconnected from that Source; and also by our thoughtless words and deeds, disrupt the Source connection in others by our harsh thoughtlessness. If thoughts are things, and all creation begins as thought, then to be thoughtless is to separate oneself from the Source of Creation, or the Divine.

Most often, when another raises an issue for us, it is a failing within ourselves which is mirrored by this individual - so although we may be angered by their thoughtlessness/mindlessness, it is most likely because their actions trigger a recognition of lack within our own self/ego.

When confronted with such a situation(s), it is often very difficult to overcome (it). It becomes a battle of our higher will over the lower passions, or put another way, Divine love over human ego. Thus, by opening ourselves to mindfulness, we open ourselves to the Divine Source and permit its Light to flow through us. This submission of wills, of standing the ego aside permits the flow of Divine Love and Energy to issue forth from us: mercy, compassion, and love instead of egotistical harsh words and judgements, unkindnesses and spite.

When we act in conscious mindfulness, we then become more like the Creator and we begin to honor the spark of Divinity within us. We become more aware of "doing unto others" as we would have them do unto us.

Mindfulness also allows us to examine our own actions and forgive ourselves our failings/shortcomings more easily and, in doing so, we are able to forgive others and heal our own hearts.

By livng mindfully, we live completely in the NOW and become more aware, consciously aware of the Divine in our own lives. It becomes easier for our angels, guides, spirit allies and the Divine Source itself to communicate freely and openly with us. By living mindfully we become more open to its messages and guidance. Mindfulness permits us or enables us not only to hear the message, but also to understand it and act upon it. In this way, we truly enter in upon the Creator's plan for our lives and become willing participants and co-creators with the Divine Will.

Mindfulness, re-minds (or brings us back) to the greater awareness, the greater ALL. It calls our attention to the fact that we are not of ourselves, other than a microcosm of a far greater macrocosm. By surrending EGO we open the gates of full knowledge of our own connectedness and interconnectedness to the greater whole. We come to understand and integrate into our consciousness the full knowledge and comprehension that the sharp remark, rude rebuttal, nasty action which we subject another to, we have really commited against our own selves. We generally (unless one is extremely masochistic) do not treat ourselves in such a fashion. We are kind to ourselves and generally manipulate our environments in such a way as to place ourselves in pleasant or beneficial situations and positions of advantage. We strive to surround ourselves with people who value us, and who mirror our value back to us, re-affirming our own blessed soul sacredness as it reflcets on the larger whole. Why then, would we enact devaluization, denigration, and dehumanization upon another which essentially reflects back upon ourselves? As we are all part of the Divine Source, when we act offensively toward a fellow being we not only affront Divinity, but we also insult ourselves.

Living our path actively and intentionally is living mindfully. Our path is a living path. It is eternal. Its knowledge has survived to the present from ages past; our spiritual path is a WAY OF LIFE. It is not just a set of rote actions enacted at a moon phase or place of the sun. Our path is with us when we awake in the morning, as we go about our daily business, when we lay down to sleep and drift off to Spiritland. And our path is with us when our sojourn on this plane is completed.

To live this path is to live it ACTIVELY and consciously in ACTIVE SERVICE to the path. It is to be mindful that all of your actions not only reflect upon yourself, but also upon all of your brothers and sisters in Spirit, whether they walk our path or not. TOLERANCE is another form of mindfulness.

Ours is a path or service to others. Ask yourself what service you bring to the Lord and Lady and to your fellow beings, human and non-human. Through mindful service you can heal yourself and others. To be mindful is to be truly ALIVE.

Anyone interested in joining the Red Deer and District Pagan Association please contact Fhiona at the email addy below - or call 403-309-0424. Blessings on all who take up the cause for our mutual good!

There are three falsehoods: a falsehood of speech, a falsehood of silence, and a falsehood of demeanor. For each one of these will make another believe what they ought not. (A Compilation of Triads, Wright, P16)

There are three only whose frenzy is a benefit to their people: The Warrior on the field of battle, the Dancer in the place of dance, and the Seeker of Justice wherever they may be.(Ibid, p.32)

The three highest causes of the true human are: truth, honor, and duty. (Ibid. p.32)

Three operations of wisdom: taming savagery, spreading peace, and improving laws. (Ibid.p.29)

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~Fhiona Coven Crafts~