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Fhiona the Place

Fhiona the name has many meanings. When it was chosen to me it meant Daughter of Iona -- and that is surely myself. I have walked the path of the mystic for my entire life and have had many, many spiritual awakenings and gifts given to me. To have knowledge and not to share it is a grave failing according to the Brehon Laws so it is my duty to pass along what I have learned so that the knowledge and the ways are not lost.

When I think of "Fhiona" as a place it calls to mind a moonlit night, the moon overlooking a lake with water that appears black reflecting the night sky in its surface. There is thick white fog surrounding the lake like a curtain with the trees poking out their branches here and there - this is Fhiona. An in-between place, in an in-between time. A place where the elements meet, and blend, and shift to become something else entirely different.

Welcome to a time that is not a time, a place that is not a place.....where all the Gods are one God and all the Godesses are one Godess; and in their dualities and triplicities they become one Universal Spirit.

This is our sacred space where we meet in joy and sometimes in sorrow; but never in anger, only in love.


~Fhiona Coven Crafts~